YETI Panga Dry Duffles

Leighton Adem dives into the seriously tough duffles from YETI

YETI promote their Panga Dry Duffles as ‘a waterproof gear fortress that doesn’t flinch in the face of high tide.’ FlyLife editors usually spend half our lives pairing back marketing motherhood ‘facts’ for our reviews. But when I read this after having used both the 75 and 100 Litre Duffles, I thought it was a pretty fair statement.

My first clue that they might be up for the job was a trip up to the mountains, stuffed full of equipment and clothing. Arriving at an altitude of 1,750m, I unzipped a bag to get out another layer of clothing. Peeewwwfffssss, went the bag as it released the air pressure difference. It took me by surprise and proved that not only was the bag and zip waterproof, but also air proof.

When it comes to protecting your fly fishing gear in challenging environments, the Panga Dry Duffles emerge as an indispensable companion. These rugged and waterproof units are designed to protect your valuable gear from even the most torrential conditions, ensuring that everything inside stays completely dry. The HydroLok Zipper plays a crucial role and can withstand submersion.

Crafted with ThickSkin Shell made of high-density nylon, the duffle is highly puncture resistant. The EVA moulded bottom and RF-Welded Seams further enhance its integrity and reliability in extreme conditions.

YETI recommends users to apply pressure after closing the zipper fully to listen for any potential air leaks, offering a simple and effective way to ensure a water-tight seal.

For the OCD among us, the bag has two internal mesh pockets to safely stash valuables and smaller items such as your spare tippet spools.

The MetalLock Hardware and reinforced QuickGrab Lash Points look strong enough to hang from a cliff on, while the DryHaul Straps make carrying comfortable and effortless. There are multiple anchor points you can play with for the shoulder straps that allow various carrying configurations to suit your needs.

Maintaining the Panga Dry Duffle is a breeze. It only requires dish soap and water to clean and applying zipper lubricant periodically.

YETI provides peace of mind to customers with a three-year warranty on the Panga Dry Duffles, underscoring their confidence in the product’s quality.

Available in 50L, 75L, and 100L capacities, you can select the ideal size to suit your specific needs.

The Panga 50L Dry Duffle is carry-on compatible for most airlines, making it a versatile travel companion.
The 100L fits a 9–10 foot 4-piece rod tube lengthways so you can fit a bunch of rods neatly.

Available in Storm Grey and Tan colours.
External dimensions are:

50L – 59w x 35d x 25h cm, empty weight – 2.5 kg
75L – 71w x 39d x 27h cm, empty weight – 2.8 kg
100L – 82w x 43d x 30h cm, empty weight – 3.1 kg