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    Leighton Adem

    It might not feel like summer yet, but at least the summer issue of FlyLife is getting letter boxes for subscribers this week!

    STRIP, STRIP… BANG! – Andrew Harding fishes the lower reaches of the Ruamahanga
    WATERFALL WAY – Thomas Clancy covers the scenic drive from Coffs to Armidale
    CAPITAL TROUT – Henry Delves reports on the revival of Canberra’s fly fishing
    BONEFISH PROPOSITIONS – Simon Penn reflects on time spent alone on the Cocos flats
    CAENID SIPPERS – Peter Broomhall highlights a favourite Tasmanian event
    CHASING UNICORNS – Nick Reygaert seeks bluefin tuna in Fiordland, New Zealand
    FRANCES LATHAM – Greg French pays tribute to his fishing partner and best friend
    BEACH LUDERICK – Cherie Forbes introduces a novel sight-casting option
    POOPING & POPPING – Chris Burgess tempts poop eaters in Eungella Dam
    THE TOOMA RIVER – Piero Bertocchi enjoys a hike in the Snowy Mountains
    WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE – Chris Shrueder reports on a prize winning trip to Cape York
    VAN LIFE – Susan Brown strikes work-life balance on the road in Europe
    WATSON’S FANCY — Double Dun – Peter Watson
    ON THE BEACH — Cheries Weed Fly – Chris Beech
    LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
    REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Primal Rod Range, Simms Freestone Wading Boots, Airflo Superflo Power Taper 2.0, Smith Creek holders & clips, Orvis Gear Keeper Net Retractor, Scientific Anglers New Lines, YETI Panga Waterproof Pack, South Pacific GT Fly Line
    TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
    SHORT CASTS — Mike Dimond, Tom Lucas, Matt Jordan, Scott Bewley, Mick Chalker
    LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings


    Chris Beech

    Congratulations to Cherie Forbes of BWC Flies on her first published article!



    Good to see Tocs in there as well, and that promised Canberra article too.



    The Tooma River article had me remembering a few years when my family hiked and stayed at Wheelers Hut one January. As I was lugging the packs across the river, my eldest who had just turned 12, caught his first trout on fly.  In true sibling rivalry fashion, my youngest still insists it was a dead fish hooked whilst floating down the river.



    Enjoyed the article on the Tooma River by Piero Bertocchi.  It was good to see Jnr catching a few fish. I am sure DC would be jealous of the hearty breakfast of bacon and hash browns followed by a day march thru rough terrain to the river.

    Baked fresh Trout with maple syrup and lemon sounds fabulous after a days march washed down with a few cold beers. The photography captured the unique beauty of the Jagungal Wilderness and brought back some memories  for me of that place I had visited many years ago when on a painting and fishing trip.

    Thanks Tocs and I look forward to your next Article and photography.



    Cheers Rob & Jeff!

    Wheelers Hut is great.

    Haven’t got the mag yet so not sure what images got published.

    Nice coming back to the hut after a day’s fishing to a cold beer!




    As yet I haven’t received my copy but looking forward to Toc’s article on the Tooma.
    I was meant to be on that trip but there was something called Covid and the fact Dan the man wouldn’t let me back to Vic if I ventured north of the border.
    Jeff I have fair idea of Warnsey’s menu and I am sure it was delicious but I bet there is no superb photo using Toc’s talents behind the lense of coffee,calzones and assorted desserts 😉



    Was great to see Tocs’ article make it in. I still think about that fish…

    Great to finally read the long teased Canberra article. After my lack of fishing the last 6 months it is going to inspire me to get out there.



    The story of one armed Wingy Wheeler is fantastic and worth researching past here.  As legend has it and as incredible as it sounds, he was able to ride a horse, crack a whip and roll a cigarette all at the same time.  The hut was apparently constructed by his sons so he could lay in bed in the morning and wake up to see Mt Jagungal through the window.


    Swiss Susan

    What a lovely tribute to Frances Latham by Greg French. I remember interviewing her for an article I wrote in the Australian more than 20 years ago. I was struck by her vibrancy and her laugh and enjoyed her great stories.  The way she described what it was like to fish the wilderness lakes has stayed with me since. Thanks for including it.



    Yes it was a very moving tribute. Everyone at FL was fighting back tears when designing and editing the article. Greg and Frances have been such a big part of the FlyLife family since the magazine’s inception.



    First time on the Tooma a few gatherings back and absolutely loved it. Tocs and Junior brought back fond memories. Especially DC blueberry muffle specials and the fish that got away

    Nice writing Tocs.


    Greg French

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and memories Susan. Frances always enjoyed your articles, for both their flair and freshness, and we were going to follow in your wake, fishing some of the great European trout streams you’ve mentioned over the years.

    The tribute article has precipitated more response to me personally than any other article I’ve written, and many people (including quite a few strangers) have volunteered their own stories of grief and compassion.

    FlyLife really is a community, and a caring one at that. The good wishes and comradery really do help.

    Many thanks to Leighton, Rob, Libby and the rest of the FlyLife team for being so careful with the proofing and layout of the article.



    Swiss Susan

    Thanks for the kind words Greg. Very happy to suggest, or better, to show you some spots in my area, so please let me know if you are on the way.

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