FlyLife Topshot

Photo competition 2022 winners and finalists

Since Nicéphore Niépce, a French inventor, was recognised with capturing the first permanent images in the 1820s, photography has stood the test of time as a means of capturing a moment. Early images required hours and even days of exposure to secure a sketchy image at best. Now we live in a world where digital algorithms on smart devices interpret the setting and compensate for user incompetence, even adding subject defining bokeh using ‘portrait’ mode. Snap – post – Like – forgotten! Telling a story through an image is thankfully still reliant on human skill. Interpreting an event and composing a scene draws the viewer into the energy and context of the moment. A skill that appears limitless in pursuit of photography as an artform, regardless of its medium or technology. This year’s Topshot entrants are a reflection of such a pursuit.

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