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    Leighton Adem

    Issue #107 is on its way.

    ROCKY VALLEY – Tom Jarman spends time on a favourite lake in Victoria’s alps
    TOWN FLAT AITUTAKI – Jakub Kanok revisits the Cook Islands
    CHIRP, CHIRP… SLURP! – Andrew Harding anticipates cicada season in New Zealand
    EUROPEAN TEMPTATIONS – Susan Brown is enticed to keep fishing in the colder months
    THE BUFFALO SHUFFLE – David Anderson on creeks below Mount Buffalo in Victoria
    ACTIVE TARGETS – Joshua Hutchins devotes screen time to perch & cod
    CONNECTING CREEKS – Greg French on stream fishing in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
    SWEETWATER BASS – Jack Porter appreciates Australian bass in mountain streams
    YOBS WITH BLOBS – Kieran McCann says that Blob flies are here to stay
    THE STONE ZONE THEORY – Nick Reygaert fishes New Zealand’s Lake Pukaki
    FLYLIFE TOPSHOT – Photo competition 2022 winners and finalists
    WATSON’S FANCY — Floating Pinfry – Peter Watson
    ON THE BEACH — Brent’s Minnow – Chris Beech
    LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
    REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Simms G3 Felt Guide Boots, Strike Indicator Company Expanded Range, Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack, Upstream on The Mataura, Simms Dry Creek Z Series Packs, Airflo Superflo Ridge 2.0, Yeti Loadout Gobox 30, Loop Evotec G5 Reels Saltwater Fly Lines
    TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
    SHORT CASTS — Peter Gibson, Pat Copping, Fiona Jane Ellingsen, Matthew Olde-Olthof, Andrew Tarpley
    LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings



    Mine arrived yesterday. Great cover photo this month.



    Yep arrived Tuesday here in the NE and lovin the NE twiggy goodness in Tom Jarman’s and Dave Anderson’s pieces.



    Ditto for Melbourne arrival , also love the articles on Rocky Valley and Buffalo ( old faves that still hold up ) , and nice to see Susan Brown writing again for the Europhiles !



    Sweet picture on the front cover. Pity that the secret about Lake Pukaki is out – expect that the Aussie and Euro Invasion will hit mid-spring, and as they say “there goes the neighborhood”!



    I enjoyed the article on Aitutaki,but prospective visitors need to be aware that you can only get there currently via NZ as flights from Sydney have not recommenced.



    Arrived regional WA yesterday.  Great cover shot!

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