Issue 94 Summer 2018/19

THE POINTY END – Adam Royter deals with the weakest link in fly fishing
CRAB & PRAWN EATERS – Craig Rist applies some flats fly logic on the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland
PROSPECTING – Mark Kelly captures the spirit of the high plains streams
BACK IN GLADSTONE – Joshua Hutchins explores more Queensland saltwater options
STREAMER REBOOT – Simon Chu joins the dedicated streamer brigade
A TASTE OF ORANGE – Thomas Clancy targets cod and trout close to home in NSW
TROUT TO SALT – Brett Wolf negotiates the transition to saltwater fly fishing
THE CIRCUIT – Mark Cloutier enjoys a day-walk from Tasmania’s Lake St Clair
THE LADIES OF LANGKAWI – Kelvin Ng tackles surface feeding ladyfish (aka giant herring) in Malaysia
RETURN OF THE SOCKEYE – Derek Grzelewski introduces New Zealand’s landlocked salmon
GUIDING LESSONS – Greg French evaluates the trout guiding experience
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Steve’s Sparse Hackle Spider — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Squish’s Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Vision , Simms, South Pacific, Ahrex, Orvis, Scientific Anglers Lamson and Scott
POSTCARD — Wine & Fly Fishing (Spain) — Rob Sloane
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mick Chalker, Michael McBrien, Shane Bretz, Greg Lowe, Bryan Pratt
LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 93 Spring 2018

THE COMPETITIVE EDGE — Leighton Adem shares a lesson in Euro nymphing
FIORDLAND SALT FLY — Nick Reygaert tackles New Zealand’s southern fiords
THE YOUTH ACADEMY — Joshua Hutchins, Lucas O’Sullivan & Thomas Cramp join forces
RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME — Brendan Turriff enjoys mixed success in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
GETTING THE JOB DONE — Craig Rist benefits from a heavier rod on the flats
TARUARAU RAINBOWS — Greg French explores the Hawke’s Bay backcountry in
NZ THE HUMBLE FLATHEAD — Shane Bretz introduces a perfect target for beginners
BUSH CREEK HUT — Stu Hastie solves a mystery in the wilds of New Zealand
HUNTING THE FLATS — Piero Bertocchi profiles Top End guide Graeme Williams
PAWSON’S LEGACY — Rob Sloane indulges in some competitive nostalgia
KEEPING MELBOURNE’S SECRETS — Chris Fiddes reflects on the allure of secret waters
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Toe Biter dobsonfly larvae — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Bradley Bunny — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of ‘Water Colour’ by Greg French and Rio Creek fly line, plus new products
POSTCARD — Sabah, Borneo — Kelvin Ng
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Paul Barnes, Graham Hosie, Ben Carden, Steve Walton, Greg Hardy
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 92 Winter 2018

BAW BAW – David Anderson visits the West Gippsland high country of Victoria
TASSIE KINGFISH – Craig Rist tackles yellowtail kingfish in the southern waters of Bass Strait
AUTUMN JOLLYTAILS – Greg French & Peter Broomhall target Mersey baitfish feeders in Tasmania
MINDSET & FLOW – Simon Chu applies sports psychology to fly fishing success
A RIVER SOMETIME – Bill Bachman interviews Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner
EXPLORING EBOR – Thomas Clancy hunts trout in the New England Tablelands
PILBARA COBIA – John Robertson battles cobia in Western Australia
HIKING WITH A ROD – Piero Bertocchi spends time on the Greenstone River in NZ
BIG STICKS IN THE SALT – Leon Normore grapples with double-handed swoffing
TELLING STORIES – Rob Sloane shortlists some photo competition images
TROUT BEATS — Charley May shares a sentimental playlist BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peccary Parachute – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Aitutaki Shrimp – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of Orvis shirt and Vision Onki rod, plus new gear from Orvis, Waterworks-Lamson, Simms and Tonic Eyewear
POSTCARD — Mongolian Taimen — Joshua Hutchins
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories by Tony Pennacchia, Michael Tweedie, Ross Mackenzie, Graeme Parker, Greg Wood
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 91 Autumn 2018

DESTINATION SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS – Joshua Hutchins finds good trout water close to Sydney
ON THE FLATS – Peter Morse helps newcomers to read the saltwater flats
BEAUTIFUL LIES – Rick Keam studies dry fly posture in the real world
OLD COD — NEW TRICKS – Thomas Clancy tests articulated flies on New England cod
RETURN TO THE NARIEL – David Anderson heralds better fishing in North East Victoria
COCOS ENCOUNTERS – Leighton Adem visits the Cocos Keeling Islands
LINES OF CONNECTION – Jack Viney spends time in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
LITTLE PINE EXPOSED – Rob Sloane avoids the crowds at Little Pine Lagoon
TAILING TEMPTATIONS – Brett Habener outlines his triggerfish tactics
LATE SEASON RECOVERY – Sam English savours autumn in the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin
EP PERSISTENCE – Mick Fletoridis targets estuary perch on fly
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson — OFG Emerger
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech — Light Horseman
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally — Latest gear and industry news
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Simms Headwaters Pro waders reviewed, plus new products from Vision, Scientific Anglers, Cortland, Waterworks Lamson and Orvis
POSTCARD — Andorra — Greg French
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mick Chalker, Shane Bretz, Ben Mackereth, Michael McBrien, Lindsay Bovill, Bryan Pratt
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings


Issue 90 Summer 2017/18

THE WESSELS – Joshua Hutchins explores the East Arnhem Land flats
NOT JUST BOW & ARROW – Brad Harris demonstrates fly casting in tight surrounds
ROMPIN REVISITED – Kelvin Ng reports on a decade of sailfish encounters
DRAGON SLAYERS – Steven Ooi shares his passion for photography
EDGERS – Gary Lyttle targets Taupo’s lake edge smelt-feeders
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – Rob Sloane ponders success in all forms of fly fishing
KIMBERLEY GRAND SLAM – Micah Adams tackles a tropical trifecta
A DAY ON THE LIFFEY – David Anderson finds twigwater heaven in Tasmania
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – Piero Bertocchi is tested in the South Island backcountry
SALT FLY LADIES – Kristina Royter reports on a fly fishing escape for women
BEYOND GADEN – Andy Bodsworth enjoys time on the Thredbo River
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson – Dangle Dragon
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech – Articulated Cod Popper
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally – Industry news and new gear
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of David Anderson’s new book and Rod Vault rooftop rod-carrier, plus new products from Waterworks Lamson, Rio, South Pacific, Scientific Anglers, One Planet, Orvis and Simms
POSTCARD — Greenland — Greg French
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, accommodation and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories from Nick Withers, Ben Lucas, Scott Levi, Ranald Moore and Greg Hardy
LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings

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89cov 710w

Issue 89 Autumn 2017

MOUNT FIELD – Greg French takes to the hills in southern Tasmania
THE WEST BRANCH – David Anderson spends time on the Kiewa River in Victoria
SLOW PREY – Bill Mitchell offers food for thought on the tropical flats
HARD TIME TACTICS – Bob Wyatt deals with Southland’s toughest streams
COSMOLEDO & ALPHONSE – Joshua Hutchins can’t get enough of the Seychelles
ONE TO REMEMBER – Micah Adams comes to terms with the Monaro streams
HILLBILLY BONEFISH – Thomas Clancy confronts carp in the Sydney suburbs
FINE TUNING – Peter Morse takes a subtle approach to Exmouth permit
HIGHLAND REDS – Mark Cloutier appreciates the red spinner hatch
THE SALMON RUN – Leon Normore tackles Western Australian salmon
ROADSIDE RAINBOWS – David Freudenberger seeks easy access in New Zealand
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Perdigon Nymph — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Vlahos Marbled Sand Flea — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – SA freshwater leaders, Scott G-Series fly rod and Rod & Fly ‘River to Reef’ rod reviewed, with new products from Rio, Simms, and Korkers announced
POSTCARD — Swedish Lapland — Axel Wessolowski
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, accommodation and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories from John McKeown, Kerryn Milligan, Mike Dimond, Ben Mackereth, Michael Wood
LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings

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FL88 BI 248w

Issue 88 Winter 2017

RANGITIKEI TREKKING — Jack Kós hikes in to an iconic New Zealand river
KOSCIUSZKO KIDS — Greg French preaches to a younger generation
NORTHERN KINGS — Joshua Hutchins targets Tauranga Harbour kingfish in NZ
RAIN DANCE — Jonathan Jones battles impoundment barramundi in the wet
DEAD-ENDERS — Rick Stuart-Smith searches for Western Lakes rewards in TAS
TOP SHOTS — Rob Sloane showcases some photo competition winners
THE BROWNS — David Anderson samples the King River’s wine and trout, VIC
THE ROLL CAST ACADEMY — Piero Bertocchi researches the Tongariro Roll Cast, NZ
PILBARA BLUES — John Robertson takes up the ‘blue bastard’ challenge in WA
A CASE OF THE MENDS — Peter Morse deals with drag in fresh and salt water
KEEPING ME SANE — Sam Reach shares the benefits of his recent misfortune
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Adams Variant — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Andy’s Toga Destroyer — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Scott Flex rod and Fishpond net reviewed, plus new products from Loop, Scientific Anglers, Sage, Loon, Manic and Simms
POSTCARD — Louisiana Redfish — David Reverdito
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Greg Wood, Nick Withers, Kerry Kelb, Bryan Pratt, Samantha Wright
LAST CAST – Editor’s musings and upcoming events

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FL87 Cover350h

Issue 87 Autumn 2017

WARMING TEMPERATURES & TROUT — Dr John Morrongiello outlines the latest research initiatives in Victoria
BUYING & TYING — Chris Beech questions true value in saltwater flies
DARK SKY — Leighton Adem & Brad Harris visit the Tekapo backcountry, New Zealand
SIGHT NYMPHING FRENCH STYLE — Jonathan White advocates the long leader approach
BONES OF CONTENTION — Peter Morse encounters difficulties in New Caledonia
WILDSIDE RAINBOWS — Greg French goes bush in New Zealand’s North Island
YOU NEVER KNOW — Jess McGlothlin & Jonathan Jones face reality in Samoa
TASMANIAN TWIGWATER — David Anderson photographs Tasmania’s small streams
LOSING IT — Jack Kós deals with the one that got away
THE SPARWOLF CRAB — Brett Wolf shares a deadly fly pattern for permit
HOPPERS ON THE DELATITE — Leon Schoots observes and adapts at grasshopper time
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson — UV Black Ant
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech — Fishnuts Squid Fly
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally — Industry news and new gear
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Patagonia convertible vest, Scientific Anglers Ampere outfit and Pure Fly NZ DVD plus new products from Korkers, Manic Tackle and Simms
POSTCARD — St Brandon Atoll, Indian Ocean — Toby Coe
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services listed by region
SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Greg Lowe, Graham Duff, Shane Bretz, Ben Mackereth, Tony Pennacchia
LAST CAST — Editor’s musings, news and announcements

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FL86 Cover400h

Issue 86 Summer 2016/17

BROOK TROUT QUEST — Joshua Hutchins shares some favourite brook trout haunts
AUSTRALIA’S BEST — Rob Sloane reports on the latest trout fly trends
BONEFISH EVERYWHERE — Ben Little explores Australia’s remote Cocos Islands
THE LONG ROD SAGA — Kaj Busch sheds more light on double-handers for the lakes
MULWALA COD — David Anderson comes to grips with Victoria’s stillwater cod
KARAMEA KARMA — Mark and Sharon Cloutier dodge the rain in the South Island
COVERING ALL BASES — Brett Wolf deals with Exmouth’s giant trevally and cobia
BUSH TUCKER — Craig Rist matches the hatch on Queensland’s Tully River
EXTREME STREAMS — Greg French explores Tasmania’s remote headwaters
THE SCORE — Bob Wyatt assesses the state of play in Southland
A 3-WEIGHT DAY — Shane Bretz fishes light on the Sunshine Coast
WATSON’S FANCY — Rudin’s Leftovers — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Big Head — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of “The Imperiled Cutthroat” book, “Parallel Lines” DVD and Cheeky reels, plus new products from Rio, Airflo, Simms, Scientific Anglers and South Pacific
POSTCARD — London — Chris Fiddes
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Nick Withers, Dave Long, Mike Dimond, Gordon Lambert, Ranald Moore
LAST CAST — Editor’s musings, news and events
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FL85 400h

Issue 85 Spring 2016

THE BEST OF TASMANIA — Jack Kos samples some distinctly Tasmanian fishing
HARBOUR CITY HIGHLIGHTS — Jonathan Jones sings the praises of Sydney Harbour
SOUTH ISLAND FLIPSIDE — Joshua Hutchins seeks monsters in the Twizel canals
INSHORE PELAGICS — Peter Morse tackles everything from mackerel to tuna
RETURN TO THE MONARO — David Anderson revisits the forgotten high plains streams
THE BLAME GAME — Rob Sloane deals with excuses for not catching fish
LINES IN THE SAND — Bill Mitchell makes sense of the saltwater fly-line options
MY BROWN YARRA — Chris Fiddes finds trout in the outskirts of Melbourne
HIGH COUNTRY COD — Thomas Clancy explores the New England gorge country
THE WHITING PUZZLE — Shannon Kitchener shares his saltwater obsession
WATSON’S FANCY — Jeff’s Black Spinner — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Uncharted Waters… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — the Sunbaker — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — “The Last Wild Trout” by Greg French, Sage X-series and Beulah Platinum 696-4 fly rods reviewed, plus new gear from Scott, Nautilus, Tiemco and IceMule.
POSTCARD — Santa Cruz (Argentina) — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — Robert Butterworth, Paul Abbott, Michael Wood, Shane Bretz, Jack Kos
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FL84 400px

Issue 84 Winter 2016

TWO-HANDERS — Tim Angeli prepares for winter fishing in New Zealand
CRAWLERS & LEAPERS — Greg French chases mayfly-feeders in Tasmania’s remote lakes
GOLDEN BAY KINGFISH — Joshua Hutchins reveals the South Island’s flats potential
SPORT & PROCREATION — Rob Sloane sheds light on the spawning-run debate
GOING WEEDLESS — Peter Morse advocates weed guards for snag-dwellers
SOLITUDE ON THE THREDBO — David Anderson seeks rainbows on the Thredbo River
LOW-WATER FLATS — Mark & Sharon Cloutier fish Tasmania’s not-so-Great Lake
MORETON BAY LONGTAILS — Geoff Volter grapples with Brisbane’s longtail tuna
FOREVER YOUNG — Anthony Cole joins the ‘young punks’ in the back-country
THE OVENS — Adam Royter revisits a popular Victorian stream
POP FLEYES — Rod Harrison shares some of Bob Popovics’ creations
WATSON’S FANCY — Catgut Caddis — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Rods and rules… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Lagoon Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Scott Radian rod, Adrenalin tying kit and Hatch tippet, plus products from Innovator, Scientific-Anglers and Tonic.
POSTCARD — Kanton Atoll — Andrew Martin
SHORT CASTS — James Engelbrecht, Michael McBrien, Michael Kearney, Bryan Pratt
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Issue 83 Autumn 2016

ROAD TRIPPING — Jonathan Jones explores the Queensland coast
MAINLAND TROUT REVIVAL — Joshua Hutchins revisits some forgotten trout streams
FACING DOWNSTREAM — Bob Wyatt gets into the downstream fly swing
INTERCEPTION LESSONS — Craig Rist benefits from encounters with tarpon in Florida
MAYFLY MAGIC — Derek Grzelewski & George Novak focus on NZ hatches
IN PRAISE OF SARATOGA — Peter Morse seeks out tropical billabong delights
TALKING TROUT — David Anderson reports on wild trout initiatives in Victoria
ONE PERCENTERS — Brad Harris suggests little ways to improve catch rates
RESTORING AN OLD GEM — John Barick rebuilds a favourite fly rod
TACKLING TUSKIES — Geoff Volter nominates his ultimate flats species
LAKE OTAMANGAKAU — Piero Bertocchi extends his stillwater education
WATSON’S FANCY — Jiggling Damsel nymph — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Bear’s progress… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — GT Brush fly — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Back Country North Island DVD and Patagonia stormfront pack, plus new products from Fulling Mill, Waterworks Lamson, Scientific Anglers, Nautilus and Simms
POSTCARD — Arctic Char — Rasmus Ovesen
SHORT CASTS — Terry Downey, Glenn Buttress-Grove, Jonathan Cant, Mick Fletoridis, Shane Bretz
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Issue 82 Summer 2015/16

SYDNEY WEEKENDER — Joshua Hutchins targets trout, bass, perch, cod and carp
BREAM ON THE REBOUND — Rob Sloane competes against lures and soft-plastics
WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH — Kristina Royter battles wind and rain in the South Island
WILD MOUNTAIN RAINBOWS — Craig Rist packs a float-boat to drift Tasmania’s Lake Meston
ANAA ATOLL — Jess McGlothlin offers a taste of island life in French Polynesia
BUSHBASH CREEK — David Anderson tackles the toughest streams in Australia
REPAYING A FAVOUR — Piero Bertocchi shares good fishing close to Wellington
SHOOTING THE BREEZE — Josh Davis hunts snag-bound impoundment sooties and barra
THE REEL DEAL — David Anderson investigates an Aussie-made fly reel
SIX SHADES OF FAWN — Alistair Purvey adopts Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug
ULTRALIGHT SALT — Paul Vogl bends his 2-weight on Christmas Island bonefish
WATSON’S FANCY — Reel Wing Caenid — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Just do it… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — BB Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Aquasoul DVD and Stu’s Superior Flies reviews plus product announcements
POSTCARD — Golden Trout, USA — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — Bryan Pratt, Edmund Fitzgerald, Steven Geddes, Kerryn Milligan
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Issue 81 Spring 2015

THE MITTA MITTA — David Anderson explores North East Victoria
BEACH TO BACKCOUNTRY — Joshua Hutchins opts for easy fishing near Christchurch, NZ
BONEFISH BIOLOGY — Alex Filous and colleagues study Tetiaroa bonefish
RAISE YOUR GLASS — Jack Van Delft toasts the fibreglass rod revival
BERKELEY RIVER DREAM TIME — Scott and Katrina Mitchell fish the Kimberley, NT in style
ANYTHING BUT BLUE SKIES — Daniel Hackett shares some Western Lakes, TAS highlights
FRINGE DWELLERS — Craig Worthington targets flounder on fly
RODS, LINES & LOADS — Peter Morse matches line weights with casting strokes
CASTING FOR RECOVERY — Niki Morrell reports on a weekend of fly fishing therapy
SIZE REALLY MATTERS — Steven Dally tempts big trout with mega-streamers
TACKLE TINKERING — Rob Sloane catches up with Kaj (Bushy) Busch
WATSON’S FANCY — GTS stonefly nymph — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Etiquette… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — BNB Popper — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Hanak Superlight and Beulah Platinum fly rod reviews plus new products
POSTCARD — Paris, France — Chris Fiddes
SHORT CASTS — Ross Mackenzie, Dorian Mode, Bryan Pratt, Jeff Cassidy, Shane Bretz
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Issue 80 Winter 2015

MONSTERS & MICE — Joshua Hutchins seeks trophy trout in the South Island
BRAVE NEW WORLD — Peter Morse looks back on 20 years of saltwater fly
POLAROIDING RIVERS — Daniel Hackett offers some practical river-fishing tips
SALTWATER AWAKENING — Leon Normore heads to Exmouth to educate his boys
IT’S NEVER TOO LATE — David Anderson attends a weekend fly-fishing clinic
20 YEARS OF FLYLIFE — Rob Sloane takes stock after 80 editions
CAPE YORK PERMIT — Dougal Rillstone questions his own obsession
FLY ANGLER IN THE MAKING — Kristina Royter shares her love of fly fishing
IMPRESSIONS OF THE TONGARIRO — Piero Bertocchi captures the mood of the rainbow run
CLOUSER — Rod Harrison profiles Bob Clouser and his flies
FOREIGN EXCHANGE — Brad Harris comes to grips with Christmas Island bonefish
TIED & TRUE — Andrew Bell recounts his fly-tying journey
WATSON’S FANCY — Muz’s Messy Wulff — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Man of mystery… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Dave’s Pink Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Simms waterproof hip-pack review plus new products
POSTCARD — Lahontan Cutthroats, Pyramid Lake USA — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — John Black, Brian Cooper, Tony Orman, Mick Ripon, Paul McMenamin
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Issue 79 Autumn 2015

PERISHER CREEK — David Anderson learns more about a favourite twig-water
THE SECRET LIFE OF GIANT TREVALLY — Alex Filous and colleagues track GT movements at Tetiaroa
AUTUMN ON THE EUCUMBENE — Joshua Hutchins joins the crowds for the spawning run
FROM LINE TO FLY — Peter Morse gets serious about leader construction
TROUT BUMMING — Anthony Cole lives the dream in the South Island
FISHING BLIND FOR BONEFISH — Craig Worthington adopts a different approach
TELLING TAILS (PART 2) — Rob Sloane adds more pieces to the tailing puzzle
TALKING THE TALK — Brad Harris scores an invite to Hinchinbrook
THE GREBE — Adam Royter finally makes it to Fiordland
NOT SO SPOOKY — Greg French deals with some trouty misconceptions
FACING WEST — Tim O’Reilly assesses saltwater options in the far north
WATSON’S FANCY — Stooped Jassid — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Klingon tube-fly — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Echo Gecko kids’ rod, Back Country North Island DVD and Ekich automatic bobbin plus new products
POSTCARD — Great Bear Lake, Canada — Rasmus Ovesen
SHORT CASTS — Terry Downey, Stephen Kimber, Tony Orman, Bryan Pratt
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Issue 78 Summer 2014/15

TELLING TAILS — Rob Sloane deals with tailing trout
THE GOLD RUSH — Bill Mitchell puts golden trevally on a pedestal
SMALL STREAM FLIES — David Anderson refines his essential fly selection
NEVER-FAILS — Bob Wyatt favours simple flies that work
KINGS ON THE FLATS — Nikolaj Mathiesen sets his sights on kingfish
THE PERFECT WINDOW — Joshua Hutchins spends a weekend in the Western Lakes
OPEN SEASON — Peter Morse gets to know Dave Witherow
FROTHIN’ IN EXMOUTH — Leon Normore shares a passion for sailfish
THAI MAHSEER — David Reverdito explores Thailand’s mountain streams
POETRY IN MOTION — Scott Levi follows Douglas Stewart to the Duckmaloi
WATSON’S FANCY — Scott’s Knight nymph — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Fuzzle Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS — Patagonia Nano-Air jacket and Cutthroat leaders plus new products
POSTCARD — Hokkaido, Japan — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — Tony Orman, Terry Ong, Christopher Wardrop, Carl Glaister, Mike Bowyer
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Issue 77 Spring 2014

COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN – David Anderson makes an early season trip to Southland
BACK TO THE GOOSE – Peter Morse revisits Goose Creek on Melville Island
MOODS OF ST CLAIR – Brad Harris profiles a favourite Tasmanian fishery
BONEFISH BENEFITS – Carl McNeil helps to put New Caledonia back on the map
BACK TO BASICS – Daniel Hackett offers more lessons for beginners
BLUE MOUNTAINS BACKCOUNTRY – Clinton Isaac hikes in to the Jenolan River
ELUSIVE PRIZES – Carl Glaister tackles Illawarra estuary perch
TROUT ACROSS THE TASMAN – Jack Kos follows the first brown trout to New Zealand
THINKING & LEARNING – Rob Sloane explains aspects of trout behaviour
SPARKLES IN THE RIVER – John Harris sheds light on the freshwater herring
ENCOUNTER ON THE EUCUMBENE – Paul Miller battles big browns on their spawning run
WATSON’S FANCY – Foil Gammarus – Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS – Bad timing… – Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH – EP Flex Calamari – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Alaska – Micah Adams
SHORT CASTS – John McConigley, Shane Bretz, Jim Cairns, Mark Thornton
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 76 Winter 2014

150 YEARS OF TROUT – Greg French & Rob Sloane celebrate our trout heritage
THE STOP – Peter Morse punctuates his retrieves
THOMPSONS CREEK DAM – Joshua Hutchins profiles a winter fishery near Lithgow
SWEETWATER COD – Clinton Isaac fishes for native cod in the Upper Murray
THE CURSE OF SMALL FISH – Shane Bretz considers the lighter side of saltwater fly
FLYING HIGH – Mark & Sharon Cloutier go heli-fishing in the South Island
SNAPPER ON THE FLATS – Glenn Eggleton dreams of sight fishing for NZ snapper
FIELD TO FORK – Leon Schoots respects food, trout and Victoria’s high country
EDUCATING TROUT – Marc Griffiths deals with fly avoidance and fussy trout
ONE MAN’S ART – Rick Wallace introduces Mitsugu Bizen and his flies
AITUTAKI GTs – Herman Rooseboom mixes float boats and giant trevally
WATSON’S FANCY – The Screaming Banshee caddis- Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS – Still learning… – Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH – Ragin’ Cravin – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Icelandic Char – Greg French
SHORT CASTS – Dougal Rillstone, Rick Armstrong, Jason Munce, Mike Dimond, Craig Humphrey
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 75 Autumn 2014

DAM BUSTERS – Craig Rist ambushes Queensland’s impoundment barra
75CAUGHT IN THE OPEN – Rob Sloane talks more about boat-based sight fishing
FLATS FLIES – Bill Mitchell considers a selection of each-way bets
TANTANGARA – Tom Baxter combines lake and stream fishing in the Snowies
GIRL POWER – Kaitlyn Dickson loves everything about fly fishing
FORGETTING THE FLOP – Ben & Ray Little improve their chances in the South Island
GUIDED ON THE GOULBURN – Mark & Sharon Cloutier enjoy Victoria’s premier fishery
BREAKING TRAIL – Bob Wyatt interviews northern salt-fly pioneer Ron Pearson
WHY I FISH – Dougal Rillstone finds more than trout in Southland
CLEVER LEGS – Josh Davis investigates ways of tying hoppers
LUDERICK ON FLY – Shannon Kitchener shares his blackfish tactics
WATSON’S FANCY – The Snail – Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS – Down in the Dumps… – Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH – Voltzy Goldy Destroyer Crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Scotland – Greg French
SHORT CASTS – Ranald Moore, Stephen Kimber, John Black, Sandy Macdonald, Chris Baty
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 74 Summer 2013-14

CAUGHT IN THE OPEN — Rob Sloane talks boat-based sight fishing
GEEHI & JAGUNGAL — Piero Bertocchi undertakes a solo wilderness mission
SHARK BAY SHALLOWS & SHORES — Peter Morse offers some inshore options in WA
ALL ABOARD — Shane Bretz puts his stand-up paddle board to good use
CRABBY ABOUT THE DERWENT — Greg French sight fishes the Hobart foreshores Read article online
FIND A FEEDING FISH — Bob Wyatt considers what turns trout on
DAN BLANTON — Rod Harrison & Chris Beech look at the man and his flies
WHERE THE ROAD ENDS — David Vincent visits New Zealand’s Taranaki region
NEW ANGLES — Jeff Cassidy tweaks a popular hopper pattern
THE MILK RUN — Clinton Isaac heads to Cape York for milkfish and permit
THE WOOLLY MAMMOTH — Lindsay Bovill catches trout on a prehistoric fly
WATSON’S FANCY — Takayama Sakasa Kebari tenkara fly — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Girls just wanna have fun — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Avalon permit fly — Chris Beech
POSTCARD — Europe — Joshua Hutchins
SHORT CASTS — Andy Collings, Steve Slater, Bob Wyatt, Tony Orman, John Coles
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Issue 73 Spring 2013

WHEN THE ICE MELTS – starting early in the Tasmanian highlands – Craig Rist
SHARK BAY SNAPPER – tackling a prime species in Shark Bay, Western Australia – Peter Morse
ARMCHAIR ANGLING – joining the float tubers in the New South Wales Southern Highlands – Paul Miller
WOMEN IN FLY FISHING – why don’t women fish more? – Simone Hackett
HIGH TIMES ON THE GOULBURN – a lesson in backwater fishing in Victoria – Adam Royter Read article online
BONEFISHING IN YEMEN – exploring the magical island of Socotra – Ray Montoya
TROUT HEAVEN & HELL – tight-water fishing with Miles Rushmer in South Waikato, New Zealand – Derek Grzelewski
GARRETT’S WAY – assessing Jason Garrett’s contribution – Glenn Eggleton
GURGLE POP MINNOW – tackling kahawai (Australian salmon) on surface poppers – Marc Griffith
CROSSING THE LINE – Bob Wyatt questions his limits in fresh and salt water
THE FLIES IN MY VEST – revealing what’s in the editor’s pockets – Rob Sloane
WATSON’S FANCY – Bent-hook dun – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Hardy Head – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Spatsizi & Nimmo lodges, BC, Canada – John Black
SHORT CASTS – Tim Bush, Ross Bray, Shane Bretz, Stewart Rasmussen, Terry Downey
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Issue 72 Winter 2013

FLY CYCLING – Mountain biking the rivers around Taupo – Gary Lyttle
PIMPS, FLOATS & BOBBERS – field testing the latest strike indicators – Adam Royter Read article online
SEVEN SPECIES – taking on the Bynoe Harbour challenge – Piero Bertocchi
TOP SOUTH ISLAND TIPS – revealing some guiding secrets – Scott Murray
SAND, WIND & REEF – exploring the east coast of Cape York – Peter Morse
PROSEK – profile of artist James Prosek – Peter Christensen
TROUT ABOVE THE TREE LINE – fishing the Victorian high country – Mark Cloutier
THE TYENNA – great water close to Hobart – Brad Harris
PURE FLY SNAPPER – berley-free snapper techniques – Craig Worthington
THE TRAILER NYMPH – Greg Kelly’s contribution to the two fly technique – Terry Lawton
ONLY THE RIVER KNOWS – deconstructing the film-making process – Peter Christensen
WATSON’S FANCY- Intruder steelhead fly – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – KC’s Rear Keel fly – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Cuba – Dougal Rillstone
SHORT CASTS – Troy Sinclair, Stephen Kimber, Mark Swann, Doug Brooke, Michael Wood
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Issue 71 Autumn 2013

GHOSTS OF CURRIDGEE FLAT – Australian salmon, ideal winter fly target – Stewart Martin
HATCHES & MATCHES – showcasing Tasmanian fly tyer Laurie Matcham’s imitations – Bob McKinley Read article online
SEQUENCING – psychology of responding to fly refusals – Simon Chu
THE LONGEST DRIFT – float trip on NSW’s Swampy Plains River – Mark Cloutier
TROPICAL TREATS – light-tackle jungle perch in Queensland – Ed Roberts & Tom Bridge
SUMNER TIME – return to Lake Sumner in New Zealand’s South Island – Greg French
EAST CAPE EXPLORATION – charting unfished Queensland flats – Clinton Isaac
SOUTHERN BLUES – southern bluefin tuna tactics – Peter Morse
TASMANIA BY ROCK & BOG – pioneering trip in the Western Lakes – Rob Sloane & Norm Gibb
LET’S GET STARTED – school group takes a lesson on the Goulburn River – Nick Kuch
WATSON’S FANCY – Curmudgeon Crumpler – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Darting Baitfish – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Yellowstone, USA – Greg French
SHORT CASTS – Dougal Rillstone, Scott Levi, Tony Orman, John Fitzgibbon, Mark Asplin, Dave Long
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Issue 70, Summer 2012/13

THE STONEFLY CULT – a large meal tempts trout all over the world – Peter Christensen Read article online
A TALE OF TWO PERMITS – comparing the two Australian permit species – Peter Morse
BEHNKE – An interview with leading trout man Dr Robert Behnke – Greg French Read article online
FOAM FRONTIER – testing big foam flies on Tasmania’s Western Lakes trout – Craig Rist
BARRA BEHAVING BADLY – side-scan sonar adopted for a different kind of sight fishing – Troy Sinclair
DRY FLY PROSPECTING – a reliable lake-fishing technique – Robert Gott
THE GOLDEN WEST – trout and natives west of Sydney – Rod Harrison
TOGA TACTICS – using trout indicator-nymphing techniques on billabong saratoga – Steve Starling
BUDGET BACKCOUNTRY – Upper Mararoa, Greenstone, Worsley – Ben Little
LOST CREEK – pruning back the blackberries to reveal South Australian gems – Neil Charter
WATSON’S FANCY – Hemingway Stonefly Nymph – Pete Watson
ON THE BEACH – Permit Crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – The Monkagerou Hatch, Hokkaido, Japan – Rick Wallace
SHORT CASTS – Don Schofield, Gordon Lambert, Shane Bretz, Sarah Graham

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Issue 69, Spring 2012

NOT SO UGLY – New Zealand South Island wilderness – Andy Trowbridge
TAILS & RIPPLES – stalking bream on the Sapphire Coast, NSW – Josh Davis Read article online
FLAT REFUSALS – Making sense of difficult river fish in flat water – Bob Wyatt
FEBRUARY PLAINS – early season in Tasmania’s untracked highlands – Brad Harris
A FLATS TRILOGY – development of the Australian saltwater flats scene – Rod Harrison
GULLIVER’S TROUT – small trout and mountain stream epiphany – Rob Sloane
KAYAK KAHAWAI – paddling for kahawai (Australian Salmon) – Marc Griffiths
FLAT WATER – slow rivers in Gippsland (Victoria) – Mark Cloutier
THE STRING THING – simple and deadly nymph pattern – Simon Chu
FISHING PREFERENCES – finding satisfaction in difficult trigger fish – Dougal Rillstone
WATSON’S FANCY – Drifting Midge Pupa – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Simple Surf Candy – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Pyrenees, Spain – Rob Sloane
SHORT CASTS – Herbert Orenstein, Michael Wood, Neil Williams, Tony Orman, Ranald Moore, Alan Griffiths

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FLcover 68

Issue 68, Winter 2012

TOP RODS – stories from the 2012 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships – Brad Harris Read article online
GOING LIGHT – lining up the lightest in fly rods – Adam Royter
GIVE NO LINE – dealing with saltwater brawlers – Peter Morse
BIG BAD BRAIDS – braids of the Rangitata and Rakaia rivers, NZ – Greg French
CODE CRACKERS – permit at Hinchinbrook with Dave Bradley – Micah Adams
A COMPLEAT ANGLER – interview with Aust tackle retail icon Jim Allen – Nick Kuch
MISGUIDED IN MURCHISON – lodge-based & guided in NZ’s South Island – Mark Cloutier
ISLAND HIDEAWAY – Bonefish and GT’s in the Maldives – Toby Coe
CHANCE ENCOUNTER – following advice on Tasmania’s Western Lakes – Piero Bertocchi
JELLY BELLY MINNOW – baitfish imitation for Kahawai/Australian Salmon – Marc Griffiths
GIVE & TAKE – Murrumbidgee, example of good tailwater management – David Freudenberger
WATSON’S FANCY – Pat Swift’s reverse smelt – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Charlie’s Air Head – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Patagonia – Randy Knispel
SHORT CASTS – Gordon Armstrong, Sam Stringer, Max Garth, Dougal Rillstone, Bob Smith, Terry Downey

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Issue 67, Autumn 2012

LITTLE THINGS – dealing with fussy caenid feeders in Tasmania – Rob Sloane
PERPLEXING PERMIT – adding pieces to the puzzle at Broome – Ben Little
COFFEE WITH LEFTY KREH – spending time with the casting guru – Steve Cooper Read article online
HIGH COUNTRY HIGHLIGHTS – ultra-light hiking in the Snowy Mountains – Jono Winnel
AITUTAKI – Changing attitudes – bonefish update, Cook Islands – Brett Wolf & Tim Angeli
A SHORE THING AT ARTHURS – high water at Arthurs Lake, Tas – Greg French
SUSTAINABILITY – leading an environmental crusade – Bill Thomas
THE TUSSOCK CICADA – matching the hatch, Ahuriri River, New Zealand – Marc Griffiths
GET HIGH ON TROUT – using height to aid fish spotting – Robert MacDougall-Davis
THE BAROSSA – finding trout amongst the grape vines in South Australia – Lubin Pfeiffer
NOMAD’S LAND – giant trevally (GT) in the Coral Sea – Andy Congram
LADY OF THE LAKE – reviving the Alexandra fly (aka Alexander) – Peter Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Skull Drag Queen – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Spanish Barbel, Spain – Toby Coe

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Issue 66, Summer 2011/12

THE BIG WATER – instructing on the Murrumbidgee river, NSW – Adam Royter
JET BOAT TROUT – inaccessible river exploration South Island NZ – Peter Morse
PERMIT PRESSURE – first permit after a long wait, Exmouth WA – Rob Sloane
ON THE RECORD – chasing IGFA world records – Steve Cooper
PERFECTING PLOPS – willow grub feeders – Terry Conway Read article online
TROPICAL TWIGGING – 3-weight floodplains fishing, Broome WA – Simon Penn
EXPLORATIONS – wilderness trails and the drive to find new water – Daniel Hackett
MINIMALISM – a simple approach to fly fishing – Nick Taransky
THE HOODLUMS OF NORNALUP – bream fishing in WA – Nick Groen
PETE’S PULSAR – Peter Barrow’s marabou fly – Peter Leuver Tying instructions online
FOCUS ON FERGUS – a reliably productive Tasmanian lake – Greg French
METRO BASS – Good water close to Sydney, NSW – Clinton Isaac
ON THE BEACH – Turneffe crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Taimen in Japan – Rick Wallace

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FLcover-65Issue 65, Spring 2011

STILLWATER PLONKERS – new methods on North Island lakes – Gary Lyttle Read article online
WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER – making the most of bad Tassie weather – Greg French
MASTERING MILKFISH – without bread or berley – Clinton Isaac
COD’S OWN COUNTRY – rivers around Ashford NSW – Peter Morse
BREAM ON THE FLATS – Tasmania’s trophy bream – Craig Rist
GHOSTS OF THE GOODRADIGBEE – fishing close to Canberra – David Vincent
PATRICK’S CHALLENGE – record-beating kingfish in NZ – Glenn Eggleton
CHILE – FUNDO EL SALTO – lakes, spring creeks and rivers of Chile – Rob Sloane
UNFASHIONABLE FISHING – Victorian family road trip – Jonathon Clewlow
SIMON’S MIDGE – tying a great little emerger – Peter Leuver
BARGERS & HOGS – Tongariro etiquette – David Haynes
ON THE BEACH – Flats Master – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Bahamas – Simon Chu

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Issue 64, Winter 2011

MICRO WEIRDO WOOLLY WORMS – simple wets for river and lake – Adam Royter
THE SWING THING – taking the down-and-across approach – Mark Cloutier
SHALLOW WATER ADDICTION – hooked on Queensland flats – Dave Bradley
CHILE – RIVERS OF THE FJORDS – remote Chilean rivers – Rob Sloane Read article online
WINTER IN PARADISE – fishing the South Island lakes – Derek Grzelewski
COLD DAYS IN THE WESTERN LAKES – pushing the limits in Tasmania – Craig Rist
HEART OF THE NORTH – Maningrida in Arnhem Land – Peter Morse
EXMOUTH BILLFISH – going west for marlin and sailfish on fly – Dean Butler
SLIP SLIDING AWAY – staking a claim on Southland’s Taieri River – Bob Wyatt
HOW NOT TO CATCH FISH – facing inner demons – Susan Brown
TYING TADDIES – experimental tadpole patterns – Peter Leuver
SIMPLE SPANISH – Broome’s mackerel challenge – Ben Little
ON THE BEACH – Jig Hook Whistler – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Cheesman Canyon – Steve Cooper

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Issue 63, Autumn 2011

JUNGLE HUNTERS – tight-water trophies, NZ – Lyttle & Gathercole
THE NONOUTI PROJECT – new Pacific bonefish destination – Morse
NAMELESS BY NATURE – challenging trout in Western Lakes, TAS – Harris
DAMPIER PENINSULA – Kimberley coast WA photo essay – Williams
MOVERS & SHAKERS – Rob Meade’s innovative snagless flies – Beech
ONE MAN’S RIVER – fishing the Arnold River, NZ with Johnny Groome – Grzelewski
THE FINDING – a special place in Victoria’s high country – Cloutier
COFFEE WITH GEIRACH – interview with the original trout bum – Cooper Read article online
BARRA & BOAR – Victoria River NT adventure – Fisher & Congram
FLY BLOWN – sunken blow fly pattern – Leuver
RETURN TO OMEO – Victoria’s north east streams – Powell
DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH – Darwin’s diamond scale mullet – Starling
ON THE BEACH – Bendy Roller Popper – Beech
POSTCARD – Iceland – Rist

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Issue 62, Summer 2010/11

BATTLING THE WIND – casts to beat a breeze – McNeil Read article online
WRINKLES OF THE RISE – trout with poor taste – Conway
EXMOUTH & BEYOND – remote coast of WA – Morse
OTOMANGAKAU – special place to camp in NZ – Grzelewski
FLY FISHING FOUNDATIONS – making basic skill adjustments – Hackett
INTERNATIONAL SKINK RESUE – saratoga in the Jardine swamps – Simson
PEJAR’S BACK – return of a trophy fishery – Dawson
BOULDER DANCING – pocket water tips – Cloutier
SHALLOW WATER SALMON – Mallacoota flats – Strahan
PHEASANT TAIL RED SPINNER – para-loop hackled mayfly – Leuver
THE BENDBACK COMEBACK – impoundment barramundi on classic fly – Harrison
ON THE BEACH – Chili Pepper – Beech
POSTCARD – Mongolia – French

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FLcover-61Issue 61, Spring 2010

TRUE FLIES – matching an unsavoury hatch – Morse
THE BASS FROM SNOWY RIVER – iconic Australian river rediscovered – Harris
WIGGLE, PILE & TUCK – casts to combat drag – McNeil Read article online
THE EMERGING WOOLLY BUGGER – modified favourite – Rist
SECOND TIME LUCKY – Parengarenga Harbour – Eggleton
SEA TROUT QUEST – world’s biggest sea-runners – Kucera
STRIPED CITY GOERS – tuna in Hobart’s Derwent River – Peel & Frey
SCHOOL OF FLY – Victorian students in NZ – Kuch
WATSON’S FANCY SPINNER – foam post mayfly – Leuver
DOCKLANDS BREAM – Melbourne jetty dwellers – Seah
TARANA TALE – fish in the Fish, close to Sydney – Mode
WALK’EM UP CAPE YORK – freshwater options – Steptoe
ON THE BEACH – Fat Boy – Beech

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FLcover-60Issue 60, Winter 2010

REACH & ROLL – casts that catch fish – McNeil Read article online
BEYOND COMPLACENCY – saltwater rebirth – Rillstone
RAINBOW DEMONS – Rangitikei with Marc Petitjean – Grzelewski
TOUGH TIMES – dealing with fickle weather in Tasmania – Taylor
TURNING JAPANESE – using Tenkara rods, Samurai-style – Freudenberger
SOUTHERN SOJOURN – South Island photo essay – Simson
KRILL SEEKERS – tactics for krill-feeders – Worthington
THE SEVEN P’s OF FLY FISHING – lessons from competition – Dawson
JIG HEADS & LOADED LOOPS – fast-sinking flies for the tropics – Rist
LORD OF THE FLIES – march fly imitation – Leuver
JURASSIC RAINBOWS – Huge Argentinian trout from Lake Strobel – Staiger
CHRISTMAS IN JULY – comparing bonefish to trout – Cloutier
ON THE BEACH – Hammerhead BMS – Beech
POSTCARD – Ireland – French



FLcover-59Issue 59, Autumn 2010

FAR DOWNERS – wrangling trout in Haast, NZ – Grzelewski
NORTHERN EXPOSURE – yearning for Broome, WA – Penn
QUESTIONABLE SECRETS – exposing the upper Tumut River – Freudenberger
THE BROKEN RIVERS – Tasmania’s less visited streams – French Read article online
PLASTIC FANTASTIC – crafty damsel fly pattern – Davis Read article online
BOGONG BEGINNINGS – Victoria’s high plains – Cloutier
MOVE IT – reflecting on life in Tasmania – Stackpole
EASY PICKINGS – ten fishy places in the salt – Worthington
MONKEY BUSINESS – versatile and bright emerger – Leuver
THE TROPICAL TAKE – tackling northern species – O’Reilly
RANGITIKEI TREK – mission to a wilderness river – Haynes
BREAD ON THE STONES – taking to the rocks with a 6-weight – Robley
ON THE BEACH – Rattle Rouser – Beech
POSTCARD – Austria – Brown



IFLcover-58ssue 58, Summer 2009/10

RAIN DANCE – rising water on Tassie lakes – French
DEEP SECRETS – selectivity and nymphs – Wyatt
EXMOUTH TO BROOME – bonefish & permit odyssey – Congram & Fisher
SUPER PUPA – secret caddis unleashed – Christensen & Poppelhoj
THE SOUTH ESK – iconic Tasmania river – Hackett
THE HATCHLING – unusual fly for natives – Davis Read article online
CHASING TROPHY KINGFISH – tough opponents in NZ – Mathieson
DON’T FORGET YOUR 3-WEIGHT – South Island twig water – Anderson
THE BRONTE CADDIS – Greg Beecroft’s orange caddis pattern – Leuver
TABLELAND TROUT – New England art – Cassidy
TARPON JOURNEY – fulfilling a dream – Bradley
BACK TO THE SIXTIES – reliving past glories – Mode
ON THE BEACH – Slinky Minnow – Beech
POSTCARD – Los Roques – Gilbey



FLcover-57Issue 57, Spring 2009 – SOLD OUT

TONGARIRO REVISITED – paying tribute – Anderson
FLOAT TUBE BARRA – impoundment barramundi – Davis Read article online
HAPPY AS LARRY – backcountry exploring Reefton, NZ – Grzelewski
HIGHLAND BAITBALLS – Western Lakes galaxiid feeders – Hackett
THE DEADLIEST CATCH – NZ kingfish – Christensen
BACK COUNTRY LITE – treading softly in the Snowy Mountains – Freudenberger
RODS, RINGS & ROLLERS – European nymphing on local rivers – Spelic
AN EYE FOR ART – photographer and artist compare notes – Harris & Zaadstra
COCOS BONES – Indian Ocean bonefishing – Bell
GIPPSLAND PERCH – cracking the code on estuary perch – Strahan
THE BREDBO – Australia’s original trout fly – Leuver
SPRING FORECAST – early-season in Victoria – Cloutier
ON THE BEACH – Foamberg – Beech
POSTCARD – Amazon – Botha

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FLcover-56Issue 56, Winter 2009

TWO VALLEYS – Victoria’s north-east – McBurnie
SIGHTS SET ON BYNOE – sight fishing in the top-end – Harris
WIZARDS & WILDERNESS TROUT – New Zealand adventure – Christensen
SALMON SOLUTIONS – rounding up Aussie battlers – Barker
THE LAKE EDGE – South Island stillwaters – Wyatt
CAPE YORK ROAD TRIP – the do-it-yourself approach – Rist
BEYOND MAYDENA – trout in Tasmania’s southern forests – French
GAME, SET & MATCH – turn a tennis ball into a willow grub – Leuver
ICE MEN – mid-winter in the Snowy Mountains – Buchanan
EUCUMBENE ON THE RISE – a remarkable season – Daniel & Dawson
SNAPPER STALKING – New Zealand’s nort-est coast – Worthington
SPOILS FROM THE CHANNEL – southern tasmanian seafood – McKinley Read article online
ON THE BEACH – KC’s bass fly – Beech
POSTCARD – Rockies, USA – Coe



FLcover-55Issue 55, Autumn 2009

SWAMPY PLAINS DRIFTERS – rafting an iconic river – Anderson & MacDonald
TOP END RAIDERS – Darwin trip on the cheap – Harris
THE MAJOR, THE MAYFLY & THE CONVICT MAID – W Powlett flies – Lawton – Read article online
TAKE TWO – questioning the use of two dry flies – Sloane
COLOURS OF THE CAPE – photo essay on Cape York – Simson
SOUTHERN LAKES SMELTING – Lake Hawea – Grzelewski
TESTING THE TOAD – Tarpon Toad in Australia – Donald
JELLY LEGS – more jelly cord uses – Griffiths
LAND OF KINGS – Marlon Brando’s Tahitiian island – McHugh
UP TAILS ALL – using CDC feathers – Wessolowski
WATER WORLD – goggles, snorkel & fly rod – Hancock
FLYING DEEP – Hervey Bay bottom dwellers – Cherrett
ON THE BEACH – Tarpon Toad – Beech
POSTCARD – Slovenia – French

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FLcover-54Issue 54, Summer 2008/09

TROUT ON THE FLATS – Mackenzie basin lakes – McHugh
THE JEWELLER’S NYMPH – cased-caddis pattern – Davis
PARENGARENGA – NZ’s wild north – Mathieson
BOWEN TO MACKAY – Queensland’s central flats – Litjens
POLAROIDING FAQs – fish spotting tips – French – Read article online
DRAGGING YOUR DRIFT – active nymphing style – Chu
IN PRAISE OF THE BLOWFLY – Hickling and Leuver
ISLAND TIME – Lord Howe Island – Dickson
GOULBURN SIGHT FISHING – high water on Vic tailrace – Strahan
BREAM BY KAYAK – Paddling for bream – Robley
PASS THE AMMO – no-hackle dries – Wyatt
BOOTS & GAITERS – walking to remote Snowy Mountains waters – Levett
ON THE BEACH – Andy’s Fuzzy Crab – Beech
POSTCARD – Argentina – Wallace



FLcover-53Issue 53, Spring 2008

AT WIT’S END – sight fishing tips – French
FABLE OF LA FONTAINE – Westland spring creek, NZ – Grzelewski
NAILING GT’s – baddest flats fish – Gilbey
TROUT WITH ALTITUDE – Victorian high country streams – Cloutier
SOUTHLAND FRONT ROW – favourite trout flies – Chu
PERMIT PILGRIMS – Cape York wish list – Felton
THE WALLS TO THE CLIFFS – Mersey River, Tas – Hackett – Read article online
IRON BLUE DUN – classic dry fly – Leuver
CATCH OF THE DAY – skipping work – Sloane
NORTH ISLAND SWOFFING – Coromandel rock ledges – Williams
JELLY EMERGERS – caddis and mayfly emergers – Griffiths
SMALL THINGS – mullet and garfish – Starling
ON THE BEACH – Jelly Minnow – Beech
POSTCARD – Solomon Islands – Smith



FLcover-52Issue 52, Winter 2008

DRIFTS & CURVES – Tumut River driftboating – Harris – Read article onlineView promo
DEEP NYMPHING – nymph tactic for lakes – Gott
EAST COAST BONEFISH – Whitsundays discovery – Litjens
BAREFOOT BARRA – winter lake-dwelling barra – Harrison
WINTER STORY – stillwater trout in Victoria – Cloutier
TOP GEAR – man vs. machine to Julian Lakes – Sloane
WAY OUT WEST – saltwater introduction in WA – Wyatt
HEART OF FIORDLAND – South Island wilderness – Reygaert
TONGARIRO REFRESHER – nymphing tactics – Griffiths
DAINTY DAMSELS – adult damselfly pattern – Leuver
GREEN & GOLD – New England cod – Barker
TUAMOTO TUTORIAL – Tahitian island hopping – Worthington
ON THE BEACH – Felty’s Suspender Crab – Beech
POSTCARD – Kuala Rompin – Morgan

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FLcover-51Issue 51, Autumn 2008

CRIMP NYMPHS – realistic imitations – Griffiths
SUBURBAN BROWNS – Hobart’s urban streams – Gouldthorpe
SPRING LOADED – secret spring creeks, NZ – McHugh
BILLABONGS & BEACHES – Aurukun, Cape York – Spelic – Read article online
CHASING TUNA – range of species – Bromhead
LITTLE LESSONS – small-stream tactics – Cloutier
DAN’S HOPPER – Deer-hair grasshopper – Leuver
PICKING POCKETS – Pocket water techniques – Powell
MYALL LAKES LUDERICK – seaside nymphing – Dickson
FRESH FROM THE NET – trip planning on the web – Freudenberger
RETRIEVES FOR ROCK KINGS – kingfish off the rocks – Worthington
BETTER CASTING – collection of top guns’ casting tips – Hayes
ON THE BEACH – Polarfibre Minnow – Beech
POSTCARD – Cook Islands – Eichelscheim



FLcover-50Issue 50, Summer 2007/08

BLAIR MOUSE PROJECT- mousing trout in South Island
A BASIC FLY BOX: FLOATING FLIES – Tassie selection – Dell
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS – close-range trouting – Taransky
50 WAYS TO TIE A CLOUSER – variations on a popular pattern – Beech
EXMOUTH & NINGALOO – Australian bonefish – Sloane – Read article online
BROWN TROUT, BUSH STREAMS & CICADAS – backcountry NZ – Griffiths
REVISITING THE NINETEEN LAGOONS – favourite tassie fishery – French
KINGFISH RISE – evening Tauranga fishing – McHugh
DEADBEAT DUNS – hatching baetids – Conway
GOING WITH THE FLOW – downstream dry fly – Dally
A TOAST TO RICK VARLEY – inspirational fly fisher – Duggan
A MOTH FOR THE MOUNTAINS – bogong moth pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – White Thing/Chunky Momma – Beech
POSTCARD – Norway – Brown



FLcover-49Issue 49, Spring 2007

GUILT FREE WORMIN’- flooded margins NZ – McHugh
NIGHT SHIFT – night fishing Snowy Mountains lakes – Harris – Read article online
PARADISE FOUND – Penrhyn Island – Sloane
ROD RAGE – 6-weight rod shootout – Anderson
REAL RUAKITURI – wild NZ North Island river – French
GREAT LAKE – favourite Tasmanian water – Taylor
CZECH NYMPHS – bottom bouncing patterns – Leuver
JELLY NYMPHS – lifelike transparent flies – Griffiths
HOT DAYS & HAY FEVER – spawning bream in SA – Grindle
PILBARA ISLAND HOPPING – remote north WA – Penn
ON THE BEACH – CB’s Garfish – Beech
POSTCARD – Chile – Kennedy



IFLcover-48ssue 48, Winter 2007

THE ART OF SPEY – single handed spey casting – Smith
THE THREDBO – from top to bottom – Anderson
SIGHT CASTING BASICS – Weipa sight fishing lessons – Butler
FOOTPRINTS & ORANGE PEEL – autumn in South Island – Sloane & Bachman – Read Article online
A BASIC FLY BOX: SUB-SURFACE FLIES – Tassie selection – Dell
ROTORUA RESCUE – NZ lakes in winter – Kaksa
PLEASING PARORE – NZ luderick on fly – McHugh & Reygaert
LEAP OF FAITH – Catching the fly fishing bug – Mode
MELBOURNE: THE PLACE TO BE – Seaside suburbs – Beech
DEALING WITH CARP – catching an unpopular fish – Davis
A FLY IN THE SURF – North of Auckland – Worthington
ON THE BEACH – Bynoe Bendback – Beech
POSTCARD – Dorset, England – Witting



FLcover-47Issue 47, Autumn 2007

DRY FLY BONES – surface feeding bonefish – Kristensen
TIME ON THE MOONBAH – Snowy Mountains retreat – Spelic
MARLIN ON THE FLATS – Fraser Island – Bromhead – Read Article online
AUTUMN LAKE RUNNERS – targeting spawn-run trout in NZ – McHugh
CUTTHROAT MANAGEMENT – fishing & its regulations in Canada – French
BRIGHT IDEAS – new directions in bright trout flies – Hackett
SPECIFIC TROUT – willow grubbers on the Mataura River – Wyatt
WEST COAST SALMON – Perth, Western Australia – Penn
AUPOURI ADVENTURE – New Zealand’s northern coastline – Worthington
PARSON’S GLORY – prize winning import – Leuver
ON DAMS – stocked farm dams – Charter
STILLWATER STICK CADDIS – underrated patterns – Weigall
ON THE BEACH – KC’s Keel Fly – Beech
POSTCARD – Hawaiian bonefish – Thomas



IFLcover-46ssue 46, Summer 2006/07

THE SHORT GAME – getting close to trout – Anderson
BRIDGE TO BRIDGE – Hobart sea run trout – French
LACE MOTH MADNESS – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand – Spelic – Read Article online
SNAPPER SURPRISE – New Zealand shallows – Hoffman
DIRTY DAYS – adverse conditions in Cape York – Adams
DEFEATING DRAG – casting techniques – Bourne & Taransky
GOING BARBLESS – debating the virtues – Powell
HIGH FLYING MARLIN – Port Stephens – Butler
THE INCREDIBLE T.C. – classic mudeye pattern – Barker
BONE FIX – Christmas Island debrief – Sloane
TROUT LOLLIES – four loch-style dries – Hayes & Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Christmas Island Special – Beech
POSTCARD – Firehole ranch, Montana – Bachman



FLcover-45Issue 45, Spring 2006

SIZZLING SEYCHELLES – trip of a lifetime – Gilbey
BRUMBYS CREEK – Tasmanian tailwater fishery – Hackett – Read Article online
BLAZING SADDLES – horseback trip in Snowy Mountains – Morse
EMERALD WATERS – Fiordland, NZ – Reygaert
SOFTLY SOFTLY – soft-hackled wets – Dally
WOOL-HEAD SCULPIN – gudgeon imitation – Leuver
CHUDLEIGH LAKES – Tasmanian wilderness – French
HINCHINBROOK HIGHLIGHTS – Queensland grand slam – Bradley
DEEP TROUBLE – Bay of Islands kingfish – Worthington
OBERON ENCORE – Sydney hinterland – Coles
COD STOPPERS – flies for Murray Cod – Beech
LIFE IN THE LILLIES – saratoga fishing – Davison
ON THE BEACH – Crease Fly – Beech
POSTCARD – Penryhn revisited – Bannerot



FLcover-44Issue 44, Winter 2006

TROUT VISION – Wessolowski
TRIGGER HAPPY – supernormal fly design – Wyatt
GOULBURN DAYS – Victoria’s Goulburn River – Smith
RIVER FLY LESSONS – first timer on Tasmania’s northern rivers – Harris
WATTLE TREES & MICRO BEETLES – Sloane – Read Article online
DR WARK – Ian Wark’s special fly – Leuver
CORAL SEA ODYSSEY – exploring the Coral Sea Island Territories – Steptoe
NEW ENGLAND COD – native cod – Morse
LAKE KING WILLIAM – a neglected Tasmanian fishery – French
WINTER IN WANAKA – swap skis for a fly rod – Grzelewski
BREAM FLY EVOLUTION – the latest bream flies – Adams
BLACK ON GOLD – Gold Coast marlin – Booth
ON THE BEACH – Gartside Gurgler – Beech
POSTCARD – Southern Africa – Gilbey



IFLcover-43ssue 43, Autumn 2006

DAWN TO DUSK – full day on a high-country river – Weigall
FINDING A TROPHY – measuring success in the NZ back country – Tasker
A BIT ABOUT BAIT – a look at baitfish diversity – Morse
FLY CASTING EXERCISES – simple casting lessons – Kreh
RUN-OFF BARRA – faster retrieve for barramundi – Adams
REWARDING RECKLESSNESS – aggressive fishing style – French – Read Article online
CRACKING THE CODE – South Island caddis-feeders – Agar
FOAM THORAX EMERGERS – buoyant fly theme – Dally
NYMPHING ORIGINS – nymph-fishing heritage – Lawton
THE MIGHTY SAMSON – heavyweight contender from the west – Holt
BARRACOUTA – toothy predator in temperate seas – Worthington
SPIDER BAIT – simple wet flies – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Eye Candy – Beech
POSTCARD – Christmas Island revisited – McGlashan



FLcover-42Issue 42, Summer 2005/06

BASS HUNTERS – Hunter Valley – Quirey & Pateman
SOLVING THE SMELTERS – bait-fish feeders – Weigall
TASMANIAN RIVER RENAISSANCE – rivers on the rise – Hackett – Read Article online
FISHED-OUT IN QUEENSTOWN – family holiday in NZ – French
LINE CONTROL – Rod Harrison
THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER – emerging insects & fly design – Wyatt
TRUE BLUE BONES – bonefish in Australia’s far west -Wolf
HOPPERS ON THE BUNDARRA – after the bushfires – West
GETTING INTO ROCK SWOFFING – rock fishing in NSW – Williams
MODIFIED NYMBEETS – favourite Scholes pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Dave’s Jiggy Baitfish – Beech
POSTCARD – Papua New Guinea – Hutchinson



IssFLcover-41ue 41, Spring 2005

CRYPTIC CREEKS – Snowy Mountains headwaters – Anderson
DUN DAYS – mayfly hatches on Victorian lakes – Weigall
DRIFT FEEDERS – trout feeding behaviour – Hayes & Hill
NORTHERN FLY SELECTION – patterns for northern Australia – Morse
HARBOUR VIEWS – Sydney kingfish & salmon – Adams & Duggan – Read Article online
GROOTE OPTIONS – charter a mothership – Scott Mitchell
TIMBERLINE TROUT – trout in the trees at Eucumbene – Spelic
ROUGH & READY – fly logic – French
THE SCHOLES LEGACY – Rob Sloane pays tribute to David Scholes
HARE & COPPER – NZ’s favourite nymph – Leuver
REAL HEAVY – tackle for the Exmouth Gulf – Larkan
ON THE BEACH – Given’s Barred and Black – Beech
POSTCARD – New York – Morse



IFLcover-40ssue 40, Winter 2005

FORTY SOMETHING – FlyLife celebrates 10 years and 40 issues
THE FUSS ABOUT FUZZLE – fuzzling technique – Wilson – Read Article online
THOROUGHLY BLESSED – a season on Victorian streams – Thomas
TASMANIA’S WILDERNESS RAINBOWS – Mersey headwater lakes – French
NO-HATCH MIDGE METHODS – bloodworms – Weigall
MILKFISH MEDICINE – milkfish on fly – Morse
SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL – casting tips from Peter Hayes – Larkan
DOIN’ TIME IN NOOSA – a trendy place to fish in Queensland – Adams
HOLY MACKEREL – ‘the rock’, New Caledonia – Sloane
SUSPICIOUS MINDS OR TUNNELL VISION? – questions about trout intelligence – Wyatt
ANCHOVY BOMB – snapper fly theories – Worthington
CLC CADDIS – evening caddis pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Culgin’s Tunnel Popper – Beech



FLcover-39Issue 39, Autumn 2005

TIME FOR TOOMS – Tooms Lake in Tasmania’s eastern highlands – Sloane – Read Article online
LOW RIDERS – low-riding surface flies – Cloutier
PERMIT, ON THE DRY! – floating crab revelations – Starling
GONE SOUTH – Tasmania’s saltwater fly fishing potential – Morse
WILD RIVER BASS – Macleay River, northern NSW – Graham
THERE FOR THE TAKING – fly takes and rejections – Birt
BIG, BAD & UGLY – dirty water fishing – Weigall
HUGH McDOWELL – profile – Jarvis
GOING FOR DISTANCE – practical casting advice – Kaksa
BASKET CASE – a run-down on stripping baskets – Beech
JULIANNA’S JOURNEY – Steven Dally introduces his wife to fly fishing
RED SHIMMER BEETLE – vibrant beetle pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Polarbean – Beech
POSTCARD – Guatemala – Adams

Issue 38, Summer 2004/05

DANCING DAMSELS – damselflies & leaping trout – Butler
TARARUA TROUT – Wellington streams – Walrond
WILSON’S WAY – SW Victoria visit – Morse & Anderson
THE STIMULATOR – a not-so-subtle summer fly – Elks
SHARK BAY – Western Australia charter trip – Mitchell
KRILLS & THRILLS – krill feeders in New Zealand – Worthington
FULLY LOADED – tropical pylon dwellers – Davison
SUMMER WISHES – summer fishing in Victoria – Weigall
CARPUS DELICTI – carping around Canberra – Neville
LIKELY SUSPECTS – traditional wet flies rediscovered – Grose
ULTRA LIGHT – light tackle extremists – Bantich
MIGHTY MIDGE – midge with an unusual twist – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – The Squimp – Beech
POSTCARD – Fakarava Blues (Tahiti) – Sloane



IFLcover-37ssue 37, Spring 2004

FASTWATER REFRESHER – freestone stream lessons – Weigall
FLY CHANGE THEORY – a lifetime of fly changes – Sloane
MANUPI ON FLY – Melville Island – Roberts
EXTREME FLY FISHING – a hunt for the meanest fly eaters- Butler
BOTANY BAY – a famous piece of water mapped out – Robley
SPRING FLY SELECTION – early season fishing in Tasmania – Wolf
THE BISHOPSTOKE CONNECTION – the origins of Antipodean trout – Mole
TROUT BEHAVING BADLY – moods of back-country trout – Tasker
STRIP TEASE – a repertoire of retrieves – Morse
PRAWN COCKTAIL – the best local prawn patterns – Beech
HANGAROA & BEYOND – the Ruas Track in the North Island, NZ – French
GO THE POODLE! – a ‘poochy’ mudeye pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Squidling – Beech
POSTCARD – Oman, Northern Africa – Montoya



IFLcover-36ssue 36, Winter 2004

TOP OF THE SOUTH – Top of the South Island, New Zealand – Sloane – Read Article online
BLOODY MIDGES – bloodword imitation – Elks
LITTLE GEMS – small streams in Tasmania’s NE – Grose
SHOOTING HEADS – the use of shooting head systems – Morse
BEND IT IN BRISBANE – fly fishing around the Queensland capital – Ash
FORGOTTEN BREAM – Tasmanian bream fishing – Sloane & Haley
SHADES OF GREEN – barramundi in the Daintree – Brown
BARRINGTON TOPS – a fragile fishery – Quirey & Pateman
SOMETHING ABOUT SALMON – winter swoffing in Victoria – Grose
PORT NOARLUNGA – options south of Adelaide – Grindle
TIMING ON THE TONGARIRO – Tongariro River, NZ – Adams
THE CLUMSY – a rough but effective nymph – Leuver
POSTCARD – Montana – Dally


Issue 35, Autumn 2004

SHRIMPS & THINGS – shrimp feeders in Tasmanian lakes – Sloane – Read Article online
TUSSOCK TIME – Otago & Southland at cicada time – Agar
THE SUBTLE SEASON – autumn in NE Victoria – Cloutier
BONEHEADS – bonefish in Western Australia – Morse
EAST CAPE KINGS – NZ rock swoffing – Spelic
SUCCESS ON STILLWATERS – Victorian lake fishing – Weigall
PORT ALBERT PERCH – estuary perch – Kuch
DIFFERENT STROKES – kayak fishing Sydney Harbour – Pankhurst & Fortmann
SERIOUS ABOUT SILVERS – silver trevally on fly – Worthington
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – Jindabyne & Eucumbene – Sloane & Busch
CAMERA ANGLING – fly fishing photography – Conway
JAN’S BEETLES & JASSIDS – foam beetle patterns – Leuver
POSTCARD – Kuala Lumpur – Borg



FLcover-34Issue 34, Summer 2003/04

DELEATIDIUM DELIGHTS – Mataura River mayflies – Agar
KICK FROGS & BASS TAGS – Australian bass surface flies – Elks
SHORT LINE NYMPHING – fast water nymphing – Marriner
CRABS ON THE MENU – salt water crab flies – Morse
DAN BLANTON – profile – Harrison
ONE FLY STYLE – Tasmanian lake fishing – Grose
BACKYARD BREAM – Sydney suburbs bream – McGlashan
SOUTH PACIFIC BONEFISH – two new destinations – Montoya & Mitchell – Read Article online
RAY BROWN’S MUNIONGA – giant Kosciuszko dun – Leuver
UNGUIDED EXPECTATIONS – advice for the fly fishing traveller – Sloane
GOOD THINGS IN SMALL STREAMS – hidden streams – Petty
WHEN THE GODS SMILE – NZ cicada fishing – Baty
POSTCARD – Japan – Weigall



Issue 33, Spring 2003

BAD HABITS – Casting help from Rod Harrison – Brown
SPOOKED – Trout behaviour – Birt
FLIES OF NORTH AMERICA – latest overseas patterns – Dally
DEEP FLY PERCH – Estuary perch – Adams
BACK TO BROOME – Far north of WA – Roberts
MAC TIME – Early season Maclaughlin River – Langford
GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Advice for the fly fishing traveller – Sloane – Read Article online
BIG BAD BOOBIES – Boobie fly family – Hoffman
PLAYING HARD TO GET – trout on the fly rod – Wolf
MERE MULLET – trout logic on fussy mullet – Taransky
TUGGERAH BREAM – NSW central coast bream – Robley
THE ROAD KILL – Scruffy possum fly – Leuver
THE MACALISTER CATCHMENT – Worthwhile Gippsland (Victoria) streams – Weigall
POSTCARD – Slovenia – Spelic.



FLcover-32Issue 32, Winter 2003

THE DAY OF THE JASSIDS – A leafhopper resurgence in Tasmania – Sloane
UP CLOSE & PERSONAL – A fussy Mataura brown – Kuch & Foat
DOUBLE TROUBLE – Tandem nymphs and indicator rigs – Wilson
FLATS FISHING SOUTHERN STYLE – Southern estuary flats – Beech
ROWLEY SHOALS – Remote north-western atolls – Mitchell
GOING BUSH IN THE NORTH ISLAND – Novel eco-tourist retreat – French
AFTER THE FIRES – Post-bushfire visit to Falls Creek – Weigall – Read Article online
THE INSHORE FOUR – Sydney’s four most wanted species – McGlashan
JEWFISH ON FLY – Clandestine mulloway fishing – Williams
BUDAWANG BASS – Clyde River bass – Spelic
FURTHER EMERGERS – More variant emergers – Leuver
SUBMARINE SEDGE – A Scandinavian emerger – Bech-Petersen
POSTCARD – Maryland, USA – Taransky



FLcover-31Issue 31, Autumn 2003

MADDENING MIDGES – Lake Eucumbene midge hatch – Harris
THE M.R.E. – Irrestible trout fly – Elks
FOOD LOVERS’ GUIDE – The feeding habits of trout – Sloane
BLUE LAGOON BONEFISH – Cook Islands bonefish – Finney
BEACH BASICS – Fly fishing beaches – Jones
PLANKS & PYLONS – Southern jetty dwellers on fly – Knaggs
MICRO PRESENTATIONS – The finer points of fly fishing – Weigall
DRIFT & DRAG – Indicator nymphing – Kuch
SPIRIT OF THE NORTH – Seven Spirit Bay, Arnhem Land – Hawkins
LOCH-STYLE SOLUTIONS – Boat fishing techniques – Grose – Read Article online
HEAD & SHOULDERS EMERGER – CDC emergers – Leuver
THE OTHER SIDE OF HERVEY BAY – Hervey Bay in the cooler months – Morse
POSTCARD – Alaska – Dally



FLcover-30Issue 30, Summer 2002/03

HOPPER TIME – The hopper season in Victoria – Weigall – Read Article online
YARRANGOBILLY – Snowy Mountains wilderness river – Dunstan
CICADA TIME AT ONSLOW – Summer hatch on South Island lake – Agar
THE KING THING – Kingfish on fly – Hendricks & Worthington
TAKING PRECAUTIONS – Avoiding frustrating hang-ups – Harrison
SWEET THINGS – Sweetlip family – Morse
PIGS DO FLY – Tackling tough rock dwellers – Williams
THE FRENCH CONNECTION – The truth about Greg French – Sloane
TROUT POLITICS – The NSW trout stocking debate – McRae
STILLWATER NYMPHING – Nymphing tactics at mayfly time – McKinley
LOVE’S LURE – A handsome beetle pattern – Leuver
SWOFFERS GUIDE TO PORT LINCOLN – South Australian sea port profile – Murton
POSTCARD – New Caledonia – Wells



FLcover-29Issue 29, Spring 2002 – SOLD OUT

SALTWATER FAQs – Frequently asked questions answered – Morse & Sloane – Read Article online
EMERGENCY USE ONLY – Woolly Bugger – Elks
TAMING THE WIND – South Island streams & wind – Trowbridge
20 WAYS TO LOSE A TUNA – Weipa experiences – Clewlow & Sloane
ROCK BAR BREAM – Bream fishing around rocky substrates – Adams
MAY TIME FLY – Tasmanian mayfly time – Sloane
BLESSED BE THE BROOKIE – Brook trout in Australia & New Zealand – Power
SIMPLY DEADLY – 3 simple nymph patterns – Weigall
ROO TAILS – Rick Keam’s kangaroo hair dry – Leuver
FISHING FOR IDEAS – Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats – Grose
HELICOPTER BASS – Remote New England bass waters – Graham
MALLACOOTA – Remote eastern Victorian estuary – McGlashan
WALKING IN THE WESSELS – Land-based fishing in Arnhem Land – Morse
POSTCARD – Argentina – Thomson


FLcover-28Issue 28, Winter 2002

THE DUN THING – Tasmanian trout expedition – Gleisner & Bachman
THE TRUTH ABOUT TROUT REVISITED – Rob revisits his first book – Sloane
SKIN DEEP – colour variations in trout – Walrond
FITS, STARTS & FLASHES – success with those elusive bream – Busch – Read Article online
LET IT RAIN – wet weather in the South Island confronted – French
SALTY PRESENTATIONS – saltwater fly fishing tactics – Cooper
TROUBLE WITH TREVALLY – the trevally tribe – Morse
WINGLESS SOLDIERS – an unusual trout food on Jindabyne – Spelic
THE WATER HAUL – an energy saving cast – Harrison
BARRY LODGE – reflections on a fly-tier’s life – Braithwaite & Leuver
RIVER DANCE – Jane Gardner gains her fly fishing independence – Gardner
BARRA BUSTERS – home grown barra flies – Redpath
POSTCARD – Alaska – Dally



FLcover-27Issue 27, Autumn 2002

ENJOY THE VIEW – highly visible emergers – Elks
STILLWATER ALTERNATIVES – New Zealand lakes – Adams & Vaz
THE TOO HARD POOL – soft leaders for drag free drifts – Conway
MASTERING THE ROLL CAST – practical advice on roll casting – Kreh
SALTWATER SUBTLETIES – sight fishing the tropical north – Sloane
KING SOUND ON A BUDGET – Kimberley coast from Derby – Roberts
‘LAKER’ BARRA & BASS – Queensland impoundment scene – Harrison
TASSIE’S LITTLE TREASURES – small-stream fishing – Bantich
STICKY CADDIS – Murray Wilson’s stick-caddis pattern – Leuver
ESD … THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY – ecologically sustainable development – Young – Read Article online
MOPPING UP – late evening rises on rivers and lakes – Weigall
POSTCARD – Midway Atoll GT’s – McGlashan



FLcover-26Issue 26, Summer 2001/02

CATCH & RELEASE: DOES IT WORK? – the latest research findings – French
BIG BLUE SKY – polaroiding summer trout in lakes – Cloutier
REEL WOMEN – women and fly fishing – Dally
PINKIES, PORGIES & REDS – snapper on fly – Low & Worthington
SLIP, SLAP & SLURP – big summer dries on Tasmanian lakes – Spencer
CREEKS OF BENALLA – trout in the heartland of Victoria – Stackpole
RESISTING THE RETRIEVE – inert wet flies on lakes – Weigall
BONEFISH & BEAUJOLAIS – huge bonefish close to home – Sloane – Read Article online
THREADFIN FASCINATION – threadfin salmon on fly – Morse
LEGLESS WONDERS – tying deer hair emergers – Wyatt & Leuver
POSTCARD – Belize – Mitchell



IFLcover-25ssue 25, Spring 2001

MURRUMBIDGEE – NSW river profile – Harris
MENTAL AS ANYTHING – it’s the thought that counts – Sloane
CAUGHT ON FILM – NZ photographic essay – Trowbridge
EASY PICKINGS – easy trout waters in Victoria – Weigall
REGULATING USE OF THE BACKCOUNTRY – bureaucrats & quotas- French – Read Article online
ARCHER RIVER – Qld giant barramundi – Andrews
SPIES WITH FLIES – Victorian saltwater scene – Cooper
HARROISMS – Rod Harrison interview – Morse
ELKS’ NYMPH & INDICATOR – fly tying – Leuver
MARVELLOUS MUDEYES – favourite dragonfly nymph patterns – Innes
NORTH WEST CAPE – saltwater action in WA – Blanksby
POSTCARD— Canada – Nick Kuch



FLcover-24Issue 24, Winter 2001

IN PRAISE OF STILLWATERS – lake fishing – Sloane
TROUT SIZE & INTELLIGENCE – are trophy trout smarter? – Bell
NYMPHING FOR LAZY TROUT – stream fishing technique – Weigall – Read Article online
PITTWATER PREDATORS – saltwater fly north of Sydney – Morse
TEASING QUEENIES – queenfish technique – McGlashan
SURFSIDE SALMON – Australian salmon (kahawai) from the beach – Murton
ARGYLE & THE ORD – Kimberley region, Western Australia – Bray
TASMANIAN TEMPTATION – photographic essay of Arthurs Lake – Anderson
DONNA’S NYMPH – fly tying – Leuver
GUIDE LINES – thoughts on guided fishing – Wilson
PORONUI – feature on New Zealand’s Poronui Ranch – Dyason



IFLcover-23ssue 23, Autumn 2001 – SOLD OUT

TRICK OR TREAT- thoughts on fly selection – Sloane – Read Article online
SOUTH ISLAND SUPER SIX – flies for fussy fish, NZ – Tasker/Trowbridge
LOCHSTYLE ON WENDOUREE – lochstyle fishing and flies, VIC – Hawkins/Coltman
PORT PHILLIP ON THE FLY – Port Phillip Bay, Victoria – Cooper
FLY FISHING JERVIS BAY – New South Wales – Finney
LONGTAILS – longtail tuna on fly – Morse
THREE FLIES FOR AUTUMN – trout flies for Victorian streams – Cloutier
NO HATCH DRIES – dry fly fishing on Tasmanian lakes – Grose
PORT OF PEARLS – saltwater fly around Broome, Western Australia – Bray
THE B.M.S. – fly tying – Leuver
TEN OF THE BEST FROM FRANCE – French flies – Marriner


FLcover-22Issue 22, Summer 2000/01

LORD HOWE ISLAND – saltwater fly destination- Butler
PLAIN OLD POLAROIDING – polaroiding technique – Sloane
BACKCOUNTRY SEASONS – South Island New Zealand – Tasker/Trowbridge
CHASING RAINBOWS – Snowy Mountains Streams, NSW – Hawkins
BULLEN MERRI – lake fishing, Victoria – Weigall
LAKEFIELD’S BARRA – Lakefield National Park, Queensland – Andrews
PRIME TIME PERMIT – permit fishing, Northern Australia – Morse – Read Article online
FISHING THERAPY – fishing options in the Northern Territory – Sloane
DON’T CALL ME TROUTY – first taste of saltwater fly – Clewlow
THE SHAVING BRUSH – fly tying – Leuver
FLAXY TIME – North Island New Zealand – Agar
MAXIMUM EXPOSURE – tactics for windy lake fishing – French
POSTCARD – TAIMEN TIME, Mongolia – Scott



FLcover-21Issue 21, Spring 2000

FLOAT BOATS – lake fishing, New Zealand – Morse
THE NINETEEN LAGOONS – Western Lakes, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
CRAWLERS & SWIMMERS – mayflies, New Zealand – Agar
OLYMPIC FLY FISHING – Sydney Harbour – O’Neill
SKINNY WATER BREAM – bream fishing – Adams
K.I. SALTWATER FLY – Kangaroo Island, South Australia – Murton
THE MOOLOOLABA VIBE – saltwater fly Expo, Queensland – Steptoe
GREEN GRIZZLY MARABOU – fly tying – Leuver
GOOSE CREEK SARATOGA – Melville Island – Fletoridis
OLYMPIC CITY RAINBOWS – Blue Mountains, Sydney – Starling
PURRUMBETE BROWNS – Lake Purrumbete, Victoria – Smith
DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? – tippet diameter, New Zealand – Tasker & Trowbridge
POSTCARD – BUDGET BONEFISH, Christmas Island – Staiger



FLcover-20Issue 20, Winter 2000 – SOLD OUT

RIVER GUIDE – rafting the lower Macquarie, Tasmania – Sloane
THE CATLINS COLOBURISCUS – mayflies, South Island NZ – Agar – Read Article online
THE MILLY MIDGE – midge fishing, Victoria – Weigall
BREAM FLIES & DAMNATION – bream fishing, New South Wales – Busch
SEA CHANGE – saltwater fly introduction – Sloane
JELLY BEANS & FAT ALBERTS – mackerel tuna, Queensland – Steptoe
THE LADY EDITH BEETLE – fly tying – Leuver
PELAGIC PEP TALK – inshore pelagics – Finney
WAIKAREITI – North Island NZ – French
WILSON’S WAY WITH FLIES – Murray Wilson profile, Victoria – Innes
HIDDEN THINGS – Blue Mountain streams, New South Wales – Morse/Anderson
POSTCARD – ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH, Rocky Mountains, Canada – Bray


FLcover-19Issue 19, Autumn 2000 – SOLD OUT

MOUNTAIN MEN – high country, New South Wales – Nagy
THE KIMBERLEY – far north, Western Australia – Gazecki/Douglas
NEW RIVER LAGOON – wilderness sea trout, Tasmania – French
TO PAUSE, OR NOT TO PAUSE – timing the strike, NZ – Tasker/Trowbridge
TROPICAL HIGH FLYERS – queenfish – Morse
TOP RODS – celebrity tournament, New South Wales – Gleisner/Bachman
DEEP FLY BASS – impoundment bass, Queensland – Watson – Read Article online
BUGGER – Woolly Bugger pattern – Sloane/Leuver
THE ROARING LION – wilderness, South Island NZ – Agar/Walrond
IN THE SHADOW OF KOSCIUSZKO – mountain streams – Weigall
POSTCARD – HIGH COUNTRY STYLE, Snowy Mountains – Sloane


FLcover-18Issue 18, Summer ’99/2000 – SOLD OUT

WORLD CLASS FISHING – Jindabyne, New South Wales – Charter
SHARP SHOOTING – fly casting – French
TIME & TIDE – sea trout, South Island, NZ – Walrond
ARRIPIS TRUTTA – Australian salmon (kahawai), Tasmania – Wolf
ONE MAN’S JUNK – fly catalogues – Dally
SECRET MEN’S BUSINESS – Cape York, Queensland – Sloane
ALL THAT JAZZ – Don Burrows profile, Montana Nymph tying – Leuver
RAFTING THE TONGARIRO – North Island, NZ – Morse
SMOOTH OPERATOR – saltwater retrieves, New Zealand – Worthington
LIFE ON THE LIVERPOOL – Northern Territory – Dyason – Read Article online
CURSE OF THE WILLOWS – willow grubs – Sloane


FLcover-17Issue 17, Spring ’99

TAKING THE BAIT – sea run trout, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
RED TAG ROUNDUP – fly tying – Leuver
IN PRAISE OF SMALL STREAMS – Snowy Mountains, NSW – Harris
VIVE LA DIFFERENCE – contrasts Victorian & New Zealand streams – Weigall
SYDNEY’S FLY LIFE – saltwater pelagics, New South Wales – Gazecki
CROKER ISLAND PERMIT – Northern Territory – Mitchell
PERTH METRO HERRING – saltwater, Western Australia – Roennfeldt
DUNLOP ON TUNA – yellowfin tuna, New South Wales – Morse
RANGITAIKI & THE UREWERAS – stream fishing, North Island, New Zealand – French
PROSPECTING THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS – small streams, New South Wales – McGovern



FLcover-16Issue 16, Winter ’99

PULL, HANG & DIBBLE – lake fishing with John Horsey, Tasmania – Sloane
NATURAL SELECTION – selective feeding – Weigall
LATE RISERS – river fishing, South Australia – Conway
ON GREEN PASTURES – Mataura, South Island NZ – Sloane/Hawkins
SUN, SAND & SURF – beach fishing – Beech/Jones
BILLABONG BARRA – barramundi, Northern Territory – Butler/Winterton – Read Article online
THE TROTHODG – fly tying, Tasmania – Leuver
ONCE BITTEN – mako sharks, Tasmania – Busch
SCHLOSSER – guide profile, South Island NZ – Ashdown



Issue 15, Autumn ’99


LOOKING FOR LESTER – Arthus Lake, Tasmania – French
STALKING TROPHY TROUT – pictorial, South Island NZ – Trowbridge
DON’T FORGET YOUR FLOAT TUBE – lake fishing, South Island NZ – Bech-Petersen/Larson
FLY BY NIGHT – night fishing flies – Weigall – Read Article online
SPANISH FLY – Spanish mackerel – Morse
THE TWO MOST LIKELY – bream & flathead, New South Wales – Finney
FISHING TOWARDS 2000 – saltwater fly – Busch
SUCKERS FOR THE FLY – squid – Paxevanos
THE TAIHAPE TICKLER – fly tying, New Zealand – Leuver
PROFILE – Peter Hayes




Issue 14, Summer ’98/99 – SOLD OUT

NEW ZEALAND’S MAYFLY ENIGMA – Mataura River, South Island NZ – Agar
ROMANCING THE THREDBO – Snowy Mountains, NSW – Dunstan/Bodsworth
CAUGHT IN THE A.C.T. – Googong Reservoir, ACT – Paxevanos
SHORT & SWEET – short casting, New Zealand – Lusk
GIANT HERRING – Cape York, Queensland – Starling
SNAILS, TAILS & THONGS – fly pattern, Western Lakes, Tasmania – Wolf
TAKEAWAY SALMON – inshore saltwater, New South Wales – Finney – Read Article online
CRAZY BONES- Christmas Island – Busch
CRAB CLAW ISLAND – Northern Territory – Bray
A REAL WHO DUN IT – Highland Dun pattern, Tasmania – Leuver/Peck


Issue 13, Spring ’98 – SOLD OUT

FUN IN THE SUN – Fraser Island, Queensland – Sloane
VICTORIAN TROUT FLY SELECTION – seasonal fly pattern guide – Smith
SOUTHERN SALMON – Atlantic salmon, Tasmania – Wolf – Read Article online
BUSHY ON BREAM – sight fishing, New South Wales – Busch
CREATURES ON THE BEACHES – Cape York, Queensland – Miller
TWO HANDS ON THE TONGARIRO – rainbows, North Island NZ – Morse
COCKATOO ISLAND – far north, Western Australia – Bray
WHEN THE NOR WESTER BLOWS – Canterbury, South Island NZ – Cloutier
THE EDGE – river fishing, Victoria – Weigall
SCOTT’S DOUBLE DECKER – fly tying – Leuver

FLcover-12Issue 12, Winter ’98 – SOLD OUT

LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS – wilderness river fishing, South Island – Spry
STILLWATER PRESENTATIONS – wet fly retrieves – Taylor/ Rickards
THE TROUT SCHOOL – upper Murray River & Millbrook Lakes, VIC – Sloane
THE MAYFLIES OF TASMANIA – Part 3, river species – Thresher
GO WEST – Western District lakes, Victoria – Weigall
PERMIT – flats fishing, Hinchinbrook, Queensland – Morse – Read Article online
SWOFFING ON SWEERS – Sweers Island, Gulf of Carpentaria – Dyason
THE NELSON GREEN EMERGER – fly tying – Leuver – Read Article online
TIGER CAMP – tiger fish, Africa – Kelly
FISHING THE RUNOFF – part 2, barramundi, Northern Territory – Shepherd
MID NORTH TACTICS – river fishing, South Australia – Conway
GROUND HOG DAY – lake fishing, Tasmania – Busch
SHORT CASTS – Mick Fletoridis, Joshua Nester, Rick Keam, Rod Barford, Tony Jacob



Issue 11, Autumn ’98 – SOLD OUT

MORE DRY FLY LOGIC – pocket water flies, New Zealand – Vlazny
COLOBURISCOIDES, THE GIANT DUN – mayflies, north-east Victoria – Weigall
NOTHING VENTURED – wilderness, Tasmania – French
THE S.A.S. FACTOR – saltwater fly presentations – Morse
FISHING THE RUNOFF – barramundi, Northern Territory – Shepherd
FISHING FOR IMAGES – bass & cod pictorial, New South Wales – Andrews – Read Article online
A LITTLE CORKER – fly tying – Leuver
CONSIDER THE SOOTY – sooty grunter, Queensland – Steptoe
THE MAYFLIES OF TASMANIA – Part 2, lake species – Thresher


Issue 10, Summer ’97/98 – SOLD OUT

AUSTRALIA’S BEST TROUT FLIES – fly patterns – Sloane/Roche
THE AMERICAN DREAM – Catskills, USA – Hindle
DEEP & SLIPPERY IN TURANGI – Taupo tributaries, North Island NZ – Dunstan
EFFICIENT FISHING – river fishing, Victoria – Weigall
BREAD & BUTTER SALTWATER FLY – New South Wales – Bennett – Read Article online
THE POOR MAN’S TROUT NO MORE – Blackfish, New South Wales – Samuels
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DAHLBERGS – fly tying – Greatorex
KNITTING TROUT FLIES – tying woven body flies – Leuver
THE MAYFLIES OF TASMANIA – Part 1, introduction – Thresher




Issue 9, Spring ’97 – SOLD OUT

A RIVER SOMEWHERE – north-eastern Victoria – Gleisner/Bachman
THE JOYS OF FLY TYING – Australian fly tying competition – Peter Leuver
NUCLEAR FISHIN’ – luminous flies, North Island NZ – French
TO BEAD OR NOT TO BEAD – bead head flies – Weigall
POCKET ROCKETS – inshore pelagics, New South Wales – Robley
BASS ON SMALL DRIES – native Australian bass, New South Wales – Culbert
TUNED UP FOR TUNA – Yellowfin tuna, NSW – Busch/Miller/Starling
A CHRISTMAS ISLAND PRIMER – bonefish – Pollard
CHILE: CUMILAHUE LODGE – South America – Sloane
PARACHUTE ADAMS – fly tying – Leuver
TRY THE WEE WET – wet fly tactics, South Island NZ – Orman
A COLD START AT BRONTE – lake fishing, Tasmania – Pritchard
TROUT FROM THE ALPINE MEADOWS – small streams, New South Wales – Cloutier – Read Article online




Issue 8 Winter ’97 – SOLD OUT

SNEAKING ABOUT IN A BOAT – lake fishing, Tasmania – Busch
NOTHING BUT HARE & COPPER – fly pattern, New Zealand – Lusk
SMALL STREAMS, BIG TROUT – creek fishing, Victoria – Weigall
CANTERBURY HIGH COUNTRY LAKES – pictorial, South Island NZ – Hill
AFTER THE DROUGHT – floodwater fishing, Tasmania – French
HIGH COUNTRY RAFTING – upper Murray River, New South Wales – Dixon
A GUIDE’S GUIDE TO TROPICAL FLIES – saltwater flies, QLD – Haynes – Read Article online
SAILFISH, THE FREESPOOL METHOD – Broome, Western Australia – Morse
CDC NO HACKLE DUN – fly tying – Leuver
CHILE: ESTANCIA DE LOS RIOS – South America – Sloane



IFLcover-7ssue 7 Autumn ’97 – SOLD OUT

A TASTE OF TASMANIA – lake fishing – Busch – Read Article online
DRY FLY LOGIC – fly patterns – Vlazny
CORROBOREE – billabong fishing, Northern Territory – Morse/Gazecki
THE CORNER – Goulburn River, Victoria – Hall
SOUND ADVICE – fly presentation – Killip
10 DAYS SOUTH – trip report, South Island NZ – Sloane
DUCK BUMS & BRASS BEADS – tying bead head CDC flies – Leuver
ALL AT SEA – offshore albacore, New South Wales – Busch
BORN TO BE BAD – kingfish off the rocks, North Island NZ – Winterton
PAUL BARKER – saltwater profile – Horrobin


FLcover-6Issue 6 Summer ’96/97 – SOLD OUT

RED TAGS & SMALL STREAMS – Noel Jetson profile, Tasmania – Rob Sloane
FLIGHTS OF FANCY – wilderness helicopter fishing, South Island NZ – Lenzi
TANDEM TACTICS – two fly rigs, Victoria – Weigall
SUMMERTIME RIVERMOUTHS – Rotorua district, North Island NZ – French
HIGH JINKS AT LOW LIGHT – evening rise, Tasmania – Ritchie
RAD EXPOSURES – Snowy Mountains pictorial, NSW – Ross Dunstan
TACKLING THE NORTH – illustrated saltwater knots & leaders – Mitchell/Wilson
TIPS FOR TEASING BILLFISH – Broome, Western Australia – Huckstepp – Read Article online
MACK TUNA MAYHEM – mackerel tuna, Mackay, Queensland – Busch
HERVEY BAY REVISITED – flats fishing for golden trevally, Queensland – Morse
VERSATILE EMERGERS – fishing emerger patterns – Killip
KLINKHAMER SPECIAL – fly tying – Leuver


FLcover-5Issue 5 Spring ’96

SARATOGA – tropical freshwater species, northern Australia – Steptoe
VICTORIAN CALENDAR – seasonal guide, Victoria – Julian – Read Article online
DISHINGTON’S DEERHAIRS – fly pattern, Tasmania – Sloane/Leuver
AT HOME ON THE HOWQUA – river fishing, Victoria – Bachman
TROUT FLIES, WHY DO TROUT TAKE THEM? – fly patterns, South Island NZ – Orman
THOSE PESKY MIDGES – Lake Eucumbene midge fishing, New South Wales – Busch
URBAN KINGFISH – Sydney Harbour, New South Wales – Wright
LOOKING INTO EYES – saltwater flies – Morse
FLATHEAD ON THE FLY – saltwater, New South Wales – Jones
CALL OF THE WILD – wilderness fishing, Tasmania – French
BEHOLD THE BREAK O’DAY – river fishing, Tasmania – Hodder
MURPHY’S LAW – Frank Murphy profile, North Island NZ- Throll
ONE FLY – Nelson One Fly competition, South Island NZ – Stevens


FLcover-4Issue 4 Winter ’96 – SOLD OUT

SALTWATER FLY IN THE PILBARA – Western Australia – Huckstepp
BARRA FLY SUPREMACY – barramundi, Northern Territory – Shepherd
FLY FISHING THE NET – internet – Collidge
DOING IT TOUGH IN THE WESTERN LAKES – wilderness, Tasmania – Sloane
COLD COMFORT – winter fishing, Victoria – Weigall
BIRTH OF A FLY – The Black Douglas, Victoria – Brown
FORGOTTEN STREAMS – Whirinaki & Whakatane, North Island NZ – French
SILVER DAYS ON SECRET CREEKS – Westland, South Island NZ – Dunstan
FRASER ISLAND GOLD – flats fishing for golden trevally, Queensland – Butler – Read Article online
A TASTE OF THE EXOTIC – Cape York, Queensland – Lenzi
JUNGLE PERCH – freshwater native species, Queensland – Steptoe
THE FUNNELDUN – fly tying – Leuver
DAVID SCHOLES – profile, Tasmanian author – Sloane


FLcover-3Issue 3 Autumn ’96 – SOLD OUT

BLUE RIBBON MANAGEMENT – trout stream management, New South Wales – Sloane
BREAKING THE ICE – fly fishing for beginners – Julian
AUTUMN ON THE RIVERS – Macquarie River, Tasmania – Ritchie/Bachman
WORKING THE WINDLANES – lake fishing, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
BLUE MOUNTAINS RAINBOWS – Coxs River, New South Wales – French
THE BODY BEAUTIFUL- tying the Wonderbody Spinner – Leuver
A TASTE OF PARADISE – photo essay, South Island NZ – Rob Sloane
DOGGY! DOGGY! DOGGY! – dogtooth tuna, Papua New Guinea – Hole/Butler
BREAM BREAKTHROUGH – bream on dry fly, New South Wales – Busch
ROUGH WATER BRAWLERS – rock fishing, New South Wales – Grealy
TACKLING THE RED BARRON – mangrove jack, Queensland – Haynes
‘SIPPERS’ SOMETHING SPECIAL – dry fly, Victoria – Weigall
THE LUCK OF THE IRISH – competition fishing – Fink/Weigall
FLYLIFE PROFILE – Chappie Chapman, South Island NZ – Throll


FLcover-2Issue 2, Summer ’95/96 – SOLD OUT

SWOFFING THE ROCKS – rock fishing, New South Wales – Wells – Read Article online
CANING THE CRITICS – cane rods – Morrissy
HIGH SUMMER – summer fishing, Tasmania – French
BEETLE MANIA – gum beetle falls, Tasmania – Sloane
RAFTING THE RANGITIKEI – trophy rainbows, North Island NZ – Lenzi
A DAY ON THE DELATITE – river fishing, Victoria – Gleisner
GRASSHOPPER ALTERNATIVES – hopper tactics, Victoria – Weigall
CICADA SUMMER – dry fly, South Island NZ – Marshall/Hill
AS LIGHT AS THISTLEDOWN – tying the Parachute Dun – Leuver
DOING THE TOP END IN STYLE – Northern Territory lodges – Hole
SAILFISH ON THE FLY – Broome, Western Australia – Busch
FREQUENT FLYERS – saltwater fly, Tasmania – Beech


FLcover-1Issue 1, Spring ’95 – SOLD OUT

EGLINTON CATCH & RELEASE – management, South Island NZ – Killip
LADY OF THE LIFFEY – Jan Spencer profile, Tasmania – Sloane
IN THE STICKS – early season wet fly, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
TAILOR MADE FOR THE FLY – saltwater, New South Wales – Busch
THE SECOND RISE – evening rise, Victoria – Weigall
HORSES FOR COURSES – fly selection, South Island NZ – Marshall/Hill
BRUMBYS CREEK – Tasmania – Lenzi
SALTWATER FLIES, OR ARE THEY? – fly patterns – Beech
SOUTH ISLAND SNAPSHOTS – photo essay, South Island NZ – Sloane
STRAWBERRIES & CREAM – tying the Royal Wulff – Leuver
BARRAMUNDI ON THE FLY – Northern Territory – Harrison
ANIWHENUA, BOOM OR BUST – lake fishery, North Island NZ – Simmons