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    The SKISH fly accuracy event contains all three basic casts, false casting and delivery casts as is the case in dry fly fishing, roll casting and the pickup and lay down casting used in wet fly fishing. The format comprises 5 targets at increasing distances between 8 metres and 13 metres and replicates a pattern of rises from a fish moving at an angle, away from the fisherman. The term “SKISH” is an acronym for Skill in Fishing and the event has been competed for in fly casting events around the world since the 1950s.

    The first section is the dry fly round. The caster has one delivery cast at each target starting at target 3 shortens line to target 1, extends line to target 4, shortens line to target 2 and extends to target 5. All line length adjustments must be performed whilst false casting. The caster then shortens line and delivers the fly to target 3 and repeats the sequence. Ten delivery casts only.

    The second section is the roll cast, whereby the caster must deliver two casts to the centre target, before moving to the next target. The caster starts at target 1 and moves through targets 2, 3, 4, and 5. The time allowed for the roll cast section is 1 minute 30 seconds.

    The third section is the wet fly or pick up and lay down segment. No false casting is allowed other than to extend line to reach target 1. The caster has one delivery cast per target moving from target 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, lengthening enough line to reach the next target before the delivery cast is made to the next target. After casting to target 5 the caster retrieves line on the water from target 5,  judging the amount of line needed to  land the fly into target 1, casts to target 1 and repeats the sequence through to target 5 without false casting. Ten delivery casts only.

    A great event to improve your fly fishing because it covers all three types of casts used in a day’s fishing, to any species and challenges you to do so accurately and against the clock.

    The SKISH event version used on grass, instead of water, is exactly the same but without the roll cast section. At world championship level, casters compete in a preliminary round to ascertain who will fight out the medals in a final of 8 casters. In the final, the caster with the highest score in the shortest time wins. A perfect score or zero misses, is 100 points and that perfect score is very frequently the score needed to get into a final. In most finals, a perfect 100 points is very often the score needed to win medals. Casters complete their 10 delivery dry fly round and their 10 delivery wet fly round in less than 60 seconds. That epitomises line control and casting performance and the skills learnt at the casting pool or court translate directly to line control and casting performance in any fishing situation. Any presentation cast is just a variation on either the standard overhead cast or the roll cast so the better your performance with both standard casts the better you control the variations that you may need when fishing.

    Tournament casting is instructional and enjoyable.

    John Waters


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