Northern Territory Fly fishing is far from the stereotypical tweed jacket and posh accent most commonly conjured up the moment the words are mentioned, very far from it.
We don’t fly fish to fit into a certain group or feudal class, or because it’s easy. The real reason people fly fish the flats of places like Bynoe Harbour is because it’s challenging. We don’t just one day decide that we are going to start to fly fishing because it looks easy and fun, but rather, because it’s hard and exotic. We find our way to it through airports, long car rides, and some sort of sacrifice in search of something exciting, challenging and beautiful. Sometimes the road will lead there from a freshwater tout background and sometimes it will evolve from a bait and lure casting past. The common ground is that it represents the next level in our angling evolution.
With any luck at some point in this journey of fishing, you’ll find yourself gazing intently on a big cruising barramundi in water so shallow it’s swimming almost on its side. This Barra is here for one reason only, to feed, and all you have to do is make the shot count.


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As a fishing travel destination, Bynoe Harbour is a great wilderness escape. It’s a region of unspoiled beaches, and many low wooded islands surrounded by clear water, rocky headlands and sandy tidal flats that can turn on some heart-pumping fly fishing when the conditions are right.
Tide is crucial to a successful trip and the seven days leading up to the full and new moons are the prime time.

Bynoe Harbour is a barramundi fly fishers dream destination. The many islands, creeks, bays and rocky outcrops provide world-class fly fishing with bonus species like trevally, queenfish, blue and king threadfin salmon, mangrove jack, golden snapper, barracuda, black jewfish, shark, grunter, cod and others.
As elsewhere in the Northern Territory, estuarine crocodiles are common and can provide opportunity for amazing photographs.

Let Watty guide you to an unforgettable fly fishing experience.
As an IGFA certified guide and PFIGA fishing instructor you have the knowledge and know-how of a full-time, local professional fishing guide who has been there, done his homework and paid his dues, with Watty you can bet on a quality experience.

Famous for spectacular visual strikes and aerial displays, the country’s premier sportfish will get you hooked for life and when you return home dreaming of the next presentation to a hungry cruising Australian icon.
If you fly fish and are yet to venture to Barra country, you’re in the right hands. Australia’s premier sports fish. Inhabits both salt and fresh water. A very spectacular and efficient predator which hunts across saltwater flats and rock bars.


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Accommodation & Dining

Barra fishing traditionally can mean travelling long distances by land then once you’ve hit the water more travel is involved. A Live Aboard Barra Fishing Charter changes all of this. When you anchor a mother ship in the mouth of one of the Territories famous Barra fishing rivers, Shady Camp, travelling times are shortened considerably and new fishing options become possible.

The MotherShip
Tropic Paradise is a purpose built Mothership accommodation vessel giving you a home away from home on the water. All cabins are located on the main deck, have large windows for natural ventilation as well as air-conditioning and built in cupboards. There are 4 cabins with household size double bunks and 2 cabins with a double and single bed and ensuite. Other bathrooms are located on deck, one on the rear main deck and another on the upper level opening to the rear deck.

  • Fully air-conditioned vessel with 6 individual rooms, two with ensuite facilities
  • Catering by cook
  • Saloon, dining and galley facilities
  • Shaded top and lower deck for afternoon drinks & relaxing
  • Fish filleting facilities
  • Freezer room for fish
  • Bar fridge and eskies for beverages
  • 19 metre Cairns Custom Craft alloy catamaran in 1C survey
  • 4000 litres diesel fuel
  • 4000 litres freshwater accompanied by a 200 litre per hour desalinator
  • 4000 litre Premium Unleaded Petrol capability
  • 9KVA & 32KVA gen sets
  • Cummins powered mains


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