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Tantangara Dam to Yaouk

Fishery 3.8 Rating

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Murrumbidgee catchment

Target Species

brown troutbrown trout
rainbow troutrainbow trout

Target Species - Seasons

brown troutjanfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
rainbow troutjanfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec

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This is confidence-building water for beginners. The fish are definitely there in high numbers, rough presentations don’t seem to spook them, and the stream is easy to wade. Most of the fish are smallish, 0.5 kg being a good catch, but there are a few giants lurking in the pools. The bankside cover is great for concealment.
If you don’t get a rise to a Royal Wulff within 10 minutes during bright daylight hours shift to a Parachute Adams, and suspend a nymph under either of them in case the trout prefer to subsurface feed.
Beetles and nymphs work well and you can always rely on a caddis hatch, so have some Elk Hair Caddis or CDC Sedge on hand. Mayfly hatches also occur early in the season, with smaller pale watery duns hatch from December to March. Tiny caenids hatch at these times as well so small emerger patterns are a productive option too.
During the heat of summer, the fishing can slow down during the day, but a small parachute hopper provides plenty of drawing power. During the reliable evening rise, emergers, spinners and caddis patterns will bring results. Late in the season, a return to nymphs is required.


Turning north at the service station in Adaminaby will take you on the Yaouk (pronounced Yie-yak) Road, which crosses the Murumbidgee about 25 kilometres along (watch out for wombats and kangaroos). The road runs parallel to the river, so checking at farmhouses on the eastern side of the road might bring some more secluded access. The section near the road crossing gets fished fairly hard. This crossing is also accessible from Cooma, by taking Mittagang Road out of town towards Shannons Flat, then on to Yaouk. Canberra can be accessed from Shannons Flat. There are no services at Shannons Flat or Yaouk so stop at Adaminaby or Cooma before leaving.
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Note: access information is indicative at the time of publishing.
For authoritative information visit or other relevant jurisdictional authorities.

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