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    Craig Worthington

    It was pleasing to read a factual response to some of the anti-1080 nonsense that had filtered its way  into Flylife. Arguments against the use of 1080 are frequently laced with emotional nonsense, pseudo-scientific bullshit and outright nuttiness. James Barnett’s response was level-headed and accurate.

    Those from different shores frequently fail to understand the outright devastation New Zealand forests and fauna face from the impact of introduced mammalian pests. 1080 is desperately needed now, but hopefully it will be needed less and less in the future. Targetted trapping with automatically resetting traps is leading the way forward towards better pest management.

    This will not quieten those that think all cute fluffy animals have a right to life, but it will at least hopefully reduce the opposition from hunters. They rightfully argue in favour of the deer and pigs that can be heavily impacted by a 1080 drop.

    Ultimately therefore there must be some balance. Targetted control techniques that are more species specific will hopefully ensure that the present degree of pest killing in New  Zealand maintains its momentum.

    I grew up hunting possums in bare forests that were riddled with rats and stoats and devoid of birds. Now there are patches of vibrant forests filled with bird life. Others remain in the grips of the horrible little Australian and English invaders. That’s probably the way it will remain for a long time yet.




    mitch aka 2 fish

    whoa… now there’s a sting in the tale…

    so is worthington australian or english?


    I kid.

    but this generation is sure doing a lot of sweeping up and apologising for the one before it. or at least ‘seen’ to be.

    and I don’t necessarily agree with all of it.

    for if I truly did I’d be back on a boat to engerland. and so would you.






    Horrible little Australian and English invaders? Not all of us, surely Craig. 😇

    But seriously, it’s good to air these debates, though FlyLife is hardly the place for it. I fear 1080 is a bit like climate change (an article I’m working on), and there isn’t much middle ground!


    mitch aka 2 fish

    oi noi,

    no100 better not be the re-election issue, rob.


    cheers mate,



    Peter Elks

    Mr Worthington,

    A great many  country Australians including flyfishers would be the first to stand up and acknowledge that pest species are a worldwide  problem and in absolute need of attempted population control as we to have pest  species here that came from afar also.

    Also science is a truly wonderful thing but one must also endeavour to present the “full science” on issues and not just select parts of it so that the full picture can be viewed by all and sundry.

    May I draw your attention to the  following link

    From- Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Biosecurity Queensland where our country, at least observes the following sensibility .

    “• No baits are to be laid within 20 m of permanent or flowing water bodies”

    In regard to the full science on this matter regarding breakdown of the substance the following must be considered-

    “Naturally occurring bacteria and fungi found in soil, water and bait materials readily break down 1080.

    1080’s persistence in the environment depends on rainfall, temperature and amount of bacteria present.”


    New Zealand has a unique and world class trout fishery and where flags have been waived by concerned Australian flyfishers its generally been in my opinion that ” its the land that baits should land  on”  not the waterways and their close surrounds.

    Forgive us please  because we actually care about how good your fishery really  is, and would like to see it stay that way including the health of the locals that live there..













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