Events 2024 FlyLife Forum Gathering – Anglers Reach, Lake Eucumbene

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    Another reminder for those who haven’t yet paid – payment for the accommodation (and shirts) is kindly due by the end of this month.





    Gathering List :

    1. woody (Seaweed XXL ) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    2. Lachlan (Seaweed XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    3. Nog (Bay Blue XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    4. dc (Seaweed L) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    5. Stephen (Seaweed XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid) – Apology
    6. jimmy (Accn Deposit – Paid)
    7. Twigman Apology
    8. asme (Seaweed XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    9. Ray (Own shirt) (Accn Deposit – Paid)
    10. Warnesy (Bay Blue L) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    11. robo7 (Bay Blue L) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    12. JC (Accn Deposit – Paid)
    13. Freddie (Bay Blue XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    14. Trevor (Heirloom XXL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    15. Milan (Bay Blue M) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    16. Colin (Bay Blue XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    17. Redders (Seaweed L) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    18. Tricey2 (Seaweed XL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    19. Mitta (Heirloom XXL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    20. wyldone (Seaweed L) (Own accommodation) (Shirt, Hat & Accn Deposit – Paid) (Will confirm Accn fee for camping)
    21. Recidivist13 (Seaweed M) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    22. Rampant (Heirloom XXL) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    23. mitch aka 2 fish (Heirloom L) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    24. Tocs (Bay Blue L) (Shirt & Accn Deposit – Paid)
    25. Boris (Seaweed XXL) (Shirt – Paid) Apology
    26. Bfishin, Jas, Joel, Lily & Liz (Own accommodation and shirts?)


    Hi Tocs, can you scratch me from the list?

    it’s a bit of an unknown whether I’ll get there or not at this stage due to other commitments. If I do end up making it I’ll sort my own accomodation etc out.


    Stephen Hill

    Sigh. It’s with not a small amount of regret I need to pull out of the gathering.

    Family commitments have raised their head and it’s a clash I can’t avoid.

    Sorry Tocs.

    I’ll work out how to get the shirt from you at some stage.

    Enjoy the time and the fishing all. Here’s to 2025. 🙂




    All good fellas – you will be missed.

    As will Boris – I got an apology from Boris last week – his farm commitments are going to make it hard for him to get away.

    Will work something with the shirts and deposit.



    mitch aka 2 fish


    that means I’m doing dishes by my lonesome.


    worst. gathering. ever.



    Stephen Hill

    Sorry Mitch. 🙂

    Keep my deposit Tocs. All good. Nog will need hydrating and Warnsie will need snacks.




    that means I’m doing dishes by my lonesome.

    worst. gathering. ever.

    Don’t worry Mitch,Ray is coming and he’s pretty good at washing and drying up!




    And to think I was going to be your coffee wench this year Stephen.
    Almond latte isn’t it Mitch?


    Stephen Hill

    Like I said, the regret is real. 🤷‍♂️



    Well I am not even slightly interested in having Tas unrepresented at the 2023 Gathering. Consequently it is my firm intention to attend. Some unexpected challenges will require some additional planning and preparation to make this occur safely. So let me explain…

    Operation Gathering 23 – Mission Objective: Get the only remaining Tas rep to and from Adaminaby, spend an appropriate amount of time fishing with , conversing with  and enjoying the outstanding Gathering crew. Accomplish this task without ending up in some medical facility along the way.

    To achieve this noble objective it has proven necessary to form a volunteer Task Force- Bilge Pump, which consists of the following critical personnel.  Scout Recon ( fwd deployed ) will be Tocs – Transport Officer will be Mitta- 2IC and Security is Redders, and Logistical Attempts is my little patch of responsibility. The spot for Intelligence Officer remains open at this point but one would think Freddie, Nog, Woody or Warnsey would be possible candidates…. For perfectly obvious reasons there is neither command structure, nor rank within this task force.

    Essential Equipment:  Pants, boots, undies, fishing gear, Irish Whiskey, portable dialysis machine (and associated potions) and a damn good hat. The more astute among you will possibly notice the addition of some previously unrequired equipment in that not very comprehensive list. Its been a challenging few months.

    Sooo… if I quietly retire to the castle earlier than what has in the past been the case, I hope you will understand it is through necessity rather than pig ignorance.  Also the prospect of a good and jolly Death March has me hesitating this time around.  The irony of that option is probably a step too far.

    Any questions Gentlemen?  This is your chance.     Fond regards….Jimmy




    It’s all right Jimmy I think I remember you.





    I had heard reports of set backs. It will be good to see you there.
    ps, I am sure there will be sufficient libations on hand to give you a good flush through



    I think you have just recruited the most motley mob of miscreants imaginable to aid you in your gallant quest to torture spotted ferals Jimmy

    Dog speed sir



    El Rapido

    ‘Dog Only Knows’ what the plop you’re all talking about. Apparently Freddie hates heights so he has gone underground. Last I heard he went teetotal for a week … a harrowing experience for anybody. NOT to be recommended kids.


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