FlyLife is a high quality, quarterly publication featuring the best fly fishing to be found in fresh and salt water across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. This is an opportunity to write for a dedicated and sophisticated fly fishing audience. Both photographic and written contributions must be of the highest calibre, and every effort is made to seek out new talent and fresh ideas. Articles with broad readership appeal will be favoured over parochial ones.

Feature Articles

(No more than 2,000 words) These will cover 3-5 pages, allowing 1500-2000 words, with a good selection of colour photos. Articles must be readable and well-written, make a significant contribution to the fly fishing literature, and must be informative in relation to technique, general locality, conditions, fly patterns etc. As well as being entertained, readers should be able to learn from the advice given.

A minimum selection of 25 shots should be submitted for a feature article, each accompanied by a lively and descriptive caption. Photographs of relevant fly patterns should accompany articles whenever appropriate—otherwise submit samples of flies and we will arrange the macro-photography with our in-house photographer.

Photographic essays with minimal text will also be considered if the photographic selection is sufficiently diverse and outstanding.

Short Casts

(no more than 800 words) To encourage a wide diversity of material, shorter articles of 400-800 words will also be considered—these should not be accompanied by photographs. This is an opportunity to experiment, to take a more light-hearted approach, or to record incidental thoughts and observations which may not warrant a full-length article. Anything goes—humorous anecdotes, success, disaster, memorable fish, a new fly, a trophy, a character tribute, a destination, a helpful hint, fly tying, entomology, whatever.  Published Short Casts authors receive a $100 FlyLife voucher.

Angler Profiles

Interviews and profiles featuring significant fly fishing identities are also on the agenda. These may fit either of the above formats.

FlyLife Product Reviews

Informative and comprehensive reviews on tackle, products and services will also be considered. These should be 200-500 words and based on a personal familiarity with the product (not just the blurb off the back of a packet). Product photos should be included where possible.


The editor reserves the right to make minor changes to correct spelling and grammar and to accommodate adopted style conventions and page formatting. Text may also be altered to avoid repetition, to rearrange the content or to clarify ambiguities. Major changes in context will be referred back to authors for approval.

Advertisers have been advised that every effort will be made to ensure that editorial content is free of blatant product or service promotion. Specific product naming in the text will only be permitted when absolutely justified in the particular context.


We prefer text to be submitted electronically, by email or on CD. TITLE, AUTHOR and WORD COUNT should be at the top of the document. If sending text by email please paste the text into the email, or attach the file in Word or text format. Manually typed text should be double spaced with wide margins on white paper (suitable for OCR scanning).


Digital images or colour transparencies (originals, not duplicates)—must be previously unpublished and technically precise, as well as being relevant and informative—no dead-fish photos or blood. Please keep original filenames (e.g _MG_1234.CR2). Please see for more important detail about photographic submissions and requirements.

Time Frame

As far as possible, feature articles will be published in the appropriate season—Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter—so bear this in mind when submitting material. Deadlines for contributions are as follows:
Summer Edition (On sale first week in December) Deadline end of August
Autumn Edition (On sale first week in March) Deadline end of November
Winter Edition (On sale first week in June) Deadline end of February
Spring Edition (On sale first week in September) Deadline end of May


Expect payment and return of material within one month of publication. Previously unpublished authors will need to complete a GST income declaration form. We also reserve the right to display articles on the official FlyLife website and related online formats.

Submitting Material

Dropbox and email is the simplest and fastest way for digital material. We find that Express Post bags or envelopes (available at post offices) are the most reliable way to ensure prompt and safe delivery of your physical material. CDs should be packed with cardboard. Pack slides flat in plastic protector strips—don’t send photos in slide boxes, they have a bad habit of tearing out of envelopes never to be seen again! If in doubt phone or email us 48 hours after sending material to check it has arrived safely.

Burning CD/DVDs

It is important that when burning disks, the option is selected to ‘allow other computers to read this CD’. It is also wise to check the disk on another computer before posting.

Post material to:

FlyLife Publishing
PO Box 233
Richmond, TAS 7025
Always include your name, postal address, phone number and if possible an email address.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the article that you have in mind, drop me an email through our Contact page

Rob Sloane