Tasmania to Host World Fly Fishing Championships

The International Fly Fishing Federation announced its unanimous decision yesterday. Tasmania last hosted the Championships in 1988 and NSW hosted them in 1999. Malcolm Crosse, of Fly Fish Australia, announced the event is a significant win for Australian fly fishing and Tasmanian tourism with the expected flow-on benefits to reach $2.5 million.

Up to 30 trout fishing teams will participate in the Championships including teams from England, USA, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Poland. The event is to be held across November and December in 2019 and include locations such as the South Esk, Mersey and Meander rivers as well as Authurs, Four Springs, Huntsman and Woods lakes and Little Pine, and Penstock lagoons. The IFFF will visit the venues in November 2018 to shortlist the final waterways to be used.

If the conditions live up to those experienced at the recent 2012 Commonwealth Championships, we are in for some exciting fishing. Mark Youngman of Fly Fish Australia said the Commonwealth teams “were being busted off on some very large browns in the South Esk, with a consistent run of Black Spinners” accounting for some very active fish.

For recreational fly fishers, this is a great opportunity to see some of the world’s best in action, learning from the developing techniques in Europe and America and applying it to their own success.

{embed:youtube:-ZnzySB8O1c}WFFC 2019 Australian Submission Promotional Video 

Photos and video coutesy of Fly Fish Australia