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Fishery 4.5 Rating

Waterway Type



Goulburn catchment

Target Species

brown troutbrown trout
rainbow troutrainbow trout

Fly Fishing Highlights

  • Sight fishing for quality trout in the backwaters and eddies during high flows in summer
  • Big caddis hatches on warm evenings through out the season
  • Blue winged olive hatches late in the season (April/May)

Target Species - Seasons

brown troutjanfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
rainbow troutjanfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec

Note: species & seasonal information is indicative at the time of publishing.
For authoritative information visit or other relevant jurisdictional authorities.

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Early and late in the season when the flows are lower the river is most accessible. It has a nice mixture of broken water, long glides, runs and pools. When low the river lends itself to a range of techniques including dry fly, nymphing, streamer and wet fly fishing. You will also get good opportunities to target rising fishing in the flatter water.
Through summer and periods of high water flows the Goulburn provides anglers with some exciting site fishing as fish push to the edges, backwaters or any slack water where they can get out of the current and feed off the top. This makes for exciting sport, the fish are challenging and generally of a nice size.
Hatches of mayfly, caddis, midge as well as other insects occur season long. There is also good hopper fishing in summer where high grassy banks meet the river and willow grub feeders through summer.
Late in the season blue winged olive mayfly hatches are a regular event and can be targeted successfully with Plume Tip flies in smaller sizes.


Access to productive sections of the Goulburn is plentiful. The most notable areas include Thornton Beach, Gilmores Bridge and The Breakaway. They all provide the angler with a mix of water types and hold good numbers of trout.

Note: access information is indicative at the time of publishing.
For authoritative information visit or other relevant jurisdictional authorities.


Elk Hair Caddisbrown trout
rainbow trout
#12 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Peeping Caddis Nymphbrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Rusty Brown Dunbrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Plume Tipbrown trout
rainbow trout
#16 – 20janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Willow Grubbrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Hopperbrown trout
rainbow trout
#10 – 16janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymphbrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Copper John - Olivebrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec


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