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Issue 111 Winter 2023

TASMANIAN FLOOD FISHING — Peter Broomhall welcomes early-season rain and rising water
FINDING THE RIGHT BOAT — Piero Bertocchi invests in comfort, performance and fishability
FOURTEEN DAYS — Greg French walks and paddles across the Western Lakes
DRIFTING FOR COD — Joshua Hutchins embarks on multi-day rafting for Murray cod
THREDBO RIVER – Part Two — Leighton Adem returns to the Thredbo Valley Track
A BIG TWO-HEARTED RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT — James Fuller interviews writer John N. Maclean
REFRESHING BREAM — Tom Jarman makes a bream connection in South West Victoria
ACCESSIBLE THREE – Part One: Flathead — Cherie Forbes offers a guide to bread-and-butter estuary species
BRILLIANT BURBURY — Chris Burgess experiences a perfect Tasmanian midge morning
A TASTE OF TRENTINO — Marina Gibson savours Italy’s northern alpine region
WATSON’S FANCY — Marabou Muddler – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Cocos Critter – Chris Beech
SNAPPER ON THE ROCKS — Craig Worthington delivers a lesson in land-based snapper
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
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TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — David Stephenson, Piero Bertocchi, Paul Cilia, Ben Mackereth, Tony Pennacchia
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 110 Autumn 2023

MAGICAL CDC — Tom Jarman explores the benefits of CDC dries
TAUPO NYMPHING — Paul Gummer applies nymphing techniques to Taupo spawning
GETTING JIGGY — Thomas Clancy converts his saltwater shrimp to jig hooks
THE BIG 4 — Joshua Hutchins sets his sights on the big four permit species
THREDBO RIVER — Leighton Adem attempts the top to bottom on two wheels
BLUE MOKI — Nick Reygaert seeks a new species in the Chatham Islands
ACROSS THE DITCH — Andrew Harding offers advice for Aussies heading to NZ
DECIPHERING DAHLBERGS — Jack Porter strives to tie the perfect Dahlberg Diver
MULLET ON MY MIND — Craig Worthington strives to catch an uncatchable fish on fly
ROCKY MOUNTAIN BULLIES — Cale Berry traces his family’s fishing roots to Jasper, Alberta
DODGING THE DELUGE — Ben Carden makes the most of a wet weekend in Tasmania
WATSON’S FANCY — Nerova Foam Beetle — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Jig Hook Whistler — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Waterworks Lamson Centerfire, C&F Designs Universal Range, Primal Point Freshwater Fly Rod, Simms G4 Pro Powerlock Boot, Orvis Clearwater Cassette Reel, Orvis Pro Approach Hiker, Orvis Wide-Mouth Nets, South Pacific Stealth Clear-Tip Fly Line, Loon Floatant Caddies
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Ross Harlow, Michael McBrien, Dorian Mode, Dennis Carter
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 109 Summer 2022/23

STRIP, STRIP… BANG! – Andrew Harding fishes the lower reaches of the Ruamahanga
WATERFALL WAY – Thomas Clancy covers the scenic drive from Coffs to Armidale
CAPITAL TROUT – Henry Delves reports on the revival of Canberra’s fly fishing
BONEFISH PROPOSITIONS – Simon Penn reflects on time spent alone on the Cocos flats
CAENID SIPPERS – Peter Broomhall highlights a favourite Tasmanian event
CHASING UNICORNS – Nick Reygaert seeks bluefin tuna in Fiordland, New Zealand
FRANCES LATHAM – Greg French pays tribute to his fishing partner and best friend
BEACH LUDERICK – Cherie Forbes introduces a novel sight-casting option
POOPING & POPPING – Chris Burgess tempts poop eaters in Eungella Dam
THE TOOMA RIVER – Piero Bertocchi enjoys a hike in the Snowy Mountains
WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE – Chris Schrueder reports on a prize winning trip to Cape York
VAN LIFE – Susan Brown strikes work-life balance on the road in Europe
WATSON’S FANCY — Double Dun – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Cheries Weed Fly – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
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TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mike Dimond, Tom Lucas, Matt Jordan, Scott Bewley, Mick Chalker
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 108 Spring 2022

WULFFS & WILD WATER — Thomas Clancy makes the most of wet weather in the Snowies
THE FRONT COUNTRY — Mark Cloutier comes to grips with Tasmania’s Nineteen Lagoons
DISCOVERING DHIPIRRI — Chris Burgess uncovers endless potential in Arnhem Land
BACK TO BACKCOUNTRY – Joshua Hutchins catches one of the first flights to New Zealand
KIMBERLEY ALLSORTS — Craig Rist adds to the species count in Broome
WHITEBAIT FEEDERS — Peter Broomhall anticipates springtime whitebait runs
MALIGNED MIDGES — Tom Jarman takes the frustration out of targeting midging trout
5-WEIGHT HEAVEN — David Anderson gets a feel for the latest faster action fly rods
FIRST LADIES — Karen Brooks on the World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship
TENKARA VS 3-WEIGHT — Garry Webster challenges Rebecca Bailey to a shootout
TAMING THE AQUA HULK — Rasmus Ovesen experiences the diversity of Farquhar Atoll
WATSON’S FANCY — Micro Slumpbuster – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — The Kwan – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
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TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Shane Bretz, Ranald Moore, Shane Cooke, John Hamparsum
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 107 Winter 2022

ROCKY VALLEY – Tom Jarman spends time on a favourite lake in Victoria’s alps
TOWN FLAT AITUTAKI – Jakub Kanok revisits the Cook Islands
CHIRP, CHIRP… SLURP! – Andrew Harding anticipates cicada season in New Zealand
EUROPEAN TEMPTATIONS – Susan Brown is enticed to keep fishing in the colder months
THE BUFFALO SHUFFLE – David Anderson on creeks below Mount Buffalo in Victoria
ACTIVE TARGETS – Joshua Hutchins devotes screen time to perch & cod
CONNECTING CREEKS – Greg French on stream fishing in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
SWEETWATER BASS – Jack Porter appreciates Australian bass in mountain streams
YOBS WITH BLOBS – Kieran McCann says that Blob flies are here to stay
THE STONE ZONE THEORY – Nick Reygaert fishes New Zealand’s Lake Pukaki
FLYLIFE TOPSHOT – Photo competition 2022 winners and finalists
WATSON’S FANCY – Floating Pinfry – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Brent’s Minnow – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Simms G3 Felt Guide Boots, Strike Indicator Company Expanded Range, Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack, Upstream on The Mataura, Simms Dry Creek Z Series Packs, Airflo Superflo Ridge 2.0, Yeti Loadout Gobox 30, Loop Evotec G5 Reels
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS – Peter Gibson, Pat Copping, Fiona Jane Ellingsen, Matthew Olde-Olthof, Andrew Tarpley
LAST CAST – Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 106 Autumn 2022

THE WORM TURNS – Greg French takes advantage of rising water at Great Lake
THE PERMIT OBSESSION – John Haenke tackles the ultimate saltwater fly fishing challenge
THE RATIONAL TROUT – Dave Witherow delves into the mysteries of trout intelligence
THE LAST RESORT – David Anderson offers a fallback in the middle of nowhere
CAMELS, QUEENIES & PERMIT – Joshua Hutchins heads for the Middle East.
ALPINE TROUT – Mick Fletoridis revels in late season dry fly fishing
SIMPLIFYING FLY SELECTION – Tom Jarman narrows down his river-based fly choices
PLAYING WITH CANE – Clinton Isaac tests a cane rod on hard fighting saltwater species
A WEEK ON THE VARZINA – Fraser Perry visits Kola Peninsula in remote northwest Russia
CAX’S CONVERSION – Leon Normore makes the annual pilgrimage to Exmouth
HALIBUT ON FLY – Rasmus Ovesen dreams of hooking an Atlantic halibut
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Davie’s Black Cricket – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Cupcake Crab – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Simms G3 Guide Waders, Abel Rove Series Fly Reels, Loon Fresh Gadgets, Rio Elite Flats Pro 15-foot Clear Tip, Orvis Mirage LT Blackout Fly Reels, Tacky Pescador Fly Box – Magpad, Tacky Original Fly Box – Rivermag, South Pacific Clear Advantage, Orvis Pro Wading Boots 1.5 Seasons on
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Mike Dimond, David Lam, Mick Chalker, Paul Cilia
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 105 Summer 2021/22

BREAD & BUTTER BASICS – Thomas Clancy covers saltwater options close to home
SEE IT, BE IT – Elsa Caruso considers the scarcity of women in fly fishing
WHITSUNDAYS ESCAPE – James Laverty gears up for a Great Barrier Reef fly charter
CREEK TECHNIQUES – Tom Jarman disentangles his approach to small streams
SOUTH OF THE NORTH – Andrew Harding lifts the lid on the Wellington region
BUMPHEAD QUEST – Joshua Hutchins hunts bumpheads in the Cocos Keeling Islands
MONARO MASTERCLASS – David Anderson shares some tactical observations
STALKING FERALS – Jack Porter targets carp in Wyaralong Dam
OUT WEST – Thomas Cramp comes to terms with Tasmania’s Western Lakes
WEEDBED BASS – Mick Fletoridis tackles Hunter Valley impoundment bass
NOW YOU SEE IT – Simon Chu focuses on spotting trout in New Zealand rivers
THE YARRANGOBILLY RIVER – Henry Delves shares an unforgettable experience in Kosciuszko
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Mercer’s Missing Link – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Donnie Brasco – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Thomas & Thomas Avantt, Orvis Helios Blackout Series, Scientific Anglers Fly Line Wallet & Regulator Spool, Orvis Battenkill II Reel, Airflo Ridge 2.0 Fly Lines, Simms Flyweight Access Boot, Simms SolarVent Hoodies, South Pacific SX2 Rod Series, Loop Option Reels
SHORT CASTS — John McConigley, Don Schofield, Ross Mackenzie, Ben Mackereth, Peter Duffy
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 104 Spring 2021

SIMPLE PLEASURES – Joshua Hutchins anticipates a rewarding NSW trout season
EMERGENCE – Jess McGlothlin takes stock of the U.S. fly-fishing industry
ALIENS VS DESIRABLES – Leighton Adem embarks on a mothership trip to the Wessels
YELLOW BOG CREEK – David Anderson suggests somewhere not to fish in Kosciuszko
SIGHT FISHING FOR TROPHY BARRA – John Haenke gears up for Queensland impoundment barra
OPEN SEASON RAINBOWS – Nick Reygaert evaluates a trial season on the Ohau River
COLD RIVER TROUT – Tom Jarman makes the most of early season on the rivers
SANDFLIES, TROUT & ROAD-SLUGS – Andrew Harding pulls off the ultimate South Island road trip
SIMPLE IS BEST – Graham Hosie ties his favourite two-minute flies
BACKCOUNTRY LESSONS – Ollie Bassett offers some tips for when the fishing gets hard
RED SEA TRIGGERS – David Reverdito sails south from Port Sudan
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY – Olive Snatcher — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – FMX Mantis — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Orvis Pro Waders, Simms Freestone Vest And Packs, Simms Freestone Jackets, Primal Wild Kids Rod, Simms Flyweight Pack Fishing Vest, Scientific Anglers Biodegradable Spools, New Design Tiemco Tying Scissors, South Pacific Bass Bug Fly Line, Loop Tactical Dry Backpack & Hip Bag
SHORT CASTS — David Lam, Nick Moody, Tony Sloane, Mark Cloutier, Wally Herrmann
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 103 Winter 2021

SYDNEY STOPOVER – Simon Chu tastes freedom in the Snowy Mountains
WINDAMERE GOLD – Thomas Clancy targets golden perch in shallow water
PLAGUES & PESTILENCE – Nick Reygaert re-evaluates the New Zealand trout fishery
TIWI ISLAND SURPRISE – Joshua Hutchins heads to the NT for more than barramundi
PERSISTENCE ON PURRUMBETE – Tom Jarman targets giant trout in Western Victoria
PACKRAFTING PART ONE: NEW ZEALAND – Andrew Harding covers more river miles with less effort
FLIES THAT GET THE LOVE – David Anderson narrows down his small-stream fly selection
ROADTRIP SOOTIES – John Haenke searches for sooty grunter in tropical Queensland
THE CROSSOVER SEASON – Mark Cloutier looks for happier fish in the Tasmanian highlands
WESTLAND RISING – Jakub Kanok opens the season on the New Zealand West Coast
PACKRAFTING PART TWO: WESTERN LAKES – Greg French adds a new ‘pool toy’ to his bag of tricks
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY – The Woven Stone — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — PWT Clouser – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Trout Creek Lines, Fishpond Tailwater Fly Tying Kit, SageSonic Fly Rods, Loop Opti K2 Fly Rods, Scientific AnglersTropical Clear Tip, Simms CX Jacket, Simms Guide Classic Gore-Tex Waders, Orvis Waterproof Backpack
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mick Chalker, Steve Walton, Ben Mackereth, Michael Kearney, Brian Cameron, Matt Jordan
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 102 Autumn 2021

THE EAST BRANCH – David Anderson fishes that other Kiewa River
ALBANY ISLAND – Joshua Hutchins explores a remote Cape York island
DEAR DIARY – Greg French puts the record straight
THE MIDAS TOUCH – Rasmus Ovesen interviews permit specialist Keith Rose-Innes
TRAMPING FOR TROPHIES – David Nixon experiences the South Island backcountry
AUTUMN LAKE TECHNIQUES – Tom Jarman introduces autumn lake fishing in Victoria
BREAM IN THE SUBURBS – Alex Roy joins the dots on Gold Coast bream
ST PATRICKS RIVER – Leighton Adem shares a Tasmanian gem with Peter Broomhall
SHOOTING FROM THE HIP – Mark Cloutier revives an old rod for a short game
STATION SHIFTERS – Adam Priest deals with shifty New Zealand trout
FADs & DOLLIES – Mick Chalker targets mahi mahi off the New South Wales coast
COLOMBIAN RIVER KINGS – James Laverty does battle with Colombia’s giant peacock bass
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Frank’s Damsel – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — The Alphlexo Crab – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — The Feather Mechanic, Orvis new pack series, Scientific Anglers Switch Tippet Holder, Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Triple Density, Airflo Superflo Flylines, Simms Flyweight Collection, Cortland Tropic Plus All Purpose Taper
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Karl Brandt, Christopher Wardrop, Dr Graham Hosie, Rob Sloane, Nigel Jefford
LAST CAST — Rob Sloane – News, events and musings

Issue 101 Summer 2020/21

STILLWATER FOCUS – Jess McGlothlin is impressed by Tasmania’s lake fisheries
THE GREAT ESCAPE – Joshua Hutchins swaps lockdown for camping at Cape York
PATHS LESS FOLLOWED – Greg French seeks solitude in the South Island of New Zealand
MASTERING MILLBROOK – Leighton Adem interviews Mark Weigall and Craig Coltman
THE RISE OF ANAA ATOLL – James Laverty shares the latest benefits of bonefish research
SUMMERTIME TAUPO TRIBUTARIES – Thomas Clancy avoids peak season on the Taupo streams
A TALE OF TWO DAYS – Jack Porter fishes for jungle perch in Far North Queensland
HOPPERS IN THE VALLEY – Paul Barnes spends hot days on Victoria’s Rubicon River
COOL WATER FLATS – Craig Rist refines sight-fishing tactics for southern bream
EXMOUTH GTs – Brett Wolf deals with some seriously big WA trevally
THE DOG, THE BOY & THE TROUT – Gordon van der Spuy shares his fly-tying philosophy
THE DRAG RACE – David Anderson takes the latest disc drag reels for a spin
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY – The Wolf Spider — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — The Bass Vampire – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of Scott Centric, Sage Maverick & Orvis Ultralight Jacket & new products from South Pacific, Tacky, Waterworks Lamson & Scientific Anglers
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Greg Hardy, Paul Cilia, David Metzenthen, Stephen Hill, Marina Lindsay
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 100 Spring 2020

COMPLETE ISSUE — online version of magazine

FISHING IN THE ANTHROPOCENE — David Freudenberger confronts environmental change
DRIFTING THE SNOWY VALLEYS — Joshua Hutchins drifts the Tumut and Swampy tailwaters in NSW
THE MATAURA IN RETROSPECT — Dougal Rillstone befriends a New Zealand river and its trout
THE GIBB RIVER ROAD — Simon Penn travels an iconic Australian outback route
CITIZEN SCIENCE — David Anderson participates in a Waterbug Blitz
HEART OF THE WESTERN LAKES — Greg French reflects on wilderness values in Tasmania
25 YEARS OF SALTWATER FLY — Peter Morse takes stock of changes in the saltwater scene
COD & COMFORT — Thomas Clancy finds a haven in Warrabah National Park, NSW
BETTER THAN POKIES — Leighton Adem investigates fly fishing’s therapeutic values
FOMO & FLY FISHING — Dan Ivanoff shares some fundamental retrieve strategies
ANGLERS REST — Benjamin Kerthe appreciates life in the Victorian high country
STRANDED IN SOCOTRA — Ray Montoya faces fly fishing exile in the Middle East
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Sloane’s Gum Beetle — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Chocklett’s Game Changer — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Industry news and new gear — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Review of Knog headlamp and new products from Orvis, Category 3 Fly Company, Simms, Ross Reels, Rio
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mike Dimond, Michael McBrien, Ben Mackereth, Rob Sloane, Jono Winnel
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 99 Autumn 2020

TAILERS AT OTAMANGAKAU — Andrew Harding promotes another side of New Zealand
EAST CAPE — Joshua Hutchins explores the east coast of Queensland’s Cape York
TROUT SPEY — Peter Morse explains the benefits of the latest two-handers
THE OTHER EUCUMBENE — David Anderson enjoys a less crowded Eucumbene River in NSW
THE PILBARA’S RICHES — Paul Cunningham exposes Western Australia’s vast flats
GOURMET TROUT FOODS — Greg French lists some favourites on his sight-fishing menu
HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT — Jack Porter targets snapper and bream in Moreton Bay near Brisbane
MEANDER BEAT 4 — Ben Carden shares his World Championship journey
COAL COUNTRY SARATOGA — Dave Magner heads west into central Queensland
THE BUBBLE LINE — Paul Miller hits the sweet spots in the Snowy Mountains
LABRADOR’S TROPHY BROOK TROUT — Rasmus Ovesen visits Igloo Lake in eastern Canada
STAND & DELIVER — Mick Fletoridis comes to grips with paddle board fishing
UNFINISHED BUSINESS — David Reverdito tackles tarpon in West Africa
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — CDC Wickham’s Fancy — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Chorley’s Trigger Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Orvis Helios 3F rod, plus new products from Simms, Loon, Orvis and Rio
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Leon Normore, Mick Chalker, Frank Hooke, Peter Zifovich, Ben Lucas
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 98 Summer 2019/20

RANGITIKEI DREAMING – Leighton Adem rafts an iconic New Zealand river
WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY – James Laverty targets New Caledonia’s giant bonefish
LEARNING CURVES – Thomas Clancy introduces his partner Bec to fly fishing
THE MEANDER RIVER – Tom Jarman profiles a World Championship venue
NOT JUST TREVALLY – Rick Stuart-Smith identifies some prime fly fishing species
ON THE HOOK – Axel Wessolowski explores the wonderful world of fly hooks
THE CHROME ADDICTION – Joshua Hutchins fishes for sea trout in Tierra del Fuego
THE BEST ROD EVER – David Anderson flexes some favourite small-stream fly rods
JINXED IN EXMOUTH – Rob Sloane faces the realities of saltwater fly fishing
BOLIVIAN GOLD – Nick Reygaert is impressed by the Amazon’s golden dorado
DEALING WITH DIDYMO – David Freudenberger presents a sobering story of globalisation
RISE TO THE CHALLENGE – Scott Coghlan connects flying ants and black bream
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY – Ball Chain Caddis — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Borski’s Bristle Worm — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of the Sage Trout LL, Currawong Lakes, plus new gear from Scientific Anglers, Simms & Waterworks Lamson.
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Pat Copping, Kerry Kelb, Greg Wood, Charles Knyvett, Michael McBrien
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 97 Spring 2019

ESTUARIES OF SOUTHLAND — Nick Reygaert enjoys a different side of New Zealand
HIGH TIMES ON THE SNOWY — David Anderson profiles the alpine reaches of the Snowy River in NSW
TAKING CHANCES — John Robertson endures a cyclone in the Cocos Keeling Islands
BACKPACKING MADE SIMPLE — Greg French encourages the do-it-yourself approach
CURIOUS CUNNING BASTARDS — Peter Morse deals with blue bastards in Western Australia
RESET IN THE BACKCOUNTRY — Piero Bertocchi revisits the North Island of New Zealand
MOUNTAIN BLUES — Joshua Hutchins seeks trout in Sydney’s Blue Mountains
PHELPS LAKE PIKE — Rasmus Ovesen targets giant pike in the Canadian wilderness
SOUTHERN COMFORT — Mick Fletoridis shares some South-East Coast estuary lessons
HEADS DOWN THUMBS UP — David Vincent refines inverted fly patterns for carp
WILDERNESS THERAPY — Benjamin Kerthe spends time in the wilds of Tasmania
BORUMBA — Geoff Volter targets impoundment bass and saratoga in Queensland
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY – Muz’s Messy Dun — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Little Pink Flats Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of Fishpond Quikshot rod holder, a Joe Brooks biography and ‘River Stories’ by Mark Cloutier, plus new gear from South Pacific, Scott, Airflo, Orvis and Loop.
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Nick Gust, Mike Dimond, Ben Mackereth, Ollie Bassett, Charles Knyvett
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 96 Winter 2019

GO-TO WATERS — Greg French shares his favourite Tasmanian trout waters
BANANAS FOR CICADAS — Joshua Hutchins hits prime time in the South Island
THE THIN RED LINE — Simon Penn explores the Dampier Peninsula
OVENS GOLD — David Anderson profiles Victoria’s Ovens River
DERWENT BREAM — Peter Morse joins the locals on the Hobart waterfront
TURNEFFE FLATS – BELIZE — Nick & Kami Swingle target bonefish and permit
THE END GAME — Simon Chu weighs up monofilament and fluorocarbon
TIME FOR TILDA — Jakub Kanok introduces his daughter to fly fishing
AROUND THE BEND — Chris Beech takes his float tube to Devilbend Reservoir
HOME GROWN — Jack Porter harvests feathers for bass and cod flies
TRADITIONAL TENKARA — Garry Webster brings a touch of Japan to the Snowies
TROUT IN THE WEST — John McConigley provides a guide to the Warren River
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Snake flies — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Naked Charlie — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Latest gear from Tiewell, Abel, Hanak, Simms, Primal and Orvis
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories by Nic Stewart, Jeoff Turner, Greg Hardy, Don Schofield, Tony Pennacchia
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 95 Autumn 2019

THE FEMALE ANGLE — Kami Swingle celebrates women in fly fishing
SIMPLY THE BEST — Simon Gawesworth praises Tasmania’s Woods Lake
A PARORE STORY — Stu Hastie tackles estuarine luderick in New Zealand
THE GIBBO — David Anderson profiles a stream in Victoria’s North East
GOODOO REVOLUTION — Joshua Hutchins provides fresh insights into Murray cod
THE FITZROY BASIN — Peter Morse joins John Haenke in Rockhampton, Queensland
THE LIGHTER SIDE — Thomas Clancy tours the North Island of New Zealand
WESTERN LAKES FUNDAMENTALS — Craig Rist offers some Tasmanian sight-fishing lessons
BONEHEADS & BERLEY — Leon Normore is tempted by the dark side of fly fishing
THE GOOD LIFE — Lubin Pfeiffer & Casey Mattson hit the road in Victoria
RIDING HIGH — Samuel English takes to float tubing in the South Island
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Messy Jig-Hook Terrestrial — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Dan’s Worm Fly — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Scott and Sage 3-weight rods reviewed, plus new products from Airflo, Simms and Orvis
POSTCARD — Alaskan Sockeyes — Greg French
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mike Dimond, Ben Mackereth, John Campbell, Ben Lucas, Nick Moody, Howard West
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 94 Summer 2018/19

THE POINTY END – Adam Royter deals with the weakest link in fly fishing
CRAB & PRAWN EATERS – Craig Rist applies some flats fly logic on the Whitsunday Coast of Queensland
PROSPECTING – Mark Kelly captures the spirit of the high plains streams
BACK IN GLADSTONE – Joshua Hutchins explores more Queensland saltwater options
STREAMER REBOOT – Simon Chu joins the dedicated streamer brigade
A TASTE OF ORANGE – Thomas Clancy targets cod and trout close to home in NSW
TROUT TO SALT – Brett Wolf negotiates the transition to saltwater fly fishing
THE CIRCUIT – Mark Cloutier enjoys a day-walk from Tasmania’s Lake St Clair
THE LADIES OF LANGKAWI – Kelvin Ng tackles surface feeding ladyfish (aka giant herring) in Malaysia
RETURN OF THE SOCKEYE – Derek Grzelewski introduces New Zealand’s landlocked salmon
GUIDING LESSONS – Greg French evaluates the trout guiding experience
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Steve’s Sparse Hackle Spider — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Squish’s Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Vision , Simms, South Pacific, Ahrex, Orvis, Scientific Anglers Lamson and Scott
POSTCARD — Wine & Fly Fishing (Spain) — Rob Sloane
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mick Chalker, Michael McBrien, Shane Bretz, Greg Lowe, Bryan Pratt
LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 93 Spring 2018

THE COMPETITIVE EDGE — Leighton Adem shares a lesson in Euro nymphing
FIORDLAND SALT FLY — Nick Reygaert tackles New Zealand’s southern fiords
THE YOUTH ACADEMY — Joshua Hutchins, Lucas O’Sullivan & Thomas Cramp join forces
RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME — Brendan Turriff enjoys mixed success in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
GETTING THE JOB DONE — Craig Rist benefits from a heavier rod on the flats
TARUARAU RAINBOWS — Greg French explores the Hawke’s Bay backcountry in NZ
THE HUMBLE FLATHEAD — Shane Bretz introduces a perfect target for beginners
BUSH CREEK HUT — Stu Hastie solves a mystery in the wilds of New Zealand
HUNTING THE FLATS — Piero Bertocchi profiles Top End guide Graeme Williams
PAWSON’S LEGACY — Rob Sloane indulges in some competitive nostalgia
KEEPING MELBOURNE’S SECRETS — Chris Fiddes reflects on the allure of secret waters
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Toe Biter dobsonfly larvae — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Bradley’s Bunny — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of ‘Water Colour’ by Greg French and Rio Creek fly line, plus new products
POSTCARD — Sabah, Borneo — Kelvin Ng
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Paul Barnes, Graham Hosie, Ben Carden, Steve Walton, Greg Hardy
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 92 Winter 2018

BAW BAW – David Anderson visits the West Gippsland high country of Victoria
TASSIE KINGFISH – Craig Rist tackles yellowtail kingfish in the southern waters of Bass Strait
AUTUMN JOLLYTAILS – Greg French & Peter Broomhall target Mersey baitfish feeders in Tasmania
MINDSET & FLOW – Simon Chu applies sports psychology to fly fishing success
A RIVER SOMETIME – Bill Bachman interviews Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner
EXPLORING EBOR – Thomas Clancy hunts trout in the New England Tablelands
PILBARA COBIA – John Robertson battles cobia in Western Australia
HIKING WITH A ROD – Piero Bertocchi spends time on the Greenstone River in NZ
BIG STICKS IN THE SALT – Leon Normore grapples with double-handed swoffing
TELLING STORIES – Rob Sloane shortlists some photo competition images
TROUT BEATS — Charley May shares a sentimental playlist BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peccary Parachute – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Aitutaki Shrimp – Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news – Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of Orvis shirt and Vision Onki rod, plus new gear from Orvis, Waterworks-Lamson, Simms and Tonic Eyewear
POSTCARD — Mongolian Taimen — Joshua Hutchins
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories by Tony Pennacchia, Michael Tweedie, Ross Mackenzie, Graeme Parker, Greg Wood
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 91 Autumn 2018

DESTINATION SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS – Joshua Hutchins finds good trout water close to Sydney
ON THE FLATS – Peter Morse helps newcomers to read the saltwater flats
BEAUTIFUL LIES – Rick Keam studies dry fly posture in the real world
OLD COD — NEW TRICKS – Thomas Clancy tests articulated flies on New England cod
RETURN TO THE NARIEL – David Anderson heralds better fishing in North East Victoria
COCOS ENCOUNTERS – Leighton Adem visits the Cocos Keeling Islands
LINES OF CONNECTION – Jack Viney spends time in Tasmania’s Western Lakes
LITTLE PINE EXPOSED – Rob Sloane avoids the crowds at Little Pine Lagoon
TAILING TEMPTATIONS – Brett Habener outlines his triggerfish tactics
LATE SEASON RECOVERY – Sam English savours autumn in the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin
EP PERSISTENCE – Mick Fletoridis targets estuary perch on fly
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson — OFG Emerger
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech — Light Horseman
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally — Latest gear and industry news
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Simms Headwaters Pro waders reviewed, plus new products from Vision, Scientific Anglers, Cortland, Waterworks Lamson and Orvis
POSTCARD — Andorra — Greg French
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Mick Chalker, Shane Bretz, Ben Mackereth, Michael McBrien, Lindsay Bovill, Bryan Pratt
LAST CAST — News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 90 Summer 2017/18

THE WESSELS – Joshua Hutchins explores the East Arnhem Land flats
NOT JUST BOW & ARROW – Brad Harris demonstrates fly casting in tight surrounds
ROMPIN REVISITED – Kelvin Ng reports on a decade of sailfish encounters
DRAGON SLAYERS – Steven Ooi shares his passion for photography
EDGERS – Gary Lyttle targets Taupo’s lake edge smelt-feeders
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – Rob Sloane ponders success in all forms of fly fishing
KIMBERLEY GRAND SLAM – Micah Adams tackles a tropical trifecta
A DAY ON THE LIFFEY – David Anderson finds twigwater heaven in Tasmania
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – Piero Bertocchi is tested in the South Island backcountry
SALT FLY LADIES – Kristina Royter reports on a fly fishing escape for women
BEYOND GADEN – Andy Bodsworth enjoys time on the Thredbo River
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson – Dangle Dragon
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech – Articulated Cod Popper
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally – Industry news and new gear
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of David Anderson’s new book and Rod Vault rooftop rod-carrier, plus new products from Waterworks Lamson, Rio, South Pacific, Scientific Anglers, One Planet, Orvis and Simms
POSTCARD — Greenland — Greg French
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, accommodation and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories from Nick Withers, Ben Lucas, Scott Levi, Ranald Moore and Greg Hardy
LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 89 Spring 2017

MOUNT FIELD – Greg French takes to the hills in southern Tasmania
THE WEST BRANCH – David Anderson spends time on the Kiewa River in Victoria
SLOW PREY – Bill Mitchell offers food for thought on the tropical flats
HARD TIME TACTICS – Bob Wyatt deals with Southland’s toughest streams
COSMOLEDO & ALPHONSE – Joshua Hutchins can’t get enough of the Seychelles
ONE TO REMEMBER – Micah Adams comes to terms with the Monaro streams
HILLBILLY BONEFISH – Thomas Clancy confronts carp in the Sydney suburbs
FINE TUNING – Peter Morse takes a subtle approach to Exmouth permit
HIGHLAND REDS – Mark Cloutier appreciates the red spinner hatch
THE SALMON RUN – Leon Normore tackles Western Australian salmon
ROADSIDE RAINBOWS – David Freudenberger seeks easy access in New Zealand
BACKCASTS – Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Perdigon Nymph — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Vlahos Marbled Sand Flea — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – SA freshwater leaders, Scott G-Series fly rod and Rod & Fly ‘River to Reef’ rod reviewed, with new products from Rio, Simms, and Korkers announced
POSTCARD — Swedish Lapland — Axel Wessolowski
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, accommodation and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Short stories from John McKeown, Kerryn Milligan, Mike Dimond, Ben Mackereth, Michael Wood
LAST CAST – News, events and editor’s musings

Issue 88 Winter 2017

RANGITIKEI TREKKING — Jack Kós hikes in to an iconic New Zealand river
KOSCIUSZKO KIDS — Greg French preaches to a younger generation
NORTHERN KINGS — Joshua Hutchins targets Tauranga Harbour kingfish in NZ
RAIN DANCE — Jonathan Jones battles impoundment barramundi in the wet
DEAD-ENDERS — Rick Stuart-Smith searches for Western Lakes rewards in TAS
TOP SHOTS — Rob Sloane showcases some photo competition winners
THE BROWNS — David Anderson samples the King River’s wine and trout, VIC
THE ROLL CAST ACADEMY — Piero Bertocchi researches the Tongariro Roll Cast, NZ
PILBARA BLUES — John Robertson takes up the ‘blue bastard’ challenge in WA
A CASE OF THE MENDS — Peter Morse deals with drag in fresh and salt water
KEEPING ME SANE — Sam Reach shares the benefits of his recent misfortune
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Adams Variant — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — Andy’s Toga Destroyer — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Scott Flex rod and Fishpond net reviewed, plus new products from Loop, Scientific Anglers, Sage, Loon, Manic and Simms
POSTCARD — Louisiana Redfish — David Reverdito
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Greg Wood, Nick Withers, Kerry Kelb, Bryan Pratt, Samantha Wright
LAST CAST — Editor’s musings and upcoming events

Issue 87 Autumn 2017

WARMING TEMPERATURES & TROUT — Dr John Morrongiello outlines the latest research initiatives in Victoria
BUYING & TYING — Chris Beech questions true value in saltwater flies
DARK SKY — Leighton Adem & Brad Harris visit the Tekapo backcountry, New Zealand
SIGHT NYMPHING FRENCH STYLE — Jonathan White advocates the long leader approach
BONES OF CONTENTION — Peter Morse encounters difficulties in New Caledonia
WILDSIDE RAINBOWS — Greg French goes bush in New Zealand’s North Island
YOU NEVER KNOW — Jess McGlothlin & Jonathan Jones face reality in Samoa
TASMANIAN TWIGWATER — David Anderson photographs Tasmania’s small streams
LOSING IT — Jack Kós deals with the one that got away
THE SPARWOLF CRAB — Brett Wolf shares a deadly fly pattern for permit
HOPPERS ON THE DELATITE — Leon Schoots observes and adapts at grasshopper time
BACKCASTS — Readers’ letters
WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson — UV Black Ant
ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech — Fishnuts Squid Fly
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally — Industry news and new gear
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Patagonia convertible vest, Scientific Anglers Ampere outfit and Pure Fly NZ DVD plus new products from Korkers, Manic Tackle and Simms
POSTCARD — St Brandon Atoll, Indian Ocean — Toby Coe
TRAVEL GUIDE — Guides, lodges and services listed by region
SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Greg Lowe, Graham Duff, Shane Bretz, Ben Mackereth, Tony Pennacchia
LAST CAST — Editor’s musings, news and announcements

Issue 86 Summer 2016/17

BROOK TROUT QUEST — Joshua Hutchins shares some favourite brook trout haunts
AUSTRALIA’S BEST — Rob Sloane reports on the latest trout fly trends
BONEFISH EVERYWHERE — Ben Little explores Australia’s remote Cocos Islands
THE LONG ROD SAGA — Kaj Busch sheds more light on double-handers for the lakes
MULWALA COD — David Anderson comes to grips with Victoria’s stillwater cod
KARAMEA KARMA — Mark and Sharon Cloutier dodge the rain in the South Island
COVERING ALL BASES — Brett Wolf deals with Exmouth’s giant trevally and cobia
BUSH TUCKER — Craig Rist matches the hatch on Queensland’s Tully River
EXTREME STREAMS — Greg French explores Tasmania’s remote headwaters
THE SCORE — Bob Wyatt assesses the state of play in Southland
A 3-WEIGHT DAY — Shane Bretz fishes light on the Sunshine Coast
WATSON’S FANCY — Rudin’s Leftovers — Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH — The Big Head Fly — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Reviews of “The Imperiled Cutthroat” book, “Parallel Lines” DVD and Cheeky reels, plus new products from Rio, Airflo, Simms, Scientific Anglers and South Pacific
POSTCARD — London — Chris Fiddes
TRAVEL GUIDE – Guides, lodges and services by region
SHORT CASTS — Nick Withers, Dave Long, Mike Dimond, Gordon Lambert, Ranald Moore
LAST CAST — Editor’s musings, news and events

Issue 85 Spring 2016

THE BEST OF TASMANIA — Jack Kós samples some distinctly Tasmanian fishing
HARBOUR CITY HIGHLIGHTS — Jonathan Jones sings the praises of Sydney Harbour
SOUTH ISLAND FLIPSIDE — Joshua Hutchins seeks monsters in the Twizel canals
INSHORE PELAGICS — Peter Morse tackles everything from mackerel to tuna
RETURN TO THE MONARO — David Anderson revisits the forgotten high plains streams
THE BLAME GAME — Rob Sloane deals with excuses for not catching fish
LINES IN THE SAND — Bill Mitchell makes sense of the saltwater fly-line options
MY BROWN YARRA — Chris Fiddes finds trout in the outskirts of Melbourne
HIGH COUNTRY COD — Thomas Clancy explores the New England gorge country
THE WHITING PUZZLE — Shannon Kitchener shares his saltwater obsession
WATSON’S FANCY — Tweaking the Black Spinner — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Uncharted Waters… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — The Sunbaker — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — “The Last Wild Trout” by Greg French, Sage X-series and Beulah Platinum 696-4 fly rods reviewed, plus new gear from Scott, Nautilus, Tiemco and IceMule.
POSTCARD — Santa Cruz (Argentina) — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — Robert Butterworth, Paul Abbott, Michael Wood, Shane Bretz, Jack Kós
LAST CAST — Editor’s musings, news and events

FL84 400px

Issue 84 Winter 2016

TWO-HANDERS — Tim Angeli prepares for winter fishing in New Zealand
CRAWLERS & LEAPERS — Greg French chases mayfly-feeders in Tasmania’s remote lakes
GOLDEN BAY KINGFISH — Joshua Hutchins reveals the South Island’s flats potential
SPORT & PROCREATION — Rob Sloane sheds light on the spawning-run debate
GOING WEEDLESS — Peter Morse advocates weed guards for snag-dwellers
SOLITUDE ON THE THREDBO — David Anderson seeks rainbows on the Thredbo River
LOW-WATER FLATS — Mark & Sharon Cloutier fish Tasmania’s not-so-Great Lake
MORETON BAY LONGTAILS — Geoff Volter grapples with Brisbane’s longtail tuna
FOREVER YOUNG — Anthony Cole joins the ‘young punks’ in the back-country
THE OVENS — Adam Royter revisits a popular Victorian stream
POP FLEYES — Rod Harrison shares some of Bob Popovics’ creations
WATSON’S FANCY — Catgut Caddis — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Rods and rules… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Lagoon Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — New gear and industry news — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Scott Radian rod, Adrenalin tying kit and Hatch tippet, plus products from Innovator, Scientific-Anglers and Tonic.
POSTCARD — Kanton Atoll — Andrew Martin
SHORT CASTS — James Engelbrecht, Michael McBrien, Michael Kearney, Bryan Pratt
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Issue 83 Autumn 2016

ROAD TRIPPING — Jonathan Jones explores the Queensland coast
MAINLAND TROUT REVIVAL — Joshua Hutchins revisits some forgotten trout streams
FACING DOWNSTREAM — Bob Wyatt gets into the downstream fly swing
INTERCEPTION LESSONS — Craig Rist benefits from encounters with tarpon in Florida
MAYFLY MAGIC — Derek Grzelewski & George Novak focus on NZ hatches
IN PRAISE OF SARATOGA — Peter Morse seeks out tropical billabong delights
TALKING TROUT — David Anderson reports on wild trout initiatives in Victoria
ONE PERCENTERS — Brad Harris suggests little ways to improve catch rates
RESTORING AN OLD GEM — John Barick rebuilds a favourite fly rod
TACKLING TUSKIES — Geoff Volter nominates his ultimate flats species
LAKE OTAMANGAKAU — Piero Bertocchi extends his stillwater education
WATSON’S FANCY — Jiggling Damsel nymph — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Bear’s progress… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — GT Brush fly — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Back Country North Island DVD and Patagonia stormfront pack, plus new products from Fulling Mill, Waterworks Lamson, Scientific Anglers, Nautilus and Simms
POSTCARD — Arctic Char — Rasmus Ovesen
SHORT CASTS — Terry Downey, Glenn Buttress-Grove, Jonathan Cant, Mick Fletoridis, Shane Bretz
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Issue 82 Summer 2015/16

SYDNEY WEEKENDER — Joshua Hutchins targets trout, bass, perch, cod and carp
BREAM ON THE REBOUND — Rob Sloane competes against lures and soft-plastics
WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH — Kristina Royter battles wind and rain in the South Island
WILD MOUNTAIN RAINBOWS — Craig Rist packs a float-boat to drift Tasmania’s Lake Meston
ANAA ATOLL — Jess McGlothlin offers a taste of island life in French Polynesia
BUSHBASH CREEK — David Anderson tackles the toughest streams in Australia
REPAYING A FAVOUR — Piero Bertocchi shares good fishing close to Wellington
SHOOTING THE BREEZE — Josh Davis hunts snag-bound impoundment sooties and barra
THE REEL DEAL — David Anderson investigates an Aussie-made fly reel
SIX SHADES OF FAWN — Alistair Purvey adopts Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug
ULTRALIGHT SALT — Paul Vogl bends his 2-weight on Christmas Island bonefish
WATSON’S FANCY — Reel Wing Caenid — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Just do it… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — BB Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Aquasoul DVD and Stu’s Superior Flies reviews plus product announcements
POSTCARD — Golden Trout, USA — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — Bryan Pratt, Edmund Fitzgerald, Steven Geddes, Kerryn Milligan
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Issue 81 Spring 2015

THE MITTA MITTA — David Anderson explores North East Victoria
BEACH TO BACKCOUNTRY — Joshua Hutchins opts for easy fishing near Christchurch, NZ
BONEFISH BIOLOGY — Alex Filous and colleagues study Tetiaroa bonefish
RAISE YOUR GLASS — Jack Van Delft toasts the fibreglass rod revival
BERKELEY RIVER DREAM TIME — Scott and Katrina Mitchell fish the Kimberley, NT in style
ANYTHING BUT BLUE SKIES — Daniel Hackett shares some Western Lakes, TAS highlights
FRINGE DWELLERS — Craig Worthington targets flounder on fly
RODS, LINES & LOADS — Peter Morse matches line weights with casting strokes
CASTING FOR RECOVERY — Niki Morrell reports on a weekend of fly fishing therapy
SIZE REALLY MATTERS — Steven Dally tempts big trout with mega-streamers
TACKLE TINKERING — Rob Sloane catches up with Kaj (Bushy) Busch
WATSON’S FANCY — GTS stonefly nymph — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Etiquette… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — BNB Popper — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS – Hanak Superlight and Beulah Platinum fly rod reviews plus new products
POSTCARD — Paris, France — Chris Fiddes
SHORT CASTS — Ross Mackenzie, Dorian Mode, Bryan Pratt, Jeff Cassidy, Shane Bretz
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Issue 80 Winter 2015

MONSTERS & MICE — Joshua Hutchins seeks trophy trout in the South Island
BRAVE NEW WORLD — Peter Morse looks back on 20 years of saltwater fly
POLAROIDING RIVERS — Daniel Hackett offers some practical river-fishing tips
SALTWATER AWAKENING — Leon Normore heads to Exmouth to educate his boys
IT’S NEVER TOO LATE — David Anderson attends a weekend fly-fishing clinic
20 YEARS OF FLYLIFE — Rob Sloane takes stock after 80 editions
CAPE YORK PERMIT — Dougal Rillstone questions his own obsession
FLY ANGLER IN THE MAKING — Kristina Royter shares her love of fly fishing
IMPRESSIONS OF THE TONGARIRO — Piero Bertocchi captures the mood of the rainbow run
CLOUSER — Rod Harrison profiles Bob Clouser and his flies
FOREIGN EXCHANGE — Brad Harris comes to grips with Christmas Island bonefish
TIED & TRUE — Andrew Bell recounts his fly-tying journey
WATSON’S FANCY — Muz’s Messy Wulff — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Man of mystery… — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Dave’s Pink Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Simms waterproof hip-pack review plus new products
POSTCARD — Lahontan Cutthroats, Pyramid Lake USA — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — John Black, Brian Cooper, Tony Orman, Mick Ripon, Paul McMenamin
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Issue 79 Autumn 2015

PERISHER CREEK — David Anderson learns more about a favourite twig-water
THE SECRET LIFE OF GIANT TREVALLY — Alex Filous and colleagues track GT movements at Tetiaroa
AUTUMN ON THE EUCUMBENE — Joshua Hutchins joins the crowds for the spawning run
FROM LINE TO FLY — Peter Morse gets serious about leader construction
TROUT BUMMING — Anthony Cole lives the dream in the South Island
FISHING BLIND FOR BONEFISH — Craig Worthington adopts a different approach
TELLING TAILS (PART 2) — Rob Sloane adds more pieces to the tailing puzzle
TALKING THE TALK — Brad Harris scores an invite to Hinchinbrook
THE GREBE — Adam Royter finally makes it to Fiordland
NOT SO SPOOKY — Greg French deals with some trouty misconceptions
FACING WEST — Tim O’Reilly assesses saltwater options in the far north
WATSON’S FANCY — Stooped Jassid — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Klingon tube-fly — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Echo Gecko kids’ rod, Back Country North Island DVD and Ekich automatic bobbin plus new products
POSTCARD — Great Bear Lake, Canada — Rasmus Ovesen
SHORT CASTS — Terry Downey, Stephen Kimber, Tony Orman, Bryan Pratt
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Issue 78 Summer 2014/15

TELLING TAILS — Rob Sloane deals with tailing trout
THE GOLD RUSH — Bill Mitchell puts golden trevally on a pedestal
SMALL STREAM FLIES — David Anderson refines his essential fly selection
NEVER-FAILS — Bob Wyatt favours simple flies that work
KINGS ON THE FLATS — Nikolaj Mathiesen sets his sights on kingfish
THE PERFECT WINDOW — Joshua Hutchins spends a weekend in the Western Lakes
OPEN SEASON — Peter Morse gets to know Dave Witherow
FROTHIN’ IN EXMOUTH — Leon Normore shares a passion for sailfish
THAI MAHSEER — David Reverdito explores Thailand’s mountain streams
POETRY IN MOTION — Scott Levi follows Douglas Stewart to the Duckmaloi
WATSON’S FANCY — Scott’s Knight nymph — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Fuzzle Shrimp — Chris Beech
LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
REVIEWS — Patagonia Nano-Air jacket and Cutthroat leaders plus new products
POSTCARD — Hokkaido, Japan — Greg French
SHORT CASTS — Tony Orman, Terry Ong, Christopher Wardrop, Carl Glaister, Mike Bowyer
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Issue 77 Spring 2014

COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN – David Anderson makes an early season trip to Southland
BACK TO THE GOOSE – Peter Morse revisits Goose Creek on Melville Island
MOODS OF ST CLAIR – Brad Harris profiles a favourite Tasmanian fishery
BONEFISH BENEFITS – Carl McNeil helps to put New Caledonia back on the map
BACK TO BASICS – Daniel Hackett offers more lessons for beginners
BLUE MOUNTAINS BACKCOUNTRY – Clinton Isaac hikes in to the Jenolan River
ELUSIVE PRIZES – Carl Glaister tackles Illawarra estuary perch
TROUT ACROSS THE TASMAN – Jack Kos follows the first brown trout to New Zealand
THINKING & LEARNING – Rob Sloane explains aspects of trout behaviour
SPARKLES IN THE RIVER – John Harris sheds light on the freshwater herring
ENCOUNTER ON THE EUCUMBENE – Paul Miller battles big browns on their spawning run
WATSON’S FANCY – Foil Gammarus – Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS – Bad timing… – Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH – EP Flex Calamari – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Alaska – Micah Adams
SHORT CASTS – John McConigley, Shane Bretz, Jim Cairns, Mark Thornton
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Issue 76 Winter 2014

150 YEARS OF TROUT – Greg French & Rob Sloane celebrate our trout heritage
THE STOP – Peter Morse punctuates his retrieves
THOMPSONS CREEK DAM – Joshua Hutchins profiles a winter fishery near Lithgow
SWEETWATER COD – Clinton Isaac fishes for native cod in the Upper Murray
THE CURSE OF SMALL FISH – Shane Bretz considers the lighter side of saltwater fly
FLYING HIGH – Mark & Sharon Cloutier go heli-fishing in the South Island
SNAPPER ON THE FLATS – Glenn Eggleton dreams of sight fishing for NZ snapper
FIELD TO FORK – Leon Schoots respects food, trout and Victoria’s high country
EDUCATING TROUT – Marc Griffiths deals with fly avoidance and fussy trout
ONE MAN’S ART – Rick Wallace introduces Mitsugu Bizen and his flies
AITUTAKI GTs – Herman Rooseboom mixes float boats and giant trevally
WATSON’S FANCY – The Screaming Banshee caddis- Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS – Still learning… – Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH – Ragin’ Cravin – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Icelandic Char – Greg French
SHORT CASTS – Dougal Rillstone, Rick Armstrong, Jason Munce, Mike Dimond, Craig Humphrey
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 75 Autumn 2014

DAM BUSTERS – Craig Rist ambushes Queensland’s impoundment barra
75CAUGHT IN THE OPEN – Rob Sloane talks more about boat-based sight fishing
FLATS FLIES – Bill Mitchell considers a selection of each-way bets
TANTANGARA – Tom Baxter combines lake and stream fishing in the Snowies
GIRL POWER – Kaitlyn Dickson loves everything about fly fishing
FORGETTING THE FLOP – Ben & Ray Little improve their chances in the South Island
GUIDED ON THE GOULBURN – Mark & Sharon Cloutier enjoy Victoria’s premier fishery
BREAKING TRAIL – Bob Wyatt interviews northern salt-fly pioneer Ron Pearson
WHY I FISH – Dougal Rillstone finds more than trout in Southland
CLEVER LEGS – Josh Davis investigates ways of tying hoppers
LUDERICK ON FLY – Shannon Kitchener shares his blackfish tactics
WATSON’S FANCY – The Snail – Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS – Down in the Dumps… – Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH – Voltzy Goldy Destroyer Crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Scotland – Greg French
SHORT CASTS – Ranald Moore, Stephen Kimber, John Black, Sandy Macdonald, Chris Baty
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 74 Summer 2013-14

CAUGHT IN THE OPEN — Rob Sloane talks boat-based sight fishing
GEEHI & JAGUNGAL — Piero Bertocchi undertakes a solo wilderness mission
SHARK BAY SHALLOWS & SHORES — Peter Morse offers some inshore options in WA
ALL ABOARD — Shane Bretz puts his stand-up paddle board to good use
CRABBY ABOUT THE DERWENT — Greg French sight fishes the Hobart foreshores Read article online
FIND A FEEDING FISH — Bob Wyatt considers what turns trout on
DAN BLANTON — Rod Harrison & Chris Beech look at the man and his flies
WHERE THE ROAD ENDS — David Vincent visits New Zealand’s Taranaki region
NEW ANGLES — Jeff Cassidy tweaks a popular hopper pattern
THE MILK RUN — Clinton Isaac heads to Cape York for milkfish and permit
THE WOOLLY MAMMOTH — Lindsay Bovill catches trout on a prehistoric fly
WATSON’S FANCY — Takayama Sakasa Kebari tenkara fly — Peter Watson
FIRST CASTS — Girls just wanna have fun — Jonathon Clewlow
ON THE BEACH — Avalon permit fly — Chris Beech
POSTCARD — Europe — Joshua Hutchins
SHORT CASTS — Andy Collings, Steve Slater, Bob Wyatt, Tony Orman, John Coles
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 73 Spring 2013

WHEN THE ICE MELTS – starting early in the Tasmanian highlands – Craig Rist
SHARK BAY SNAPPER – tackling a prime species in Shark Bay, Western Australia – Peter Morse
ARMCHAIR ANGLING – joining the float tubers in the New South Wales Southern Highlands – Paul Miller
WOMEN IN FLY FISHING – why don’t women fish more? – Simone Hackett
HIGH TIMES ON THE GOULBURN – a lesson in backwater fishing in Victoria – Adam Royter Read article online
BONEFISHING IN YEMEN – exploring the magical island of Socotra – Ray Montoya
TROUT HEAVEN & HELL – tight-water fishing with Miles Rushmer in South Waikato, New Zealand – Derek Grzelewski
GARRETT’S WAY – assessing Jason Garrett’s contribution – Glenn Eggleton
GURGLE POP MINNOW – tackling kahawai (Australian salmon) on surface poppers – Marc Griffith
CROSSING THE LINE – Bob Wyatt questions his limits in fresh and salt water
THE FLIES IN MY VEST – revealing what’s in the editor’s pockets – Rob Sloane
WATSON’S FANCY – Bent-hook dun – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Hardy Head – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Spatsizi & Nimmo lodges, BC, Canada – John Black
SHORT CASTS – Tim Bush, Ross Bray, Shane Bretz, Stewart Rasmussen, Terry Downey
View PDF of contents page >>
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Issue 72 Winter 2013

FLY CYCLING – Mountain biking the rivers around Taupo – Gary Lyttle
PIMPS, FLOATS & BOBBERS – field testing the latest strike indicators – Adam Royter Read article online
SEVEN SPECIES – taking on the Bynoe Harbour challenge – Piero Bertocchi
TOP SOUTH ISLAND TIPS – revealing some guiding secrets – Scott Murray
SAND, WIND & REEF – exploring the east coast of Cape York – Peter Morse
PROSEK – profile of artist James Prosek – Peter Christensen
TROUT ABOVE THE TREE LINE – fishing the Victorian high country – Mark Cloutier
THE TYENNA – great water close to Hobart – Brad Harris
PURE FLY SNAPPER – berley-free snapper techniques – Craig Worthington
THE TRAILER NYMPH – Greg Kelly’s contribution to the two fly technique – Terry Lawton
ONLY THE RIVER KNOWS – deconstructing the film-making process – Peter Christensen
WATSON’S FANCY- Intruder steelhead fly – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – KC’s Rear Keel fly – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Cuba – Dougal Rillstone
SHORT CASTS – Troy Sinclair, Stephen Kimber, Mark Swann, Doug Brooke, Michael Wood
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Issue 71 Autumn 2013

GHOSTS OF CURRIDGEE FLAT – Australian salmon, ideal winter fly target – Stewart Martin
HATCHES & MATCHES – showcasing Tasmanian fly tyer Laurie Matcham’s imitations – Bob McKinley Read article online
SEQUENCING – psychology of responding to fly refusals – Simon Chu
THE LONGEST DRIFT – float trip on NSW’s Swampy Plains River – Mark Cloutier
TROPICAL TREATS – light-tackle jungle perch in Queensland – Ed Roberts & Tom Bridge
SUMNER TIME – return to Lake Sumner in New Zealand’s South Island – Greg French
EAST CAPE EXPLORATION – charting unfished Queensland flats – Clinton Isaac
SOUTHERN BLUES – southern bluefin tuna tactics – Peter Morse
TASMANIA BY ROCK & BOG – pioneering trip in the Western Lakes – Rob Sloane & Norm Gibb
LET’S GET STARTED – school group takes a lesson on the Goulburn River – Nick Kuch
WATSON’S FANCY – Curmudgeon Crumpler – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Darting Baitfish – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Yellowstone, USA – Greg French
SHORT CASTS – Dougal Rillstone, Scott Levi, Tony Orman, John Fitzgibbon, Mark Asplin, Dave Long
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Issue 70, Summer 2012/13

THE STONEFLY CULT – a large meal tempts trout all over the world – Peter Christensen Read article online
A TALE OF TWO PERMITS – comparing the two Australian permit species – Peter Morse
BEHNKE – An interview with leading trout man Dr Robert Behnke – Greg French Read article online
FOAM FRONTIER – testing big foam flies on Tasmania’s Western Lakes trout – Craig Rist
BARRA BEHAVING BADLY – side-scan sonar adopted for a different kind of sight fishing – Troy Sinclair
DRY FLY PROSPECTING – a reliable lake-fishing technique – Robert Gott
THE GOLDEN WEST – trout and natives west of Sydney – Rod Harrison
TOGA TACTICS – using trout indicator-nymphing techniques on billabong saratoga – Steve Starling
BUDGET BACKCOUNTRY – Upper Mararoa, Greenstone, Worsley – Ben Little
LOST CREEK – pruning back the blackberries to reveal South Australian gems – Neil Charter
WATSON’S FANCY – Hemingway Stonefly Nymph – Pete Watson
ON THE BEACH – Permit Crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – The Monkagerou Hatch, Hokkaido, Japan – Rick Wallace
SHORT CASTS – Don Schofield, Gordon Lambert, Shane Bretz, Sarah Graham

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Issue 69, Spring 2012

NOT SO UGLY – New Zealand South Island wilderness – Andy Trowbridge
TAILS & RIPPLES – stalking bream on the Sapphire Coast, NSW – Josh Davis Read article online
FLAT REFUSALS – Making sense of difficult river fish in flat water – Bob Wyatt
FEBRUARY PLAINS – early season in Tasmania’s untracked highlands – Brad Harris
A FLATS TRILOGY – development of the Australian saltwater flats scene – Rod Harrison
GULLIVER’S TROUT – small trout and mountain stream epiphany – Rob Sloane
KAYAK KAHAWAI – paddling for kahawai (Australian Salmon) – Marc Griffiths
FLAT WATER – slow rivers in Gippsland (Victoria) – Mark Cloutier
THE STRING THING – simple and deadly nymph pattern – Simon Chu
FISHING PREFERENCES – finding satisfaction in difficult trigger fish – Dougal Rillstone
WATSON’S FANCY – Drifting Midge Pupa – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Simple Surf Candy – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Pyrenees, Spain – Rob Sloane
SHORT CASTS – Herbert Orenstein, Michael Wood, Neil Williams, Tony Orman, Ranald Moore, Alan Griffiths

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FLcover 68

Issue 68, Winter 2012

TOP RODS – stories from the 2012 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships – Brad Harris Read article online
GOING LIGHT – lining up the lightest in fly rods – Adam Royter
GIVE NO LINE – dealing with saltwater brawlers – Peter Morse
BIG BAD BRAIDS – braids of the Rangitata and Rakaia rivers, NZ – Greg French
CODE CRACKERS – permit at Hinchinbrook with Dave Bradley – Micah Adams
A COMPLEAT ANGLER – interview with Aust tackle retail icon Jim Allen – Nick Kuch
MISGUIDED IN MURCHISON – lodge-based & guided in NZ’s South Island – Mark Cloutier
ISLAND HIDEAWAY – Bonefish and GT’s in the Maldives – Toby Coe
CHANCE ENCOUNTER – following advice on Tasmania’s Western Lakes – Piero Bertocchi
JELLY BELLY MINNOW – baitfish imitation for Kahawai/Australian Salmon – Marc Griffiths
GIVE & TAKE – Murrumbidgee, example of good tailwater management – David Freudenberger
WATSON’S FANCY – Pat Swift’s reverse smelt – Peter Watson
ON THE BEACH – Charlie’s Air Head – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Patagonia – Randy Knispel
SHORT CASTS – Gordon Armstrong, Sam Stringer, Max Garth, Dougal Rillstone, Bob Smith, Terry Downey

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Issue 67, Autumn 2012

LITTLE THINGS – dealing with fussy caenid feeders in Tasmania – Rob Sloane
PERPLEXING PERMIT – adding pieces to the puzzle at Broome – Ben Little
COFFEE WITH LEFTY KREH – spending time with the casting guru – Steve Cooper Read article online
HIGH COUNTRY HIGHLIGHTS – ultra-light hiking in the Snowy Mountains – Jono Winnel
AITUTAKI – Changing attitudes – bonefish update, Cook Islands – Brett Wolf & Tim Angeli
A SHORE THING AT ARTHURS – high water at Arthurs Lake, Tas – Greg French
SUSTAINABILITY – leading an environmental crusade – Bill Thomas
THE TUSSOCK CICADA – matching the hatch, Ahuriri River, New Zealand – Marc Griffiths
GET HIGH ON TROUT – using height to aid fish spotting – Robert MacDougall-Davis
THE BAROSSA – finding trout amongst the grape vines in South Australia – Lubin Pfeiffer
NOMAD’S LAND – giant trevally (GT) in the Coral Sea – Andy Congram
LADY OF THE LAKE – reviving the Alexandra fly (aka Alexander) – Peter Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Skull Drag Queen – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Spanish Barbel, Spain – Toby Coe

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Issue 66, Summer 2011/12

THE BIG WATER – instructing on the Murrumbidgee river, NSW – Adam Royter
JET BOAT TROUT – inaccessible river exploration South Island NZ – Peter Morse
PERMIT PRESSURE – first permit after a long wait, Exmouth WA – Rob Sloane
ON THE RECORD – chasing IGFA world records – Steve Cooper
PERFECTING PLOPS – willow grub feeders – Terry Conway Read article online
TROPICAL TWIGGING – 3-weight floodplains fishing, Broome WA – Simon Penn
EXPLORATIONS – wilderness trails and the drive to find new water – Daniel Hackett
MINIMALISM – a simple approach to fly fishing – Nick Taransky
THE HOODLUMS OF NORNALUP – bream fishing in WA – Nick Groen
PETE’S PULSAR – Peter Barrow’s marabou fly – Peter Leuver Tying instructions online
FOCUS ON FERGUS – a reliably productive Tasmanian lake – Greg French
METRO BASS – Good water close to Sydney, NSW – Clinton Isaac
ON THE BEACH – Turneffe crab – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Taimen in Japan – Rick Wallace

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FLcover-65Issue 65, Spring 2011

STILLWATER PLONKERS – new methods on North Island lakes – Gary Lyttle Read article online
WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER – making the most of bad Tassie weather – Greg French
MASTERING MILKFISH – without bread or berley – Clinton Isaac
COD’S OWN COUNTRY – rivers around Ashford NSW – Peter Morse
BREAM ON THE FLATS – Tasmania’s trophy bream – Craig Rist
GHOSTS OF THE GOODRADIGBEE – fishing close to Canberra – David Vincent
PATRICK’S CHALLENGE – record-beating kingfish in NZ – Glenn Eggleton
CHILE – FUNDO EL SALTO – lakes, spring creeks and rivers of Chile – Rob Sloane
UNFASHIONABLE FISHING – Victorian family road trip – Jonathon Clewlow
SIMON’S MIDGE – tying a great little emerger – Peter Leuver
BARGERS & HOGS – Tongariro etiquette – David Haynes
ON THE BEACH – Flats Master – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Bahamas – Simon Chu

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Issue 64, Winter 2011

MICRO WEIRDO WOOLLY WORMS – simple wets for river and lake – Adam Royter
THE SWING THING – taking the down-and-across approach – Mark Cloutier
SHALLOW WATER ADDICTION – hooked on Queensland flats – Dave Bradley
CHILE – RIVERS OF THE FJORDS – remote Chilean rivers – Rob Sloane Read article online
WINTER IN PARADISE – fishing the South Island lakes – Derek Grzelewski
COLD DAYS IN THE WESTERN LAKES – pushing the limits in Tasmania – Craig Rist
HEART OF THE NORTH – Maningrida in Arnhem Land – Peter Morse
EXMOUTH BILLFISH – going west for marlin and sailfish on fly – Dean Butler
SLIP SLIDING AWAY – staking a claim on Southland’s Taieri River – Bob Wyatt
HOW NOT TO CATCH FISH – facing inner demons – Susan Brown
TYING TADDIES – experimental tadpole patterns – Peter Leuver
SIMPLE SPANISH – Broome’s mackerel challenge – Ben Little
ON THE BEACH – Jig Hook Whistler – Chris Beech
POSTCARD – Cheesman Canyon – Steve Cooper

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Issue 63, Autumn 2011

JUNGLE HUNTERS – tight-water trophies, NZ – Lyttle & Gathercole
THE NONOUTI PROJECT – new Pacific bonefish destination – Morse
NAMELESS BY NATURE – challenging trout in Western Lakes, TAS – Harris
DAMPIER PENINSULA – Kimberley coast WA photo essay – Williams
MOVERS & SHAKERS – Rob Meade’s innovative snagless flies – Beech
ONE MAN’S RIVER – fishing the Arnold River, NZ with Johnny Groome – Grzelewski
THE FINDING – a special place in Victoria’s high country – Cloutier
COFFEE WITH GEIRACH – interview with the original trout bum – Cooper Read article online
BARRA & BOAR – Victoria River NT adventure – Fisher & Congram
FLY BLOWN – sunken blow fly pattern – Leuver
RETURN TO OMEO – Victoria’s north east streams – Powell
DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH – Darwin’s diamond scale mullet – Starling
ON THE BEACH – Bendy Roller Popper – Beech
POSTCARD – Iceland – Rist

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Issue 62, Summer 2010/11

BATTLING THE WIND – casts to beat a breeze – McNeil Read article online
WRINKLES OF THE RISE – trout with poor taste – Conway
EXMOUTH & BEYOND – remote coast of WA – Morse
OTOMANGAKAU – special place to camp in NZ – Grzelewski
FLY FISHING FOUNDATIONS – making basic skill adjustments – Hackett
INTERNATIONAL SKINK RESUE – saratoga in the Jardine swamps – Simson
PEJAR’S BACK – return of a trophy fishery – Dawson
BOULDER DANCING – pocket water tips – Cloutier
SHALLOW WATER SALMON – Mallacoota flats – Strahan
PHEASANT TAIL RED SPINNER – para-loop hackled mayfly – Leuver
THE BENDBACK COMEBACK – impoundment barramundi on classic fly – Harrison
ON THE BEACH – Chili Pepper – Beech
POSTCARD – Mongolia – French

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FLcover-61Issue 61, Spring 2010

TRUE FLIES – matching an unsavoury hatch – Morse
THE BASS FROM SNOWY RIVER – iconic Australian river rediscovered – Harris
WIGGLE, PILE & TUCK – casts to combat drag – McNeil Read article online
THE EMERGING WOOLLY BUGGER – modified favourite – Rist
SECOND TIME LUCKY – Parengarenga Harbour – Eggleton
SEA TROUT QUEST – world’s biggest sea-runners – Kucera
STRIPED CITY GOERS – tuna in Hobart’s Derwent River – Peel & Frey
SCHOOL OF FLY – Victorian students in NZ – Kuch
WATSON’S FANCY SPINNER – foam post mayfly – Leuver
DOCKLANDS BREAM – Melbourne jetty dwellers – Seah
TARANA TALE – fish in the Fish, close to Sydney – Mode
WALK’EM UP CAPE YORK – freshwater options – Steptoe
ON THE BEACH – Fat Boy – Beech

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FLcover-60Issue 60, Winter 2010

REACH & ROLL – casts that catch fish – McNeil Read article online
BEYOND COMPLACENCY – saltwater rebirth – Rillstone
RAINBOW DEMONS – Rangitikei with Marc Petitjean – Grzelewski
TOUGH TIMES – dealing with fickle weather in Tasmania – Taylor
TURNING JAPANESE – using Tenkara rods, Samurai-style – Freudenberger
SOUTHERN SOJOURN – South Island photo essay – Simson
KRILL SEEKERS – tactics for krill-feeders – Worthington
THE SEVEN P’s OF FLY FISHING – lessons from competition – Dawson
JIG HEADS & LOADED LOOPS – fast-sinking flies for the tropics – Rist
LORD OF THE FLIES – march fly imitation – Leuver
JURASSIC RAINBOWS – Huge Argentinian trout from Lake Strobel – Staiger
CHRISTMAS IN JULY – comparing bonefish to trout – Cloutier
ON THE BEACH – Hammerhead BMS – Beech
POSTCARD – Ireland – French



FLcover-59Issue 59, Autumn 2010

FAR DOWNERS – wrangling trout in Haast, NZ – Grzelewski
NORTHERN EXPOSURE – yearning for Broome, WA – Penn
QUESTIONABLE SECRETS – exposing the upper Tumut River – Freudenberger
THE BROKEN RIVERS – Tasmania’s less visited streams – French Read article online
PLASTIC FANTASTIC – crafty damsel fly pattern – Davis Read article online
BOGONG BEGINNINGS – Victoria’s high plains – Cloutier
MOVE IT – reflecting on life in Tasmania – Stackpole
EASY PICKINGS – ten fishy places in the salt – Worthington
MONKEY BUSINESS – versatile and bright emerger – Leuver
THE TROPICAL TAKE – tackling northern species – O’Reilly
RANGITIKEI TREK – mission to a wilderness river – Haynes
BREAD ON THE STONES – taking to the rocks with a 6-weight – Robley
ON THE BEACH – Rattle Rouser – Beech
POSTCARD – Austria – Brown



IFLcover-58ssue 58, Summer 2009/10

RAIN DANCE – rising water on Tassie lakes – French
DEEP SECRETS – selectivity and nymphs – Wyatt
EXMOUTH TO BROOME – bonefish & permit odyssey – Congram & Fisher
SUPER PUPA – secret caddis unleashed – Christensen & Poppelhoj
THE SOUTH ESK – iconic Tasmania river – Hackett
THE HATCHLING – unusual fly for natives – Davis Read article online
CHASING TROPHY KINGFISH – tough opponents in NZ – Mathieson
DON’T FORGET YOUR 3-WEIGHT – South Island twig water – Anderson
THE BRONTE CADDIS – Greg Beecroft’s orange caddis pattern – Leuver
TABLELAND TROUT – New England art – Cassidy
TARPON JOURNEY – fulfilling a dream – Bradley
BACK TO THE SIXTIES – reliving past glories – Mode
ON THE BEACH – Slinky Minnow – Beech
POSTCARD – Los Roques – Gilbey



FLcover-57Issue 57, Spring 2009 – SOLD OUT

TONGARIRO REVISITED – paying tribute – Anderson
FLOAT TUBE BARRA – impoundment barramundi – Davis Read article online
HAPPY AS LARRY – backcountry exploring Reefton, NZ – Grzelewski
HIGHLAND BAITBALLS – Western Lakes galaxiid feeders – Hackett
THE DEADLIEST CATCH – NZ kingfish – Christensen
BACK COUNTRY LITE – treading softly in the Snowy Mountains – Freudenberger
RODS, RINGS & ROLLERS – European nymphing on local rivers – Spelic
AN EYE FOR ART – photographer and artist compare notes – Harris & Zaadstra
COCOS BONES – Indian Ocean bonefishing – Bell
GIPPSLAND PERCH – cracking the code on estuary perch – Strahan
THE BREDBO – Australia’s original trout fly – Leuver
SPRING FORECAST – early-season in Victoria – Cloutier
ON THE BEACH – Foamberg – Beech
POSTCARD – Amazon – Botha

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FLcover-56Issue 56, Winter 2009

TWO VALLEYS – Victoria’s north-east – McBurnie
SIGHTS SET ON BYNOE – sight fishing in the top-end – Harris
WIZARDS & WILDERNESS TROUT – New Zealand adventure – Christensen
SALMON SOLUTIONS – rounding up Aussie battlers – Barker
THE LAKE EDGE – South Island stillwaters – Wyatt
CAPE YORK ROAD TRIP – the do-it-yourself approach – Rist
BEYOND MAYDENA – trout in Tasmania’s southern forests – French
GAME, SET & MATCH – turn a tennis ball into a willow grub – Leuver
ICE MEN – mid-winter in the Snowy Mountains – Buchanan
EUCUMBENE ON THE RISE – a remarkable season – Daniel & Dawson
SNAPPER STALKING – New Zealand’s nort-est coast – Worthington
SPOILS FROM THE CHANNEL – southern tasmanian seafood – McKinley Read article online
ON THE BEACH – KC’s bass fly – Beech
POSTCARD – Rockies, USA – Coe



FLcover-55Issue 55, Autumn 2009

SWAMPY PLAINS DRIFTERS – rafting an iconic river – Anderson & MacDonald
TOP END RAIDERS – Darwin trip on the cheap – Harris
THE MAJOR, THE MAYFLY & THE CONVICT MAID – W Powlett flies – Lawton – Read article online
TAKE TWO – questioning the use of two dry flies – Sloane
COLOURS OF THE CAPE – photo essay on Cape York – Simson
SOUTHERN LAKES SMELTING – Lake Hawea – Grzelewski
TESTING THE TOAD – Tarpon Toad in Australia – Donald
JELLY LEGS – more jelly cord uses – Griffiths
LAND OF KINGS – Marlon Brando’s Tahitiian island – McHugh
UP TAILS ALL – using CDC feathers – Wessolowski
WATER WORLD – goggles, snorkel & fly rod – Hancock
FLYING DEEP – Hervey Bay bottom dwellers – Cherrett
ON THE BEACH – Tarpon Toad – Beech
POSTCARD – Slovenia – French

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FLcover-54Issue 54, Summer 2008/09

TROUT ON THE FLATS – Mackenzie basin lakes – McHugh
THE JEWELLER’S NYMPH – cased-caddis pattern – Davis
PARENGARENGA – NZ’s wild north – Mathieson
BOWEN TO MACKAY – Queensland’s central flats – Litjens
POLAROIDING FAQs – fish spotting tips – French – Read article online
DRAGGING YOUR DRIFT – active nymphing style – Chu
IN PRAISE OF THE BLOWFLY – Hickling and Leuver
ISLAND TIME – Lord Howe Island – Dickson
GOULBURN SIGHT FISHING – high water on Vic tailrace – Strahan
BREAM BY KAYAK – Paddling for bream – Robley
PASS THE AMMO – no-hackle dries – Wyatt
BOOTS & GAITERS – walking to remote Snowy Mountains waters – Levett
ON THE BEACH – Andy’s Fuzzy Crab – Beech
POSTCARD – Argentina – Wallace



FLcover-53Issue 53, Spring 2008

AT WIT’S END – sight fishing tips – French
FABLE OF LA FONTAINE – Westland spring creek, NZ – Grzelewski
NAILING GT’s – baddest flats fish – Gilbey
TROUT WITH ALTITUDE – Victorian high country streams – Cloutier
SOUTHLAND FRONT ROW – favourite trout flies – Chu
PERMIT PILGRIMS – Cape York wish list – Felton
THE WALLS TO THE CLIFFS – Mersey River, Tas – Hackett – Read article online
IRON BLUE DUN – classic dry fly – Leuver
CATCH OF THE DAY – skipping work – Sloane
NORTH ISLAND SWOFFING – Coromandel rock ledges – Williams
JELLY EMERGERS – caddis and mayfly emergers – Griffiths
SMALL THINGS – mullet and garfish – Starling
ON THE BEACH – Jelly Minnow – Beech
POSTCARD – Solomon Islands – Smith



FLcover-52Issue 52, Winter 2008

DRIFTS & CURVES – Tumut River driftboating – Harris – Read article onlineView promo
DEEP NYMPHING – nymph tactic for lakes – Gott
EAST COAST BONEFISH – Whitsundays discovery – Litjens
BAREFOOT BARRA – winter lake-dwelling barra – Harrison
WINTER STORY – stillwater trout in Victoria – Cloutier
TOP GEAR – man vs. machine to Julian Lakes – Sloane
WAY OUT WEST – saltwater introduction in WA – Wyatt
HEART OF FIORDLAND – South Island wilderness – Reygaert
TONGARIRO REFRESHER – nymphing tactics – Griffiths
DAINTY DAMSELS – adult damselfly pattern – Leuver
GREEN & GOLD – New England cod – Barker
TUAMOTO TUTORIAL – Tahitian island hopping – Worthington
ON THE BEACH – Felty’s Suspender Crab – Beech
POSTCARD – Kuala Rompin – Morgan

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FLcover-51Issue 51, Autumn 2008

CRIMP NYMPHS – realistic imitations – Griffiths
SUBURBAN BROWNS – Hobart’s urban streams – Gouldthorpe
SPRING LOADED – secret spring creeks, NZ – McHugh
BILLABONGS & BEACHES – Aurukun, Cape York – Spelic – Read article online
CHASING TUNA – range of species – Bromhead
LITTLE LESSONS – small-stream tactics – Cloutier
DAN’S HOPPER – Deer-hair grasshopper – Leuver
PICKING POCKETS – Pocket water techniques – Powell
MYALL LAKES LUDERICK – seaside nymphing – Dickson
FRESH FROM THE NET – trip planning on the web – Freudenberger
RETRIEVES FOR ROCK KINGS – kingfish off the rocks – Worthington
BETTER CASTING – collection of top guns’ casting tips – Hayes
ON THE BEACH – Polarfibre Minnow – Beech
POSTCARD – Cook Islands – Eichelscheim



FLcover-50Issue 50, Summer 2007/08

BLAIR MOUSE PROJECT- mousing trout in South Island
A BASIC FLY BOX: FLOATING FLIES – Tassie selection – Dell
CLOSE ENCOUNTERS – close-range trouting – Taransky
50 WAYS TO TIE A CLOUSER – variations on a popular pattern – Beech
EXMOUTH & NINGALOO – Australian bonefish – Sloane – Read article online
BROWN TROUT, BUSH STREAMS & CICADAS – backcountry NZ – Griffiths
REVISITING THE NINETEEN LAGOONS – favourite tassie fishery – French
KINGFISH RISE – evening Tauranga fishing – McHugh
DEADBEAT DUNS – hatching baetids – Conway
GOING WITH THE FLOW – downstream dry fly – Dally
A TOAST TO RICK VARLEY – inspirational fly fisher – Duggan
A MOTH FOR THE MOUNTAINS – bogong moth pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – White Thing/Chunky Momma – Beech
POSTCARD – Norway – Brown



FLcover-49Issue 49, Spring 2007

GUILT FREE WORMIN’- flooded margins NZ – McHugh
NIGHT SHIFT – night fishing Snowy Mountains lakes – Harris – Read article online
PARADISE FOUND – Penrhyn Island – Sloane
ROD RAGE – 6-weight rod shootout – Anderson
REAL RUAKITURI – wild NZ North Island river – French
GREAT LAKE – favourite Tasmanian water – Taylor
CZECH NYMPHS – bottom bouncing patterns – Leuver
JELLY NYMPHS – lifelike transparent flies – Griffiths
HOT DAYS & HAY FEVER – spawning bream in SA – Grindle
PILBARA ISLAND HOPPING – remote north WA – Penn
ON THE BEACH – CB’s Garfish – Beech
POSTCARD – Chile – Kennedy



IFLcover-48ssue 48, Winter 2007

THE ART OF SPEY – single handed spey casting – Smith
THE THREDBO – from top to bottom – Anderson
SIGHT CASTING BASICS – Weipa sight fishing lessons – Butler
FOOTPRINTS & ORANGE PEEL – autumn in South Island – Sloane & Bachman – Read Article online
A BASIC FLY BOX: SUB-SURFACE FLIES – Tassie selection – Dell
ROTORUA RESCUE – NZ lakes in winter – Kaksa
PLEASING PARORE – NZ luderick on fly – McHugh & Reygaert
LEAP OF FAITH – Catching the fly fishing bug – Mode
MELBOURNE: THE PLACE TO BE – Seaside suburbs – Beech
DEALING WITH CARP – catching an unpopular fish – Davis
A FLY IN THE SURF – North of Auckland – Worthington
ON THE BEACH – Bynoe Bendback – Beech
POSTCARD – Dorset, England – Witting



FLcover-47Issue 47, Autumn 2007

DRY FLY BONES – surface feeding bonefish – Kristensen
TIME ON THE MOONBAH – Snowy Mountains retreat – Spelic
MARLIN ON THE FLATS – Fraser Island – Bromhead – Read Article online
AUTUMN LAKE RUNNERS – targeting spawn-run trout in NZ – McHugh
CUTTHROAT MANAGEMENT – fishing & its regulations in Canada – French
BRIGHT IDEAS – new directions in bright trout flies – Hackett
SPECIFIC TROUT – willow grubbers on the Mataura River – Wyatt
WEST COAST SALMON – Perth, Western Australia – Penn
AUPOURI ADVENTURE – New Zealand’s northern coastline – Worthington
PARSON’S GLORY – prize winning import – Leuver
ON DAMS – stocked farm dams – Charter
STILLWATER STICK CADDIS – underrated patterns – Weigall
ON THE BEACH – KC’s Keel Fly – Beech
POSTCARD – Hawaiian bonefish – Thomas



IFLcover-46ssue 46, Summer 2006/07

THE SHORT GAME – getting close to trout – Anderson
BRIDGE TO BRIDGE – Hobart sea run trout – French
LACE MOTH MADNESS – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand – Spelic – Read Article online
SNAPPER SURPRISE – New Zealand shallows – Hoffman
DIRTY DAYS – adverse conditions in Cape York – Adams
DEFEATING DRAG – casting techniques – Bourne & Taransky
GOING BARBLESS – debating the virtues – Powell
HIGH FLYING MARLIN – Port Stephens – Butler
THE INCREDIBLE T.C. – classic mudeye pattern – Barker
BONE FIX – Christmas Island debrief – Sloane
TROUT LOLLIES – four loch-style dries – Hayes & Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Christmas Island Special – Beech
POSTCARD – Firehole ranch, Montana – Bachman



FLcover-45Issue 45, Spring 2006

SIZZLING SEYCHELLES – trip of a lifetime – Gilbey
BRUMBYS CREEK – Tasmanian tailwater fishery – Hackett – Read Article online
BLAZING SADDLES – horseback trip in Snowy Mountains – Morse
EMERALD WATERS – Fiordland, NZ – Reygaert
SOFTLY SOFTLY – soft-hackled wets – Dally
WOOL-HEAD SCULPIN – gudgeon imitation – Leuver
CHUDLEIGH LAKES – Tasmanian wilderness – French
HINCHINBROOK HIGHLIGHTS – Queensland grand slam – Bradley
DEEP TROUBLE – Bay of Islands kingfish – Worthington
OBERON ENCORE – Sydney hinterland – Coles
COD STOPPERS – flies for Murray Cod – Beech
LIFE IN THE LILLIES – saratoga fishing – Davison
ON THE BEACH – Crease Fly – Beech
POSTCARD – Penryhn revisited – Bannerot



FLcover-44Issue 44, Winter 2006

TROUT VISION – Wessolowski
TRIGGER HAPPY – supernormal fly design – Wyatt
GOULBURN DAYS – Victoria’s Goulburn River – Smith
RIVER FLY LESSONS – first timer on Tasmania’s northern rivers – Harris
WATTLE TREES & MICRO BEETLES – Sloane – Read Article online
DR WARK – Ian Wark’s special fly – Leuver
CORAL SEA ODYSSEY – exploring the Coral Sea Island Territories – Steptoe
NEW ENGLAND COD – native cod – Morse
LAKE KING WILLIAM – a neglected Tasmanian fishery – French
WINTER IN WANAKA – swap skis for a fly rod – Grzelewski
BREAM FLY EVOLUTION – the latest bream flies – Adams
BLACK ON GOLD – Gold Coast marlin – Booth
ON THE BEACH – Gartside Gurgler – Beech
POSTCARD – Southern Africa – Gilbey



IFLcover-43ssue 43, Autumn 2006

DAWN TO DUSK – full day on a high-country river – Weigall
FINDING A TROPHY – measuring success in the NZ back country – Tasker
A BIT ABOUT BAIT – a look at baitfish diversity – Morse
FLY CASTING EXERCISES – simple casting lessons – Kreh
RUN-OFF BARRA – faster retrieve for barramundi – Adams
REWARDING RECKLESSNESS – aggressive fishing style – French – Read Article online
CRACKING THE CODE – South Island caddis-feeders – Agar
FOAM THORAX EMERGERS – buoyant fly theme – Dally
NYMPHING ORIGINS – nymph-fishing heritage – Lawton
THE MIGHTY SAMSON – heavyweight contender from the west – Holt
BARRACOUTA – toothy predator in temperate seas – Worthington
SPIDER BAIT – simple wet flies – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Eye Candy – Beech
POSTCARD – Christmas Island revisited – McGlashan



FLcover-42Issue 42, Summer 2005/06

BASS HUNTERS – Hunter Valley – Quirey & Pateman
SOLVING THE SMELTERS – bait-fish feeders – Weigall
TASMANIAN RIVER RENAISSANCE – rivers on the rise – Hackett – Read Article online
FISHED-OUT IN QUEENSTOWN – family holiday in NZ – French
LINE CONTROL – Rod Harrison
THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER – emerging insects & fly design – Wyatt
TRUE BLUE BONES – bonefish in Australia’s far west -Wolf
HOPPERS ON THE BUNDARRA – after the bushfires – West
GETTING INTO ROCK SWOFFING – rock fishing in NSW – Williams
MODIFIED NYMBEETS – favourite Scholes pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Dave’s Jiggy Baitfish – Beech
POSTCARD – Papua New Guinea – Hutchinson



IssFLcover-41ue 41, Spring 2005

CRYPTIC CREEKS – Snowy Mountains headwaters – Anderson
DUN DAYS – mayfly hatches on Victorian lakes – Weigall
DRIFT FEEDERS – trout feeding behaviour – Hayes & Hill
NORTHERN FLY SELECTION – patterns for northern Australia – Morse
HARBOUR VIEWS – Sydney kingfish & salmon – Adams & Duggan – Read Article online
GROOTE OPTIONS – charter a mothership – Scott Mitchell
TIMBERLINE TROUT – trout in the trees at Eucumbene – Spelic
ROUGH & READY – fly logic – French
THE SCHOLES LEGACY – Rob Sloane pays tribute to David Scholes
HARE & COPPER – NZ’s favourite nymph – Leuver
REAL HEAVY – tackle for the Exmouth Gulf – Larkan
ON THE BEACH – Given’s Barred and Black – Beech
POSTCARD – New York – Morse



IFLcover-40ssue 40, Winter 2005

FORTY SOMETHING – FlyLife celebrates 10 years and 40 issues
THE FUSS ABOUT FUZZLE – fuzzling technique – Wilson – Read Article online
THOROUGHLY BLESSED – a season on Victorian streams – Thomas
TASMANIA’S WILDERNESS RAINBOWS – Mersey headwater lakes – French
NO-HATCH MIDGE METHODS – bloodworms – Weigall
MILKFISH MEDICINE – milkfish on fly – Morse
SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL – casting tips from Peter Hayes – Larkan
DOIN’ TIME IN NOOSA – a trendy place to fish in Queensland – Adams
HOLY MACKEREL – ‘the rock’, New Caledonia – Sloane
SUSPICIOUS MINDS OR TUNNELL VISION? – questions about trout intelligence – Wyatt
ANCHOVY BOMB – snapper fly theories – Worthington
CLC CADDIS – evening caddis pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Culgin’s Tunnel Popper – Beech



FLcover-39Issue 39, Autumn 2005

TIME FOR TOOMS – Tooms Lake in Tasmania’s eastern highlands – Sloane – Read Article online
LOW RIDERS – low-riding surface flies – Cloutier
PERMIT, ON THE DRY! – floating crab revelations – Starling
GONE SOUTH – Tasmania’s saltwater fly fishing potential – Morse
WILD RIVER BASS – Macleay River, northern NSW – Graham
THERE FOR THE TAKING – fly takes and rejections – Birt
BIG, BAD & UGLY – dirty water fishing – Weigall
HUGH McDOWELL – profile – Jarvis
GOING FOR DISTANCE – practical casting advice – Kaksa
BASKET CASE – a run-down on stripping baskets – Beech
JULIANNA’S JOURNEY – Steven Dally introduces his wife to fly fishing
RED SHIMMER BEETLE – vibrant beetle pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Polarbean – Beech
POSTCARD – Guatemala – Adams

Issue 38, Summer 2004/05

DANCING DAMSELS – damselflies & leaping trout – Butler
TARARUA TROUT – Wellington streams – Walrond
WILSON’S WAY – SW Victoria visit – Morse & Anderson
THE STIMULATOR – a not-so-subtle summer fly – Elks
SHARK BAY – Western Australia charter trip – Mitchell
KRILLS & THRILLS – krill feeders in New Zealand – Worthington
FULLY LOADED – tropical pylon dwellers – Davison
SUMMER WISHES – summer fishing in Victoria – Weigall
CARPUS DELICTI – carping around Canberra – Neville
LIKELY SUSPECTS – traditional wet flies rediscovered – Grose
ULTRA LIGHT – light tackle extremists – Bantich
MIGHTY MIDGE – midge with an unusual twist – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – The Squimp – Beech
POSTCARD – Fakarava Blues (Tahiti) – Sloane



IFLcover-37ssue 37, Spring 2004

FASTWATER REFRESHER – freestone stream lessons – Weigall
FLY CHANGE THEORY – a lifetime of fly changes – Sloane
MANUPI ON FLY – Melville Island – Roberts
EXTREME FLY FISHING – a hunt for the meanest fly eaters- Butler
BOTANY BAY – a famous piece of water mapped out – Robley
SPRING FLY SELECTION – early season fishing in Tasmania – Wolf
THE BISHOPSTOKE CONNECTION – the origins of Antipodean trout – Mole
TROUT BEHAVING BADLY – moods of back-country trout – Tasker
STRIP TEASE – a repertoire of retrieves – Morse
PRAWN COCKTAIL – the best local prawn patterns – Beech
HANGAROA & BEYOND – the Ruas Track in the North Island, NZ – French
GO THE POODLE! – a ‘poochy’ mudeye pattern – Leuver
ON THE BEACH – Squidling – Beech
POSTCARD – Oman, Northern Africa – Montoya



IFLcover-36ssue 36, Winter 2004

TOP OF THE SOUTH – Top of the South Island, New Zealand – Sloane – Read Article online
BLOODY MIDGES – bloodword imitation – Elks
LITTLE GEMS – small streams in Tasmania’s NE – Grose
SHOOTING HEADS – the use of shooting head systems – Morse
BEND IT IN BRISBANE – fly fishing around the Queensland capital – Ash
FORGOTTEN BREAM – Tasmanian bream fishing – Sloane & Haley
SHADES OF GREEN – barramundi in the Daintree – Brown
BARRINGTON TOPS – a fragile fishery – Quirey & Pateman
SOMETHING ABOUT SALMON – winter swoffing in Victoria – Grose
PORT NOARLUNGA – options south of Adelaide – Grindle
TIMING ON THE TONGARIRO – Tongariro River, NZ – Adams
THE CLUMSY – a rough but effective nymph – Leuver
POSTCARD – Montana – Dally


Issue 35, Autumn 2004

SHRIMPS & THINGS – shrimp feeders in Tasmanian lakes – Sloane – Read Article online
TUSSOCK TIME – Otago & Southland at cicada time – Agar
THE SUBTLE SEASON – autumn in NE Victoria – Cloutier
BONEHEADS – bonefish in Western Australia – Morse
EAST CAPE KINGS – NZ rock swoffing – Spelic
SUCCESS ON STILLWATERS – Victorian lake fishing – Weigall
PORT ALBERT PERCH – estuary perch – Kuch
DIFFERENT STROKES – kayak fishing Sydney Harbour – Pankhurst & Fortmann
SERIOUS ABOUT SILVERS – silver trevally on fly – Worthington
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – Jindabyne & Eucumbene – Sloane & Busch
CAMERA ANGLING – fly fishing photography – Conway
JAN’S BEETLES & JASSIDS – foam beetle patterns – Leuver
POSTCARD – Kuala Lumpur – Borg



FLcover-34Issue 34, Summer 2003/04

DELEATIDIUM DELIGHTS – Mataura River mayflies – Agar
KICK FROGS & BASS TAGS – Australian bass surface flies – Elks
SHORT LINE NYMPHING – fast water nymphing – Marriner
CRABS ON THE MENU – salt water crab flies – Morse
DAN BLANTON – profile – Harrison
ONE FLY STYLE – Tasmanian lake fishing – Grose
BACKYARD BREAM – Sydney suburbs bream – McGlashan
SOUTH PACIFIC BONEFISH – two new destinations – Montoya & Mitchell – Read Article online
RAY BROWN’S MUNIONGA – giant Kosciuszko dun – Leuver
UNGUIDED EXPECTATIONS – advice for the fly fishing traveller – Sloane
GOOD THINGS IN SMALL STREAMS – hidden streams – Petty
WHEN THE GODS SMILE – NZ cicada fishing – Baty
POSTCARD – Japan – Weigall



Issue 33, Spring 2003

BAD HABITS – Casting help from Rod Harrison – Brown
SPOOKED – Trout behaviour – Birt
FLIES OF NORTH AMERICA – latest overseas patterns – Dally
DEEP FLY PERCH – Estuary perch – Adams
BACK TO BROOME – Far north of WA – Roberts
MAC TIME – Early season Maclaughlin River – Langford
GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Advice for the fly fishing traveller – Sloane – Read Article online
BIG BAD BOOBIES – Boobie fly family – Hoffman
PLAYING HARD TO GET – trout on the fly rod – Wolf
MERE MULLET – trout logic on fussy mullet – Taransky
TUGGERAH BREAM – NSW central coast bream – Robley
THE ROAD KILL – Scruffy possum fly – Leuver
THE MACALISTER CATCHMENT – Worthwhile Gippsland (Victoria) streams – Weigall
POSTCARD – Slovenia – Spelic.



FLcover-32Issue 32, Winter 2003

THE DAY OF THE JASSIDS – A leafhopper resurgence in Tasmania – Sloane
UP CLOSE & PERSONAL – A fussy Mataura brown – Kuch & Foat
DOUBLE TROUBLE – Tandem nymphs and indicator rigs – Wilson
FLATS FISHING SOUTHERN STYLE – Southern estuary flats – Beech
ROWLEY SHOALS – Remote north-western atolls – Mitchell
GOING BUSH IN THE NORTH ISLAND – Novel eco-tourist retreat – French
AFTER THE FIRES – Post-bushfire visit to Falls Creek – Weigall – Read Article online
THE INSHORE FOUR – Sydney’s four most wanted species – McGlashan
JEWFISH ON FLY – Clandestine mulloway fishing – Williams
BUDAWANG BASS – Clyde River bass – Spelic
FURTHER EMERGERS – More variant emergers – Leuver
SUBMARINE SEDGE – A Scandinavian emerger – Bech-Petersen
POSTCARD – Maryland, USA – Taransky



FLcover-31Issue 31, Autumn 2003

MADDENING MIDGES – Lake Eucumbene midge hatch – Harris
THE M.R.E. – Irrestible trout fly – Elks
FOOD LOVERS’ GUIDE – The feeding habits of trout – Sloane
BLUE LAGOON BONEFISH – Cook Islands bonefish – Finney
BEACH BASICS – Fly fishing beaches – Jones
PLANKS & PYLONS – Southern jetty dwellers on fly – Knaggs
MICRO PRESENTATIONS – The finer points of fly fishing – Weigall
DRIFT & DRAG – Indicator nymphing – Kuch
SPIRIT OF THE NORTH – Seven Spirit Bay, Arnhem Land – Hawkins
LOCH-STYLE SOLUTIONS – Boat fishing techniques – Grose – Read Article online
HEAD & SHOULDERS EMERGER – CDC emergers – Leuver
THE OTHER SIDE OF HERVEY BAY – Hervey Bay in the cooler months – Morse
POSTCARD – Alaska – Dally



FLcover-30Issue 30, Summer 2002/03

HOPPER TIME – The hopper season in Victoria – Weigall – Read Article online
YARRANGOBILLY – Snowy Mountains wilderness river – Dunstan
CICADA TIME AT ONSLOW – Summer hatch on South Island lake – Agar
THE KING THING – Kingfish on fly – Hendricks & Worthington
TAKING PRECAUTIONS – Avoiding frustrating hang-ups – Harrison
SWEET THINGS – Sweetlip family – Morse
PIGS DO FLY – Tackling tough rock dwellers – Williams
THE FRENCH CONNECTION – The truth about Greg French – Sloane
TROUT POLITICS – The NSW trout stocking debate – McRae
STILLWATER NYMPHING – Nymphing tactics at mayfly time – McKinley
LOVE’S LURE – A handsome beetle pattern – Leuver
SWOFFERS GUIDE TO PORT LINCOLN – South Australian sea port profile – Murton
POSTCARD – New Caledonia – Wells



FLcover-29Issue 29, Spring 2002 – SOLD OUT

SALTWATER FAQs – Frequently asked questions answered – Morse & Sloane – Read Article online
EMERGENCY USE ONLY – Woolly Bugger – Elks
TAMING THE WIND – South Island streams & wind – Trowbridge
20 WAYS TO LOSE A TUNA – Weipa experiences – Clewlow & Sloane
ROCK BAR BREAM – Bream fishing around rocky substrates – Adams
MAY TIME FLY – Tasmanian mayfly time – Sloane
BLESSED BE THE BROOKIE – Brook trout in Australia & New Zealand – Power
SIMPLY DEADLY – 3 simple nymph patterns – Weigall
ROO TAILS – Rick Keam’s kangaroo hair dry – Leuver
FISHING FOR IDEAS – Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats – Grose
HELICOPTER BASS – Remote New England bass waters – Graham
MALLACOOTA – Remote eastern Victorian estuary – McGlashan
WALKING IN THE WESSELS – Land-based fishing in Arnhem Land – Morse
POSTCARD – Argentina – Thomson


FLcover-28Issue 28, Winter 2002

THE DUN THING – Tasmanian trout expedition – Gleisner & Bachman
THE TRUTH ABOUT TROUT REVISITED – Rob revisits his first book – Sloane
SKIN DEEP – colour variations in trout – Walrond
FITS, STARTS & FLASHES – success with those elusive bream – Busch – Read Article online
LET IT RAIN – wet weather in the South Island confronted – French
SALTY PRESENTATIONS – saltwater fly fishing tactics – Cooper
TROUBLE WITH TREVALLY – the trevally tribe – Morse
WINGLESS SOLDIERS – an unusual trout food on Jindabyne – Spelic
THE WATER HAUL – an energy saving cast – Harrison
BARRY LODGE – reflections on a fly-tier’s life – Braithwaite & Leuver
RIVER DANCE – Jane Gardner gains her fly fishing independence – Gardner
BARRA BUSTERS – home grown barra flies – Redpath
POSTCARD – Alaska – Dally



FLcover-27Issue 27, Autumn 2002

ENJOY THE VIEW – highly visible emergers – Elks
STILLWATER ALTERNATIVES – New Zealand lakes – Adams & Vaz
THE TOO HARD POOL – soft leaders for drag free drifts – Conway
MASTERING THE ROLL CAST – practical advice on roll casting – Kreh
SALTWATER SUBTLETIES – sight fishing the tropical north – Sloane
KING SOUND ON A BUDGET – Kimberley coast from Derby – Roberts
‘LAKER’ BARRA & BASS – Queensland impoundment scene – Harrison
TASSIE’S LITTLE TREASURES – small-stream fishing – Bantich
STICKY CADDIS – Murray Wilson’s stick-caddis pattern – Leuver
ESD … THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY – ecologically sustainable development – Young – Read Article online
MOPPING UP – late evening rises on rivers and lakes – Weigall
POSTCARD – Midway Atoll GT’s – McGlashan



FLcover-26Issue 26, Summer 2001/02

CATCH & RELEASE: DOES IT WORK? – the latest research findings – French
BIG BLUE SKY – polaroiding summer trout in lakes – Cloutier
REEL WOMEN – women and fly fishing – Dally
PINKIES, PORGIES & REDS – snapper on fly – Low & Worthington
SLIP, SLAP & SLURP – big summer dries on Tasmanian lakes – Spencer
CREEKS OF BENALLA – trout in the heartland of Victoria – Stackpole
RESISTING THE RETRIEVE – inert wet flies on lakes – Weigall
BONEFISH & BEAUJOLAIS – huge bonefish close to home – Sloane – Read Article online
THREADFIN FASCINATION – threadfin salmon on fly – Morse
LEGLESS WONDERS – tying deer hair emergers – Wyatt & Leuver
POSTCARD – Belize – Mitchell



IFLcover-25ssue 25, Spring 2001

MURRUMBIDGEE – NSW river profile – Harris
MENTAL AS ANYTHING – it’s the thought that counts – Sloane
CAUGHT ON FILM – NZ photographic essay – Trowbridge
EASY PICKINGS – easy trout waters in Victoria – Weigall
REGULATING USE OF THE BACKCOUNTRY – bureaucrats & quotas- French – Read Article online
ARCHER RIVER – Qld giant barramundi – Andrews
SPIES WITH FLIES – Victorian saltwater scene – Cooper
HARROISMS – Rod Harrison interview – Morse
ELKS’ NYMPH & INDICATOR – fly tying – Leuver
MARVELLOUS MUDEYES – favourite dragonfly nymph patterns – Innes
NORTH WEST CAPE – saltwater action in WA – Blanksby
POSTCARD— Canada – Nick Kuch



FLcover-24Issue 24, Winter 2001

IN PRAISE OF STILLWATERS – lake fishing – Sloane
TROUT SIZE & INTELLIGENCE – are trophy trout smarter? – Bell
NYMPHING FOR LAZY TROUT – stream fishing technique – Weigall – Read Article online
PITTWATER PREDATORS – saltwater fly north of Sydney – Morse
TEASING QUEENIES – queenfish technique – McGlashan
SURFSIDE SALMON – Australian salmon (kahawai) from the beach – Murton
ARGYLE & THE ORD – Kimberley region, Western Australia – Bray
TASMANIAN TEMPTATION – photographic essay of Arthurs Lake – Anderson
DONNA’S NYMPH – fly tying – Leuver
GUIDE LINES – thoughts on guided fishing – Wilson
PORONUI – feature on New Zealand’s Poronui Ranch – Dyason



IFLcover-23ssue 23, Autumn 2001 – SOLD OUT

TRICK OR TREAT- thoughts on fly selection – Sloane – Read Article online
SOUTH ISLAND SUPER SIX – flies for fussy fish, NZ – Tasker/Trowbridge
LOCHSTYLE ON WENDOUREE – lochstyle fishing and flies, VIC – Hawkins/Coltman
PORT PHILLIP ON THE FLY – Port Phillip Bay, Victoria – Cooper
FLY FISHING JERVIS BAY – New South Wales – Finney
LONGTAILS – longtail tuna on fly – Morse
THREE FLIES FOR AUTUMN – trout flies for Victorian streams – Cloutier
NO HATCH DRIES – dry fly fishing on Tasmanian lakes – Grose
PORT OF PEARLS – saltwater fly around Broome, Western Australia – Bray
THE B.M.S. – fly tying – Leuver
TEN OF THE BEST FROM FRANCE – French flies – Marriner


FLcover-22Issue 22, Summer 2000/01

LORD HOWE ISLAND – saltwater fly destination- Butler
PLAIN OLD POLAROIDING – polaroiding technique – Sloane
BACKCOUNTRY SEASONS – South Island New Zealand – Tasker/Trowbridge
CHASING RAINBOWS – Snowy Mountains Streams, NSW – Hawkins
BULLEN MERRI – lake fishing, Victoria – Weigall
LAKEFIELD’S BARRA – Lakefield National Park, Queensland – Andrews
PRIME TIME PERMIT – permit fishing, Northern Australia – Morse – Read Article online
FISHING THERAPY – fishing options in the Northern Territory – Sloane
DON’T CALL ME TROUTY – first taste of saltwater fly – Clewlow
THE SHAVING BRUSH – fly tying – Leuver
FLAXY TIME – North Island New Zealand – Agar
MAXIMUM EXPOSURE – tactics for windy lake fishing – French
POSTCARD – TAIMEN TIME, Mongolia – Scott



FLcover-21Issue 21, Spring 2000

FLOAT BOATS – lake fishing, New Zealand – Morse
THE NINETEEN LAGOONS – Western Lakes, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
CRAWLERS & SWIMMERS – mayflies, New Zealand – Agar
OLYMPIC FLY FISHING – Sydney Harbour – O’Neill
SKINNY WATER BREAM – bream fishing – Adams
K.I. SALTWATER FLY – Kangaroo Island, South Australia – Murton
THE MOOLOOLABA VIBE – saltwater fly Expo, Queensland – Steptoe
GREEN GRIZZLY MARABOU – fly tying – Leuver
GOOSE CREEK SARATOGA – Melville Island – Fletoridis
OLYMPIC CITY RAINBOWS – Blue Mountains, Sydney – Starling
PURRUMBETE BROWNS – Lake Purrumbete, Victoria – Smith
DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? – tippet diameter, New Zealand – Tasker & Trowbridge
POSTCARD – BUDGET BONEFISH, Christmas Island – Staiger



FLcover-20Issue 20, Winter 2000 – SOLD OUT

RIVER GUIDE – rafting the lower Macquarie, Tasmania – Sloane
THE CATLINS COLOBURISCUS – mayflies, South Island NZ – Agar – Read Article online
THE MILLY MIDGE – midge fishing, Victoria – Weigall
BREAM FLIES & DAMNATION – bream fishing, New South Wales – Busch
SEA CHANGE – saltwater fly introduction – Sloane
JELLY BEANS & FAT ALBERTS – mackerel tuna, Queensland – Steptoe
THE LADY EDITH BEETLE – fly tying – Leuver
PELAGIC PEP TALK – inshore pelagics – Finney
WAIKAREITI – North Island NZ – French
WILSON’S WAY WITH FLIES – Murray Wilson profile, Victoria – Innes
HIDDEN THINGS – Blue Mountain streams, New South Wales – Morse/Anderson
POSTCARD – ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH, Rocky Mountains, Canada – Bray


FLcover-19Issue 19, Autumn 2000 – SOLD OUT

MOUNTAIN MEN – high country, New South Wales – Nagy
THE KIMBERLEY – far north, Western Australia – Gazecki/Douglas
NEW RIVER LAGOON – wilderness sea trout, Tasmania – French
TO PAUSE, OR NOT TO PAUSE – timing the strike, NZ – Tasker/Trowbridge
TROPICAL HIGH FLYERS – queenfish – Morse
TOP RODS – celebrity tournament, New South Wales – Gleisner/Bachman
DEEP FLY BASS – impoundment bass, Queensland – Watson – Read Article online
BUGGER – Woolly Bugger pattern – Sloane/Leuver
THE ROARING LION – wilderness, South Island NZ – Agar/Walrond
IN THE SHADOW OF KOSCIUSZKO – mountain streams – Weigall
POSTCARD – HIGH COUNTRY STYLE, Snowy Mountains – Sloane


FLcover-18Issue 18, Summer ’99/2000 – SOLD OUT

WORLD CLASS FISHING – Jindabyne, New South Wales – Charter
SHARP SHOOTING – fly casting – French
TIME & TIDE – sea trout, South Island, NZ – Walrond
ARRIPIS TRUTTA – Australian salmon (kahawai), Tasmania – Wolf
ONE MAN’S JUNK – fly catalogues – Dally
SECRET MEN’S BUSINESS – Cape York, Queensland – Sloane
ALL THAT JAZZ – Don Burrows profile, Montana Nymph tying – Leuver
RAFTING THE TONGARIRO – North Island, NZ – Morse
SMOOTH OPERATOR – saltwater retrieves, New Zealand – Worthington
LIFE ON THE LIVERPOOL – Northern Territory – Dyason – Read Article online
CURSE OF THE WILLOWS – willow grubs – Sloane


FLcover-17Issue 17, Spring ’99

TAKING THE BAIT – sea run trout, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
RED TAG ROUNDUP – fly tying – Leuver
IN PRAISE OF SMALL STREAMS – Snowy Mountains, NSW – Harris
VIVE LA DIFFERENCE – contrasts Victorian & New Zealand streams – Weigall
SYDNEY’S FLY LIFE – saltwater pelagics, New South Wales – Gazecki
CROKER ISLAND PERMIT – Northern Territory – Mitchell
PERTH METRO HERRING – saltwater, Western Australia – Roennfeldt
DUNLOP ON TUNA – yellowfin tuna, New South Wales – Morse
RANGITAIKI & THE UREWERAS – stream fishing, North Island, New Zealand – French
PROSPECTING THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS – small streams, New South Wales – McGovern



FLcover-16Issue 16, Winter ’99

PULL, HANG & DIBBLE – lake fishing with John Horsey, Tasmania – Sloane
NATURAL SELECTION – selective feeding – Weigall
LATE RISERS – river fishing, South Australia – Conway
ON GREEN PASTURES – Mataura, South Island NZ – Sloane/Hawkins
SUN, SAND & SURF – beach fishing – Beech/Jones
BILLABONG BARRA – barramundi, Northern Territory – Butler/Winterton – Read Article online
THE TROTHODG – fly tying, Tasmania – Leuver
ONCE BITTEN – mako sharks, Tasmania – Busch
SCHLOSSER – guide profile, South Island NZ – Ashdown



Issue 15, Autumn ’99


LOOKING FOR LESTER – Arthus Lake, Tasmania – French
STALKING TROPHY TROUT – pictorial, South Island NZ – Trowbridge
DON’T FORGET YOUR FLOAT TUBE – lake fishing, South Island NZ – Bech-Petersen/Larson
FLY BY NIGHT – night fishing flies – Weigall – Read Article online
SPANISH FLY – Spanish mackerel – Morse
THE TWO MOST LIKELY – bream & flathead, New South Wales – Finney
FISHING TOWARDS 2000 – saltwater fly – Busch
SUCKERS FOR THE FLY – squid – Paxevanos
THE TAIHAPE TICKLER – fly tying, New Zealand – Leuver
PROFILE – Peter Hayes




Issue 14, Summer ’98/99 – SOLD OUT

NEW ZEALAND’S MAYFLY ENIGMA – Mataura River, South Island NZ – Agar
ROMANCING THE THREDBO – Snowy Mountains, NSW – Dunstan/Bodsworth
CAUGHT IN THE A.C.T. – Googong Reservoir, ACT – Paxevanos
SHORT & SWEET – short casting, New Zealand – Lusk
GIANT HERRING – Cape York, Queensland – Starling
SNAILS, TAILS & THONGS – fly pattern, Western Lakes, Tasmania – Wolf
TAKEAWAY SALMON – inshore saltwater, New South Wales – Finney – Read Article online
CRAZY BONES- Christmas Island – Busch
CRAB CLAW ISLAND – Northern Territory – Bray
A REAL WHO DUN IT – Highland Dun pattern, Tasmania – Leuver/Peck


Issue 13, Spring ’98 – SOLD OUT

FUN IN THE SUN – Fraser Island, Queensland – Sloane
VICTORIAN TROUT FLY SELECTION – seasonal fly pattern guide – Smith
SOUTHERN SALMON – Atlantic salmon, Tasmania – Wolf – Read Article online
BUSHY ON BREAM – sight fishing, New South Wales – Busch
CREATURES ON THE BEACHES – Cape York, Queensland – Miller
TWO HANDS ON THE TONGARIRO – rainbows, North Island NZ – Morse
COCKATOO ISLAND – far north, Western Australia – Bray
WHEN THE NOR WESTER BLOWS – Canterbury, South Island NZ – Cloutier
THE EDGE – river fishing, Victoria – Weigall
SCOTT’S DOUBLE DECKER – fly tying – Leuver

FLcover-12Issue 12, Winter ’98 – SOLD OUT

LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS – wilderness river fishing, South Island – Spry
STILLWATER PRESENTATIONS – wet fly retrieves – Taylor/ Rickards
THE TROUT SCHOOL – upper Murray River & Millbrook Lakes, VIC – Sloane
THE MAYFLIES OF TASMANIA – Part 3, river species – Thresher
GO WEST – Western District lakes, Victoria – Weigall
PERMIT – flats fishing, Hinchinbrook, Queensland – Morse – Read Article online
SWOFFING ON SWEERS – Sweers Island, Gulf of Carpentaria – Dyason
THE NELSON GREEN EMERGER – fly tying – Leuver – Read Article online
TIGER CAMP – tiger fish, Africa – Kelly
FISHING THE RUNOFF – part 2, barramundi, Northern Territory – Shepherd
MID NORTH TACTICS – river fishing, South Australia – Conway
GROUND HOG DAY – lake fishing, Tasmania – Busch
SHORT CASTS – Mick Fletoridis, Joshua Nester, Rick Keam, Rod Barford, Tony Jacob



Issue 11, Autumn ’98 – SOLD OUT

MORE DRY FLY LOGIC – pocket water flies, New Zealand – Vlazny
COLOBURISCOIDES, THE GIANT DUN – mayflies, north-east Victoria – Weigall
NOTHING VENTURED – wilderness, Tasmania – French
THE S.A.S. FACTOR – saltwater fly presentations – Morse
FISHING THE RUNOFF – barramundi, Northern Territory – Shepherd
FISHING FOR IMAGES – bass & cod pictorial, New South Wales – Andrews – Read Article online
A LITTLE CORKER – fly tying – Leuver
CONSIDER THE SOOTY – sooty grunter, Queensland – Steptoe
THE MAYFLIES OF TASMANIA – Part 2, lake species – Thresher


Issue 10, Summer ’97/98 – SOLD OUT

AUSTRALIA’S BEST TROUT FLIES – fly patterns – Sloane/Roche
THE AMERICAN DREAM – Catskills, USA – Hindle
DEEP & SLIPPERY IN TURANGI – Taupo tributaries, North Island NZ – Dunstan
EFFICIENT FISHING – river fishing, Victoria – Weigall
BREAD & BUTTER SALTWATER FLY – New South Wales – Bennett – Read Article online
THE POOR MAN’S TROUT NO MORE – Blackfish, New South Wales – Samuels
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DAHLBERGS – fly tying – Greatorex
KNITTING TROUT FLIES – tying woven body flies – Leuver
THE MAYFLIES OF TASMANIA – Part 1, introduction – Thresher




Issue 9, Spring ’97 – SOLD OUT

A RIVER SOMEWHERE – north-eastern Victoria – Gleisner/Bachman
THE JOYS OF FLY TYING – Australian fly tying competition – Peter Leuver
NUCLEAR FISHIN’ – luminous flies, North Island NZ – French
TO BEAD OR NOT TO BEAD – bead head flies – Weigall
POCKET ROCKETS – inshore pelagics, New South Wales – Robley
BASS ON SMALL DRIES – native Australian bass, New South Wales – Culbert
TUNED UP FOR TUNA – Yellowfin tuna, NSW – Busch/Miller/Starling
A CHRISTMAS ISLAND PRIMER – bonefish – Pollard
CHILE: CUMILAHUE LODGE – South America – Sloane
PARACHUTE ADAMS – fly tying – Leuver
TRY THE WEE WET – wet fly tactics, South Island NZ – Orman
A COLD START AT BRONTE – lake fishing, Tasmania – Pritchard
TROUT FROM THE ALPINE MEADOWS – small streams, New South Wales – Cloutier – Read Article online




Issue 8 Winter ’97 – SOLD OUT

SNEAKING ABOUT IN A BOAT – lake fishing, Tasmania – Busch
NOTHING BUT HARE & COPPER – fly pattern, New Zealand – Lusk
SMALL STREAMS, BIG TROUT – creek fishing, Victoria – Weigall
CANTERBURY HIGH COUNTRY LAKES – pictorial, South Island NZ – Hill
AFTER THE DROUGHT – floodwater fishing, Tasmania – French
HIGH COUNTRY RAFTING – upper Murray River, New South Wales – Dixon
A GUIDE’S GUIDE TO TROPICAL FLIES – saltwater flies, QLD – Haynes – Read Article online
SAILFISH, THE FREESPOOL METHOD – Broome, Western Australia – Morse
CDC NO HACKLE DUN – fly tying – Leuver
CHILE: ESTANCIA DE LOS RIOS – South America – Sloane



IFLcover-7ssue 7 Autumn ’97 – SOLD OUT

A TASTE OF TASMANIA – lake fishing – Busch – Read Article online
DRY FLY LOGIC – fly patterns – Vlazny
CORROBOREE – billabong fishing, Northern Territory – Morse/Gazecki
THE CORNER – Goulburn River, Victoria – Hall
SOUND ADVICE – fly presentation – Killip
10 DAYS SOUTH – trip report, South Island NZ – Sloane
DUCK BUMS & BRASS BEADS – tying bead head CDC flies – Leuver
ALL AT SEA – offshore albacore, New South Wales – Busch
BORN TO BE BAD – kingfish off the rocks, North Island NZ – Winterton
PAUL BARKER – saltwater profile – Horrobin


FLcover-6Issue 6 Summer ’96/97 – SOLD OUT

RED TAGS & SMALL STREAMS – Noel Jetson profile, Tasmania – Rob Sloane
FLIGHTS OF FANCY – wilderness helicopter fishing, South Island NZ – Lenzi
TANDEM TACTICS – two fly rigs, Victoria – Weigall
SUMMERTIME RIVERMOUTHS – Rotorua district, North Island NZ – French
HIGH JINKS AT LOW LIGHT – evening rise, Tasmania – Ritchie
RAD EXPOSURES – Snowy Mountains pictorial, NSW – Ross Dunstan
TACKLING THE NORTH – illustrated saltwater knots & leaders – Mitchell/Wilson
TIPS FOR TEASING BILLFISH – Broome, Western Australia – Huckstepp – Read Article online
MACK TUNA MAYHEM – mackerel tuna, Mackay, Queensland – Busch
HERVEY BAY REVISITED – flats fishing for golden trevally, Queensland – Morse
VERSATILE EMERGERS – fishing emerger patterns – Killip
KLINKHAMER SPECIAL – fly tying – Leuver


FLcover-5Issue 5 Spring ’96

SARATOGA – tropical freshwater species, northern Australia – Steptoe
VICTORIAN CALENDAR – seasonal guide, Victoria – Julian – Read Article online
DISHINGTON’S DEERHAIRS – fly pattern, Tasmania – Sloane/Leuver
AT HOME ON THE HOWQUA – river fishing, Victoria – Bachman
TROUT FLIES, WHY DO TROUT TAKE THEM? – fly patterns, South Island NZ – Orman
THOSE PESKY MIDGES – Lake Eucumbene midge fishing, New South Wales – Busch
URBAN KINGFISH – Sydney Harbour, New South Wales – Wright
LOOKING INTO EYES – saltwater flies – Morse
FLATHEAD ON THE FLY – saltwater, New South Wales – Jones
CALL OF THE WILD – wilderness fishing, Tasmania – French
BEHOLD THE BREAK O’DAY – river fishing, Tasmania – Hodder
MURPHY’S LAW – Frank Murphy profile, North Island NZ- Throll
ONE FLY – Nelson One Fly competition, South Island NZ – Stevens


FLcover-4Issue 4 Winter ’96 – SOLD OUT

SALTWATER FLY IN THE PILBARA – Western Australia – Huckstepp
BARRA FLY SUPREMACY – barramundi, Northern Territory – Shepherd
FLY FISHING THE NET – internet – Collidge
DOING IT TOUGH IN THE WESTERN LAKES – wilderness, Tasmania – Sloane
COLD COMFORT – winter fishing, Victoria – Weigall
BIRTH OF A FLY – The Black Douglas, Victoria – Brown
FORGOTTEN STREAMS – Whirinaki & Whakatane, North Island NZ – French
SILVER DAYS ON SECRET CREEKS – Westland, South Island NZ – Dunstan
FRASER ISLAND GOLD – flats fishing for golden trevally, Queensland – Butler – Read Article online
A TASTE OF THE EXOTIC – Cape York, Queensland – Lenzi
JUNGLE PERCH – freshwater native species, Queensland – Steptoe
THE FUNNELDUN – fly tying – Leuver
DAVID SCHOLES – profile, Tasmanian author – Sloane


FLcover-3Issue 3 Autumn ’96 – SOLD OUT

BLUE RIBBON MANAGEMENT – trout stream management, New South Wales – Sloane
BREAKING THE ICE – fly fishing for beginners – Julian
AUTUMN ON THE RIVERS – Macquarie River, Tasmania – Ritchie/Bachman
WORKING THE WINDLANES – lake fishing, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
BLUE MOUNTAINS RAINBOWS – Coxs River, New South Wales – French
THE BODY BEAUTIFUL- tying the Wonderbody Spinner – Leuver
A TASTE OF PARADISE – photo essay, South Island NZ – Rob Sloane
DOGGY! DOGGY! DOGGY! – dogtooth tuna, Papua New Guinea – Hole/Butler
BREAM BREAKTHROUGH – bream on dry fly, New South Wales – Busch
ROUGH WATER BRAWLERS – rock fishing, New South Wales – Grealy
TACKLING THE RED BARRON – mangrove jack, Queensland – Haynes
‘SIPPERS’ SOMETHING SPECIAL – dry fly, Victoria – Weigall
THE LUCK OF THE IRISH – competition fishing – Fink/Weigall
FLYLIFE PROFILE – Chappie Chapman, South Island NZ – Throll


FLcover-2Issue 2, Summer ’95/96 – SOLD OUT

SWOFFING THE ROCKS – rock fishing, New South Wales – Wells – Read Article online
CANING THE CRITICS – cane rods – Morrissy
HIGH SUMMER – summer fishing, Tasmania – French
BEETLE MANIA – gum beetle falls, Tasmania – Sloane
RAFTING THE RANGITIKEI – trophy rainbows, North Island NZ – Lenzi
A DAY ON THE DELATITE – river fishing, Victoria – Gleisner
GRASSHOPPER ALTERNATIVES – hopper tactics, Victoria – Weigall
CICADA SUMMER – dry fly, South Island NZ – Marshall/Hill
AS LIGHT AS THISTLEDOWN – tying the Parachute Dun – Leuver
DOING THE TOP END IN STYLE – Northern Territory lodges – Hole
SAILFISH ON THE FLY – Broome, Western Australia – Busch
FREQUENT FLYERS – saltwater fly, Tasmania – Beech


FLcover-1Issue 1, Spring ’95 – SOLD OUT

EGLINTON CATCH & RELEASE – management, South Island NZ – Killip
LADY OF THE LIFFEY – Jan Spencer profile, Tasmania – Sloane
IN THE STICKS – early season wet fly, Tasmania – Sloane – Read Article online
TAILOR MADE FOR THE FLY – saltwater, New South Wales – Busch
THE SECOND RISE – evening rise, Victoria – Weigall
HORSES FOR COURSES – fly selection, South Island NZ – Marshall/Hill
BRUMBYS CREEK – Tasmania – Lenzi
SALTWATER FLIES, OR ARE THEY? – fly patterns – Beech
SOUTH ISLAND SNAPSHOTS – photo essay, South Island NZ – Sloane
STRAWBERRIES & CREAM – tying the Royal Wulff – Leuver
BARRAMUNDI ON THE FLY – Northern Territory – Harrison
ANIWHENUA, BOOM OR BUST – lake fishery, North Island NZ – Simmons