Peter Morse

FlyLife Contributor
Peter has been writing on fly fishing since the mid-80’s. During the 90’s he had a very successful prime-time television series called Wildfish which ran for 26 episodes on a Tuesday evening at 8 pm.
Peter does a lot of writing and photography, travelling the country talking to clubs and conducting casting days and fishing seminars. In 2009 he achieved his Federation of Fly Fishers Master Instructor certification, something he’s very proud of because of the rigorous exam that requires a broad and deep knowledge of the sport. Casting has always been something Peter has done just to get a result, this has forced him to look at casting in great detail and to appreciate the many complexities it brings and the problems it solves.
Peter has written several books including - “Saltwater Fly Fishing Fundamentals," "The Wildfish" a book about the TV series and “A Few Great Flies …. And how to fish them” his most recent book. Peter also has a DVD that is instructional and called “Arbor to Fly.” It shows the connections and systems used to put together a reel filled with backing all the way from the arbor through to the fly.
A regular contributor to FlyLife, Peter has written over 78 articles for the magazine and online and continues to educate fly fisherman on salt, estuary, fresh water fishing, casting and fly fishing technique. He is an international ambassador for Sage and RIO.

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