David Anderson

Photographer, FlyLife Contributor
David Anderson’s music photography career has spanned nearly thirty years of everything from local pub bands to touring with the Rolling Stones and shot dozens of record covers and tour posters. He’s worked for most mainstream Australian magazines and newspapers and many more from around the world. In portrait photography, he’s posed up a huge collection of film stars, rock stars, pop princesses, divas, boy bands, super-models, not-so-super models, legends, wannabes and even the Queen.

In fly fishing photography he has been a regular Flylife contributor since near the magazines start with numerous feature articles and six front covers. He’s also shot book covers for Peter Morse and Phil Weigall.

David has been fly fishing for forty years and when not busy being half-retired or complaining about ringing ears he’s likely bothering trout on some small, relatively remote Northeastern Victorian or Snowy Mountains trout stream with a short two or three-weight rod and a Patagucci bag of Fuji cameras.


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