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    Leighton Adem

    It would seem spring has sprung a week early, with FlyLife #108 starting to appear in letterboxes today.

    In this issue:
    WULFFS & WILD WATER — Thomas Clancy makes the most of wet weather in the Snowies
    THE FRONT COUNTRY — Mark Cloutier comes to grips with Tasmania’s Nineteen Lagoons
    DISCOVERING DHIPIRRI — Chris Burgess uncovers endless potential in Arnhem Land
    BACK TO BACKCOUNTRY – Joshua Hutchins catches one of the first flights to New Zealand
    KIMBERLEY ALLSORTS — Craig Rist adds to the species count in Broome
    WHITEBAIT FEEDERS — Peter Broomhall anticipates springtime whitebait runs
    MALIGNED MIDGES — Tom Jarman takes the frustration out of targeting midging trout
    5-WEIGHT HEAVEN — David Anderson gets a feel for the latest faster action fly rods
    FIRST LADIES — Karen Brooks on the World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship
    TENKARA VS 3-WEIGHT — Garry Webster challenges Rebecca Bailey to a shootout
    TAMING THE AQUA HULK — Rasmus Ovesen experiences the diversity of Farquhar Atoll
    WATSON’S FANCY — Micro Slumpbuster – Peter Watson
    ON THE BEACH — The Kwan – Chris Beech
    LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
    REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Simms FlyWeight Access Boots, C&F Clip-in Fly Boxes,FlyLab Focus Reel, OmniSpool Switchbox, Fishpond Moulded Net holder, Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack, Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Trout Standard, South Pacific Macro Reel, Manic Euro Fly Collection
    SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Shane Bretz, Ranald Moore, Shane Cooke, John Hamparsum
    LAST CAST — Rob Sloane



    It’s a cold wet dreary day in Hobart, what we would call dreich in Scots.  It’s not much better in the central highlands and Eastern Tiers, rivers are running hard and dirty.  Postie has just delivered FlyLife 108 – the day is sorted.



    Just had a flick through.

    What an amazing image of the whitebait feeder – would have to be one of the best shots in FL. Well done Peter!

    The Eucumbene Shortcast was interesting = always wondered where it came from.

    Some good reading ahead.


    Mark Cloutier

    Agree with that Tocs. That is an incredible picture.



    Another vote for Peter Broomhalls Whitebait feeder as Flylife pic of the year …just stunning , and the article was tops too .





    Another vote for that whitebait feeder photo, awesome shot. Tells the whole story with one image.


    Anthony Cole

    I know it probably irks some (another brown trout) but that cover shot is a ripper. Mountains in the background, towering pines, clear water and a very happy angler, wader less, on a perfect blue sky day holding perhaps the most beautiful fish I’ve seen. Opening day in 2 weeks time, thanks for the gee-up guys, I’m pumped!

    Anthony Cole


    Stephen Hill

    I’ve been a bit lax, but really wanted to give DA’s article the time and attention it deserved.
    What a gift this article is.
    David’s attention to detail, knowledge and experience provide a quality base and surely is a must read for anyone looking for something new and navigating the cacophony of opinion out there.
    Loved the systematic approach used to draw out the conclusion arrived at.

    What a task!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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