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    The Dry Fly Accuracy is an Australian Casting Federation event which replicates casting to rising fish. It comprises 5 targets set at distances between 6 metres and 15 metres from the caster. On most occasions the caster follows a clockwise sequence,  starting by delivering the fly to target 1, the closest hoop, then extending line whilst false casting to deliver to target 2, then extending and delivering to target 3, the farthest hoop, then retrieving line in the air to deliver to target 4 and retrieving again to cast to target 5. However, just like fishing, the sequence can be altered to a random order, set by the judge at the start of the event.

    The caster makes three delivery casts at each hoop, false casting between each delivery. Each delivery cast is a scoring delivery, hence the caster makes 15 delivery casts for the event and must complete the event within a 3 minute 30 seconds time allocation. The possible score is 50 points for the event.

    The targets comprise two concentric hoops, with more points awarded for delivering the fly to the inner hoop, than those awarded to a delivery in the outer hoop. Just like fishing really, when we can you may get a take by casting a little off target, but not by too much.

    As in fishing, the objective is to have your fly go where you want it to go, not where the conditions force it to go.

    Participation improves your casting and is fun to do.

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