Back Issue Discussions #102 Autumn – hitting letter boxes this week

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    Leighton Adem

    The Autumn issue of FlyLife should be hitting letterboxes over the next week.

    In this issue:

    • THE EAST BRANCH – David Anderson fishes that other Kiewa River
    • ALBANY ISLAND – Joshua Hutchins explores a remote Cape York island
    • DEAR DIARY – Greg French puts the record straight
    • THE MIDAS Touch – Rasmus Ovesen interviews permit specialist Keith Rose-Innes
    • TRAMPING FOR TROPHIES – David Nixon experiences the South Island backcountry
    • AUTUMN LAKE TECHNIQUES – Tom Jarman introduces autumn lake fishing in Victoria
    • BREAM IN THE SUBURBS – Alex Roy joins the dots on Gold Coast bream
    • ST PATRICKS RIVER – Leighton Adem shares a Tasmanian gem with Peter Broomhall
    • SHOOTING FROM THE HIP – Mark Cloutier revives an old rod for a short game
    • STATION SHIFTERS – Adam Priest deals with shifty New Zealand trout
    • FADs & DOLLIES – Mick Chalker targets mahi mahi off the New South Wales coast
    • COLOMBIAN RIVER KINGS – James Laverty does battle with Colombia’s giant peacock bass
    • BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
    • WATSON’S FANCY — Frank’s Damsel – Peter Watson
    • ON THE BEACH — The Alphlexo Crab – Chris Beech
    • LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
    • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — The Feather Mechanic, Orvis new pack series, Scientific Anglers Switch Tippet Holder, Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Triple Density, Airflo Superflo Flylines, Simms Flyweight Collection, Cortland Tropic Plus All Purpose Taper
    • TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
    • SHORT CASTS — Karl Brandt, Christopher Wardrop, Dr Graham Hosie, Rob Sloane, Nigel Jefford
    • LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings



    Woohoo… Tom Jarman’s feature looks great 👌



    Love the cover shot






    Office copy arrived in Richmond so they are in Tassie already.👍  A mate at Miena (Great Lake) even has his.😲 The postal system must be back to normal (for now).



    Great cover shot👍

    Content is pretty good too🤗😁😁

    Great job once again.



    What he said… where’s those “thumbs up” emoticons?


    Leighton Adem

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    We’re glad you’re enjoying the issue.

    Some interesting articles coming up for #103 too…


    Stephen Hill

    I can’t recall ever reading an issue from cover to cover in one sitting before.

    I did with #102. It was just a really absorbing edition.

    Thanks to all who were involved or contributed.



    Good ole W(ait) A (while)  living up to its name again!



    Really enjoyed Karl Brandts backcast  Monster Fish and Greg French hinting at some Peruvian stories to come and Mark Cloutier reviving a beautiful old rod …and reading about the East Kiewa ,an old favourite despite being a tricky water to unpick many times of the year … the lovely Autumn lake techniques article though seemed to have all its pictures taken in early Spring ! 😊

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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