Thomas Clancy – Cod & Comfort

Episode 3: FlyLife celebrates 100 issues with Thomas Clancy

FlyLife stumbled on Thomas Clancy back in 2016, quietly going about his business pursuing native Murray cod in his back yard of the New England NSW region. His first article, High Country Cod, re-kindled many people’s interest in pursuing this goliath on fly and Tom continues to chase them any chance he gets.

In FlyLife’s milestone issue 100, Tom finds a haven in Warrabah National Park, NSW in his article Cod & Comfort, taking a somewhat more relaxed approach than usual from the comforts of a lodge.

This video interview provides insights into Tom’s thoughts on fly fishing, FlyLife and his native cod article in issue #100.

We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Thomas Clancy for providing the footage for this video.