The Wessels

Joshua Hutchins and Thomas Clancy experience the Wessel Islands

West Branch

The unique Kiewa River

Experiencing Andranangoo

An interview with Shannon Kitchener

The Introduction of Brown Trout to New Zealand

Film trailer on the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand

Louisiana Redfish on Fly

Giant redfish on the Mississippi delta - FlyLife Extras 

Rain Dance

Barramundi madness in 'barradise' with Jonathan Jones


"The state of being obsessed with something" - Lowlands South Island, New Zealand

Dark Sky

Explore Dark Sky, with 14 year old fly fisher Jackson Stewart - FlyLife Extras

Summer On The Eucumbene

Local guide Col Sinclair shows the delights of summer on the Eucumbene River

Getting Your Hackles Up

Interview with Tom Whiting of Whiting Farms by Great Big Story