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    Thanks Flylife, upon reflection,I actually owe you a lot more than the enjoyment garnered from the great stories and images, fascinating gear reviews and general Flyfishing info contained within the pages of each edition.
    I waded in at issue 13.
    I’d been flyfishing on and off since the early eighties, but started returning to NZ regularly in the mid to late 90’s.
    My early Magazine purchases fueled the NZ fever and were an invaluable source of inspiration and information.
    Subsequently NZ flyfishing fever has lead to us owning a cottage in Southland, visiting several times a year and making firm friends in and around the small rural community and nearby town.

    My Children now regularly visit the cottage with friends from all over the world who are equally enamored with the beauty of the area and the traditional , community focused cultural values that the small farming communities of the region hold dear.
    I commented to my wife just last week when there that if it wasn’t for NZ Flyfishing fever, we wouldn’t have such a cozy little retreat snuggled in a beautiful valley to run away to…….. fortunately She agreed!

    In my travels around NZ I’ve met Flyfishers from all over the globe, many of whom have been kind enough to proffer invitations to sample Flyfishing in their corner of the world, a few of which I’ve been fortunate enough to follow up.
    Who’d have though that Flylife could have contributed so significantly to my family’s friendships and fascinations?

    I still keep in touch with several contributors of the early period some of whom have become firm friends.
    The Forum has also provided a stack of information, and great second hand gear over the years, as well as many arguments and even some time in the naughty chair….until the Red Rod came along enabling those of us similarly disposed to be a bit silly without being completely frowned upon by the Establishment and Mods.

    I’d also have to say that unlike many on line forums where ,apparently,most members rarely come out of the shadows, Ive met a lot of great people some of whom have become great friends and constant inspirations…..except DA who causes constant perspiration……

    I was given back issues by a brother that filled the missing early editions and enjoy keeping an updated set. There always seems to be a reason to be delving into the archives to research somethingorother….or to gloat at the occasional photo, that sympathetic contributors were kind enough to include in their articles.
    Recently I have been noticing that some editions have been regularly going missing…….only to be found under an interested but errant son’s bed during the general panic caused once a gap in the collection is detected.
    It is , however, encouraging to see that the first 20 editions will live on……but , that youngster, he’d better keep them in order !

    Well done Flylife…..and a heartfelt Thanks !



    Thanks Arble. s:up
    FlyLife might just have driven a few real estate sales in Southland and the Tasmanian highlands. 🙂



    I re-read some early Flylifes in a wave of nostalgia recently and recalled some great anglers who through its pages have influenced many of us , though unseen by them ,and the inevitable changes over time(I’ll try to resist looking up the exact quote from Heraclitus about rivers and time).
    Tony Sloane ,David Scholes ,Chris Hole ,and Mike Spry( who I briefly fished with as a kid on school camp once in the late 80s ,the upper Goulburn was in flood and I’d brought a 3 weight and a fully dressed dry Wickams Fancy , he let me persist whilst teaching down and across wet technique to everyone else ,we did raise a few and he later showed me how to tie a marsupial blend nymph).
    And how much I learnt from Peter Leuvers fly tying columns .I’d been given a copy of Fur and Feather for my 21st a few years before Flylife first appeared but was still finding tying hard.I hope we hear some more from Peter.
    And how much has stayed the same!
    Looking at Phil Weigalls review of Gary La Fontaine’s Trout Flies-Proven patterns in edition 1 and Tony Orman on Flies in edition 5 was eerily similar to parts of Bob Wyatts recent articles ,perhaps indeed this topic is the never-ending debate in flyfishing!
    Most of all I think Flylife made so much accessible to so many.
    I still keenly anticipate the arrival in the mail and look forward to edition 100!
    P.S.Whatever happened to leather fly vests?


    quote mitch aka 2 fish:

    I jumped in at #37 and since then I’ve been a bit of a jerk. 😐

    I dropped in mid-stream around #39. Grateful for the opportunity to befriend some top jerks since then through the FL Forum and FL Gatherings. 😐

    Well for the magazine, I managed to buy FL #1-44 for a bargain on ebay – I treasure my collection. It’s good to have access to a library of fly-fishing knowledge and inspiration. I look forward to reading all the old back issues some day and of course each new edition when they arrive.

    Thanks FL


    [email protected]

    A guy called Johnny and I used to fly fish every week – The single days. Great bloke, I built him a few Sage fly rods and he was a mentor to me on all things fly. We even used to ff the surf in winter. I was building fly rods for JM Turville & sons. He and I were meant to go for a fish to Modawarre when it was on fire but I had to work. That day, he got killed in a car bombing.That was mad. Top guy but obviously did something to upset someone. Anyway, before that day, he tossed a magazine at me. "TJ" he said, "This mag is going to be big mate. GO buy a few 1st editions and put them away." So I did. Still have three. One for me, one for Miss TJ and one for the little Master TJ. Been enjoying them ever since. But that edition 1 still makes me hear Johnnys voice in my head.


    mitch aka 2 fish

    note to self:

    babelfish may be free game but mucking about with tj is to be avoided. 😐


    quote vhf:

    P.S.Whatever happened to leather fly vests?

    Brings back memories. Think Libby might have thrown mine out! :x
    Did see one still hanging in Andrew Fink’s garage/boat shed up at Great Lake the other day (but then he wears a Barbour jacket and deerstalker hat, has a boxer dog, and drives an old Range Rover.) :rolleyes:
    Cane rods, fibreglass … maybe the leather fly vest will return. 😀


    big dave

    Well done on the 20 years Rob and crew.

    I bought my first fly rod, and my first FlyLife, issue 17, in Spring 1999. First attempted cast off the Fly-fisher’s Jetty at Lake Wendouree (into the wind) stuck a Tom Jones in my right cheek. Caught two small browns in the Yarra at Warburton near the end of November to hook me properly. They were both rising in a pool in town, and both took a #14 elk-hair caddis. I still have that fly in my river fly-box. The issue 17 remains also, part of my complete set, all read cover-to-cover. The magazine and the forum have played a big part in broadening my fly-fishing horizons, providing information, a little dash of escape, and every so often a chunk of wonderful writing.

    Many thanks.



    I suggest a "Sealed Section" for issue 80.


    [email protected]

    Nurse Nancy says yes Tony.



    Not quite what I had in mind :lol:



    No sealed section but proofs have been checked and it is over to our Melbourne based printer. 🙂
    Only had room for some of the special 20-year feedback we’ve received in letters pages etc, likewise several of the articles I had planned to run didn’t quite squeeze in.
    You will see lots about children, fly gals, teaching, learning and fly fishing past and future.
    I think these are themes that we will build on throughout the year, so yes, when you do get the mag in a few weeks time, more feedback is welcome. 😉



    Woo-hoo. Hope the postie brings a snow plough, looks like a cold winter ahead…


    [email protected]

    Excellent – can’t wait to see it.

    20 years ?
    Who would have thunk it ! 8-)


    mitch aka 2 fish

    I’d like mine hard-covered, gilded, 120pgs and without ads.

    oh, and free.


    roll on, june. 😐

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