Thomas & Thomas Avantt

Tom Jarman gives the T&T Avantt 4-weight a run in small streams

I recently had my first experience fishing a Thomas and Thomas fly rod, provided to me by the team at Nervous Water who are now bringing T&T’s into Australia again. I fished a small Otway stream with the 9′ 4-weight Avantt rigged up with a nymph below a dry.
Normally on a stream like this I would be using a 9-foot 3-weight or even shorter and lighter. So I was concerned that a rod this size and weight would be too big and heavy for this type of water, but I was excited to give the new
rod a run.
Unwrapping it from the rod tube, the deep blue finish was stunning, accented by its burled timber-finish reel seat.
The rod proved to be very light in the hand and responsive. A solid butt and middle section provided plenty of oomph when manoeuvring fish or sending a longer cast up the length of a pool. The tip was very responsive and supple, protecting my 7X tippet nicely and cushioning the blows of the small to medium-sized trout with ease.
Since then I’ve fished some larger rivers, such as the Goulburn. The rod handled a range of techniques required on bigger water, including throwing heavy nymphs under an indicator and swinging wets and streamers across large pools.
When I have only been able to take one rod to the water with me, it has allowed me to comfortably fish anything from single dry flies to large streamers. I even found myself on the Aire River tying on a Euro nymphing leader and comfortably catching fish through deeper runs.
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