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    Congratulations to Ballarat Fly Fishers on winning the 2019 Theo Brunn Club Casting Shield. This event is open to Australian Casting Federation affiliated clubs and brings together the best fly casters in the nation to represent their club and compete for Australia’s premier club fly casting event. The Brunn Shield is competed for over four days and comprises four fly accuracy events that cover dry fly, wet fly and roll casting challenges, the same as fly fishos have to contend with in a single day of fresh or saltwater fly fishing. There are no restrictions on the number of casters that each club can have casting each event, however only the scores of the top four casters per event are included in each club’s score for the day. 

    The recent change to the scoring system has been great for casting in this country, resulting in only 20 points separating the top three total scores over the 12 events, with only 2 points separating second from third. Mark Cuthbert was top caster with 750 points, with Leff Andropoff scoring 732 points and Gary McKay scoring 730 points. 

    Super fly accuracy casting in various conditions over a day in May, June, July and August.

    Ballarat Fly Fishers scored a total of 2910 points, Sunshine Casting Club took second place with 2830 points and Southern Fly Fishers Club were third with 2280 points. Congratulations to all clubs and casters on taking part in the 2019 Brunn Shield and a special thanks to all clubs which hosted events.

     A great event and looking forward to casting in 2020.


    Jason King

    Congratulations Mark.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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