Casting & Competition 2018 and 2019 Casting Season

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    What a great year Australian fly casting had in 2018. National casting championships were hosted by Southern Fly Fishers at the best casting complex in Australia, and what a super weekend it was. New rules continue to add both spectacle and interest to fly accuracy events and congratulations to all who competed. The Southern Cross Fly Casting Challenge was also held at Southern and new distance records set. Casting a floating 5 weight line to hoops at varied distances is a lot of fun, just like casting to a fish.
    The nation’s premier intra club competition, the Theo Brunn Shield, was won by Ballarat Fly Fishers and it was great to see the Ballarat casters exhibit the same skill on the hoops as they do to fish.
    Australia had 3 representatives to the World Fly Casting Championships in the UK, winning Australia’s first world championship gold medal in any classification of casting competition. Weather was difficult with strong, gusty winds but the organisers did a great job and it was a super venue and world championship event. This was the first time Australia had competed in these games and won’t be the last. Training has already begun for the next one in 2020.

    2019 will be a busy year. Casting for Recovery Victoria will hold a fly fishing weekend and a lot of great work is being done to bring that the inaugural event to fruition. Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Australia is growing and continues to help veterans into fly fishing. More power to the volunteers and sponsors who make these events happen.
    The Australian Casting Federation’s Casting Academy kicks off in May with two public tuition days in Melbourne. For details of this new, innovative, engaging and comprehensive approach to casting tuition, flick off an email to me at [email protected] and fast track your casting objectives.
    Thanks to all who made 2018 a success and to those volunteers who are working to make 2019 even better year for the Australian Casting Federation, Casting for Recovery, Project Healing Waters and all affiliates with their activities activities.
    Thanks also to FlyLife and the Forum’s sponsors for supporting clubs and associations involved in fly fishing and I wish all a safe and happy 2019.

    John Waters



    Great to be part of the Casting Academy, a top initiative and look forward to May for the kickoff.



    Looking forward to it Peter, will be fun. Filling fast.



    Been pleasantly surprised with the interest for this initiative and I thank everyone who emailed me. Due to the responses I have made both the 5th May and the 18th May instruction days for fishos who have been flyfishing for some time and want to take their casting to the highest level they can. I will add other days later in the year for the beginner or less experienced flyfishers. Participants are from Victoria and two from interstate. Even got a participant in the casting by correspondence program from overseas. It is exciting, we’ll have some fun.
    A lot of work is being done by a committed group of volunteers to make the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Australia – Casting for Recovery a reality this year. They are great people doing a great job.



    Congratulations to you and the participants John…a magnificent effort all around.



    Thanks Peter, appreciate your kind words but all I do is make the tea and coffee for the those who do the work. I have been around fly fishing and casting since the late 60s and have had the pleasure of meeting some great people, all of whom have made the sport more enjoyable and inclusive for myself and others. No ego, no agenda, just a wish to help others. I look forward to meeting more of them.


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