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Fishery 3.1 Rating

Waterway Type



Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment

Target Species

brown troutbrown trout
rainbow troutrainbow trout

Fly Fishing Highlights

  • One of the closest trout rivers to Sydney
  • Longest river in the Blue Mountains/central west area that offers extensive fishing options across its length
  • Spawn run rainbow trout over the July to September period in wilderness areas offering a unique Australian fly fishing experience

Target Species - Seasons

rainbow troutjanfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
brown troutjanfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec

Note: species & seasonal information is indicative at the time of publishing.
For authoritative information visit or other relevant jurisdictional authorities.

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Coxs River can be broken down into three broad sections.
Upper section:
Comprises the river above lake Lyell, flowing from its source north of Wallerawang. This section of the river is really a small stream which is often best early season but can produce all year round in higher rainfall years. There can be some good fish than have either run up from or remained in the river from both Lyell and lake Wallace.
Below lake Lyell:
Coxs River flows through extensive farmland; this section is again a great early season to early summer prospect as it receives some better flows Lyell and the river Lett. Typically, fish are found in the more permanent pools rather than the runs in this section.
Megalong Valley to the Warragamba exclusion zone:
Sets the Coxs River apart from most rivers in Australia. While the river can produce trout through the Megalong valley section in wet years, the real highlight is the spawning run from lake Warragamba (The primary Sydney water supply). The river below the Little river junction is not a designated trout river and is therefore open to fishing year-round. This allows anglers to fish for rainbow trout that have run up from Warragamba over winter. This requires a significant walk-in over the colder months. However, the rewards are there.


The Coxs River has several access points over its length. Numerous road bridges form the primary access for the sections above the Megalong valley. These include the Mckanes falls road, Rocky Waterhole drive and Duddawarra bridges. It can also be accessed through tracks in the Marrangaroo national park above lake Lyell.
Within the Megalong Valley, the main access is via the 6-foot Track, providing day access to the river around the Bowtells suspension bridge. This is also a route to access the river within the wilderness area. Another access is via Breakfast creek walking tracking beginning at Dunphy's Campground. Only experienced bushwalkers should attempt these walks.

Note: access information is indicative at the time of publishing.
For authoritative information visit or other relevant jurisdictional authorities.


Royal Wulffbrown trout
rainbow trout
#12 – 16janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymphbrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 18janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
CDC Sedgebrown trout
rainbow trout
#14 – 16janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Squirmy Wormbrown trout
rainbow trout
#12 – 12janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec
Schroeder Parachute Hopperbrown trout
rainbow trout
#12 – 14janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec

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