Yeti Crossroads Luggage

Leighton Adem gets inside Yeti's luggage range

Regular travel with other anglers on my FlyLife sojourns has taught me there are three types of luggage packers — last minute, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants duffel stuffers — organised everything-in-its-right-place packers — and Kiwis/Tasmanians, who just bring a rod, reel and the clothes they’re wearing. The YETI Crossroads Luggage range, in 22 and 29 inch sizes, is for the more sophisticated travellers, with more compartments than you can poke a stick at, and super-durable construction.

The attractive colour range and design belies the tough construction that we’ve come to expect from YETI products. The 700 denier TuffSkin Nylon upper will handle most events you can throw at it in everyday travel through airports, Ubers and the like. The rugged polycarbonate ‘tub’ base immediately stands out as designed for its purpose of skidding along conveyor belts, cargo holds and the back of ute transfers when you get to those more remote fly fishing destinations. The larger, fully serviceable wheels, solid extension pull-handle and zippers complete the sturdy, but aesthetically pleasing balance.

For the OCD among us, the ample stash pockets and internal dividers ensure your smalls will never touch your talls, if that’s the way you like to pack. There is a place for everything, with zip closers on most compartments ensuring your items stay where you packed them. 

The 29 inch even includes a couple of packing cubes which you can add to if you require even more organisation. The 70/30 clamshell design provides separation, facilitating convenient access without having to dig through umpteen layers of clothing to get to your things. The mesh pockets incorporated in the interior dividers add even more layering opportunities — you may need a spreadsheet to catalogue it all.

The 22 inch is configured in carry-on proportions and is an ideal size for a quick weekend trip or added to the 29’er to give you that extra capacity for longer range trips. It also includes a small packing cube.

The stash pocket configuration on both sizes round the thoughtful design out. The top pocket is purpose built for the ever growing menagerie of cables and chargers. The front stash pocket safely accommodates devices and other flatter items, allowing quick access.

Short of inventing levitating luggage, these may be the last pieces of luggage you ever buy.