Eucumbene River Access Changes

Access to the Eucumbene River around the Denison camping area has been a controversial subject for some time now. To date the public have had vehicle access to the banks of the Eucumbene River below Denison camping area, allowing people to effectively park where they fish.

In response to concerns around this, relevant stakeholder groups were consulted over the last 12 months culminating in an announcement this week. The NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, and NSW Minister for Primary Industries have revealed plans to restrict vehicle access in time for this year’s spawn run.

The NSW Recreational Fishing Trust, together with Snowy Hydro, will provide $88,600 to protect a 4-kilometre stretch of the Eucumbene River upstream from Lake Eucumbene, near the Denison camping ground. 

Steve Samuels – Monaro Acclimatisation Society, Maarten van der Stap – GM Snowy Hydro Production, The Hon. Niall Blair – Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Regional Water, and Minister for Trade and Industry, The Hon John Barilaro – Deputy Premier, Member for Monaro, Minister for Regional New South Wales, Minister for Skills, and Minister for Small Business

Mr Barilaro said the funding was vital to help protect the iconic trout fishery, which is worth $70 million to the Monaro region. “This world-class fishery is incredibly popular with local and interstate anglers who will descend on the banks of Lake Eucumbene in the Snowy River Shire next month, in anticipation of catching one of Australia’s most iconic and prized fish, the brown trout.”

“The funding will go towards a new controlled parking area, which will help keep vehicles away from the river and restrict visitors to the Denison camping area. Importantly, this project will help keep the river healthy and visitors safer by preventing four wheel drives from crossing.”

Steve Samuels of the Monaro Acclimatisation Society (MAS) highlighted, “this was a project driven by anglers and coordinated by the MAS which will protect the spawning run for years to come. While many of us will often criticise Snowy Hydro it has been a pleasure to deal with them over this issue and I especially acknowledge their willingness to work with anglers and provide material support for the project.”

The rock bollarding is likely to start going in as early as next week weather permitting, with a locked gate in place in less than a month in time for the annual spawn run.

The walk directly in to the river near the old bridge will be approximately 900 metres from the new gate. Concerns around access for people with disabilities will be address through the Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) system, which currently enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities. Details will soon be announced on how to apply for a key see for further details on eligibility.

Updated 24th March 2017 – Further info on access from Fisheries NSW:

“DPI Fisheries and Snowy Hydro are working closely together to develop a key based system that will allow anglers with limited ability to access the Eucumbene River. Anglers who are eligible will be able to obtain a key that will allow for restricted vehicle access to the Eucumbene River. For more information and to register your interest in obtaining a key contact the Angler Access Manager register at least two weeks prior to your trip on 02 60424214 or via email