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    Leighton Adem

    Issue #106 is on its way.

    And before you ask – yes flounder can be caught on fly in Australian and New Zealand coastal waters and look just as ugly as a halibut!

    In This Issue:

    • THE WORM TURNS – Greg French takes advantage of rising water at Great Lake
    • THE PERMIT OBSESSION – John Haenke tackles the ultimate saltwater fly fishing challenge
    • THE RATIONAL TROUT – Dave Witherow delves into the mysteries of trout intelligence
    • THE LAST RESORT – David Anderson offers a fallback in the middle of nowhere
    • CAMELS, QUEENIES & PERMIT – Joshua Hutchins heads for the Middle East
    • ALPINE TROUT – Mick Fletoridis revels in late season dry fly fishing
    • SIMPLIFYING FLY SELECTION – Tom Jarman narrows down his river-based fly choices
    • PLAYING WITH CANE – Clinton Isaac tests a cane rod on hard fighting saltwater species
    • A WEEK ON THE VARZINA – Fraser Perry visits Kola Peninsula in remote northwest Russia
    • CAX’S CONVERSION – Leon Normore makes the annual pilgrimage to Exmouth
    • HALIBUT ON FLY – Rasmus Ovesen dreams of hooking an Atlantic halibut
    • BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
    • WATSON’S FANCY — Davie’s Black Cricket – Peter Watson
    • ON THE BEACH — Cupcake Crab – Chris Beech
    • LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
    • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Simms G3 Guide Waders, Abel Rove Series Fly Reels, Loon Fresh Gadgets, Rio Elite Flats Pro 15-foot Clear Tip, Orvis Mirage LT Blackout Fly Reels, Tacky Pescador Fly Box – Magpad, Tacky Original Fly Box – Rivermag, South Pacific Clear Advantage, Orvis Pro Wading Boots 1.5 Seasons on
    • TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
    • SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Mike Dimond, David Lam, Mick Chalker, Paul Cilia
    • LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings


    Stephen Hill

    One step closer to a carp cover. 😀




    Arrived in Regional WA today!



    Great work by Marcus Saunders and Leighton on the illustrations with the Witherow piece.👍



    Arrived in NE Vic last Friday.

    And yep can totally relate the the late season Hopper fishing in the Mick Fletoridis piece.

    Wet wading, slinging hoppers on sparkling water, gotta love “splat and giggle” fishing.

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