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    A couple of really informative books have come out this winter that I’m ruminating over and finding much food for thought in and I’d highly recommend them both .

    Rick Keams ‘Dressed for Dinner’ available from Essential Flyfisher – Rick goes into surprising detail about his designs , ties and thoughts , and doesn’t leave out any secrets for those wanting to tie up his patterns , really essential for those who love the homegrown

    Peter Hayes and Don Stazicker ‘Trout and Flies – Getting Closer’ – an in depth look at imitation and presentation with some surprising conclusions backed by detailed video evidence and well reasoned arguments that may make many reconsider the importance of imitation , iconoclastic with respect ( to clarify – where the establishment are strict presentationists )

    So now I’m looking for suggestions of what else to look at over the rest of winter ( its easier to read for a little bit here and there , where I need a longer blocked out bit of time for tying & making stuff ) , any recommendations welcome 😊




    Agree that Dressed for Dinner is a great read but Rick would have been very disappointed with the errors that crept in to the finished edition. He was a perfectionist in everything he did.



    I enjoyed reading Bob Wyatt’s “What Trout Want. The Educated Trout and Other Myths” last  winter.  Catching up on some Scholes and Wigram this winter.



    The Bredbo by Jim Findlay and Mick Hall is a good read for a glimpse into the early days in Australian fly fishing.


    Stephen Hill

    The Feather Mechanic by Gordon van der Spuy has been a good read for me. Easy going writing style with good detail about the reasoning behind choices in fly design. Form follows function is a theme throughout. Some wonderful step by step drawings to illustrate steps. Lots of self reflection and learning from others.



    Thanks for the recommendations everyone .

    The Bredbo is one I wasn’t aware of and shall certainly get .

    The Feather Mechanic is on the pile waiting too .

    Bob Wyatts What Trout Want I really liked also . Hayes and Stazickers Trout and Flies – Getting Closer is a really interesting contrast to it , and very well argued with video evidence too .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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