Vision ‘Onki’ 5-weight and Tane line

A quick lesson in the Finnish language — ‘an Onki’ is a fishing pole in its most basic sense and a ‘Tane’ is, apparently, a brown trout. As smoothly as that doesn’t flow off the antipodean tongue, when combined, a 5-weight Onki rod and a weight-forward Tane line flow with great authority and have changed my perception of what can be expected from a Korean-made fly rod at any price point, let alone $400. 

From the first swing it was obvious to me that the line and rod are very well matched and strike a great balance between feel and outright power without a hint of over- or under-lining, and that, I can tell you, can be a rare thing and will make your life easier whether you’re Zorro or a bare-bones beginner with a fly rod. 

Out on the water at the business end of fly casting, the action is, as specified, medium fast and has good feel. On short casts, thanks to the short (ish) head of the line, the rod will load up fairly quickly and loop control is exceptional.

Of course, finesse and feel are both very nice, but for that time when you need your 5-weight to send a pair of big flies 80 feet upstream without them landing like the Hindenburg at 50 feet, the Onki is there for you, with plenty of spine and feedback while aggressively hauling.

No, it wouldn’t be the first pick for tournament casterbation, but is very much at home for general trout fishing duties.

Depending on your reel choice, this is a no-brainer $600 price range 5-weight outfit that, thanks to great design, can hang with the big boys out on the river with chin held high.

In build the Onki is modern, with green and grey wraps over a greenish mustard coloured blank and dark silver hardware. The grip has a green/brown timber insert and a half-Wells style cork grip with a couple of composite sections at each end for strength. 

The Onki rod line-up has eleven 4-piece models that start with the brilliant little 7’6″ 3-weight and go right up to a 10′ 7-weight streamer-flipping beast. They are supplied with a partitioned Cordura tube and have a $70 repair warranty.

Tane lines run from 2- to 8-weight in weight-forward, and 3- to 5-weight in double taper. In profile, the weight-forward taper has an 11-metre light olive coloured head, and thin, mint green running line with loops at both ends for quick rigging.

Vision Australia – 0402051759