Chasing Tail

High Altitude Flats Fishingin the Central North Island of New Zealand

Moods of the Meadow

Stunning meadow fishing in the Wairarapa region of North Island, New Zealand

A Belated Opening

Early season high flows and big trout in backcountry North Island New Zealand

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Join Amos Maplestone as he shows fellow guide Clint Isaac one of his favourite rivers in Tasmania.

Seeking Solitude

Opening day New Zealand, South Island 2016

Four Seasons In One Weekend

Andrew Harding battles rain & snow on the Tongariro River

World Fly Fishing Championships Preparation

Join Christopher Bassano during a practice session on Penstock Lagoon as he gives us an outline of what's involved in competition fishing

Freaks of Nature

More stunning imagery from Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media, this time of enormous rainbow trout in Argentina

Parallel Lines

Teaser for stunning new film from Benny Godfrey of Krank Productions

Golden Bay Kingfish – Video

Enjoy explosive sight fishing to ray-riding kingfish in an unexpected location