Yeti Yonder Bottles

Leighton Adem quenches his thirst for the optimum water bottle

I’ve had the YETI Ramblers for quite a while now. You know the ones, like your grandmother’s steel vacuum flask and built like the proverbial brick out-house. They’re fantastic in every way, except for the weight. For carrying on fly trips, they can be just that bit too much extra weight in your fishing sling pack. Well now you have options.

YETI recently brought out the Yonder, made from BPA-free material with 50% recycled content (excluding cap). It’s the Rambler’s anaemic cousin at half the weight, and YETI’s lightest drink bottle to date. It’s the ideal alternative when you want to minimise weight and keeping your drink contents cool (or warm) is secondary.

OK, that should be the end of review, right — it’s a drink bottle, how much could there be to say about it! Well still quite a bit as it turns out.

One of the most overlooked features of a drink bottle, especially when fishing, is getting water in and out. Dah, you’re really rocking the world now Leighton! But it’s true, I’ve been through umpteen water bottle brands and designs over the years, many lost to the river gods. The thing I’ve found is not all bottles are made equal, and the ‘big mouth’ style, while not unique to the Yonder, is invaluable in being able to scoop up a fresh supply of cool, clear water from a stream. The wide threaded opening allows this on the Yonder and cleverly combines a second spout top for those who like to drink with some decorum. I’m a chugger personally, after leaving it about two hours too long to stop fishing and hydrate. There’s also a smaller Tether Cap available if you’re a lid loser.

Size matters when choosing the most practical drink bottle for your particular gear setup and duration. Here the Yonder covers you off with a 600mL, 750mL, 1L and the whopping 1.5L juggernaut. I really like the 750mL for my fishing sling, moving up to the 1.5L in my full backpack for an all-day affair.

There is a whole spectrum of colour options available to ensure there are no clashes with your favourite fishing cap tones — oh wait, it’s camo right — well the Charcoal or the Clear will be right up your drab alley. For those wanting to step out with flare, there are progressively more spunky shades in Navy, Seafoam, Cosmic Lilac and Power Pink.

Drink up…