Simms G3 Guide Waders

Andrew Harding puts the latest 2022 Simms G3 Guide waders to the test

After many seasons in the Simms G4 Pro waders, I had the opportunity to put the latest 2022 Simms G3 Guide waders to the test. The G3’s have stood the test of time – they’re the Toyota Landcruisers of the wader world and have a following loyal to the core.
My old waders have been scrunched into packs, covered in fish slime and sunk deep into the stickiest mud without ever washing — and still they have soldiered on each season. There haven’t been a lot of major changes in wader design in the last ten years if I’m being honest. The designs receive tweaks here and there and the waders are inevitably lighter each season, but it’s the culmination of small, well-thought-out improvements that make a big difference.
The new G3’s inherit a few touches from the G4 Pro waders. The harness is similar and a great upgrade, with a mesh back, nicely padded shoulder pads, and the cross-over design that on my G4’s never ever resulted in twisted straps! It’s the best harness system out there and extremely comfy. Clips are male-female alternating on each side and are a nice low profile. Moulded neoprene socks are a familiar and welcome carry-over from the G4 Pros.

Gone are the fragile brass boot clips on the gravel guards, instead now featuring a heavily elasticated and reinforced cuff that comes down firmly over your boot and really does stay there with not a hint of riding up and allowing gravel into your wading boot!
Colour is the familiar, super-stealthy ‘gun-metal’. Construction is the commonly used 4-layer Gore-Tex in the legs and 3-layer in the body — a proven combination for movement and durability. There is simply NO substitute for Gore-Tex and its proven waterproofness and durability.
The new G3’s no longer have side belt loops, instead opting for a single (vertical) two-position belt loop on the rear. I really like this as it allows for the (included) wading belt to fit varying body shapes.
There is a new internal side pocket to the waders that sits below your left arm — a great spot for a mobile phone. I personally like to have the front pouch clean and free of internal protrusions when hauling into a stiff breeze or squeezing through foliage. A Velcro fly patch adorns the front left chest. The familiar, zip-out Simms tippet organiser is also included.
Simms have knocked it out of the park again with meaningful improvements in functionality and design. They simply work, and you’ll sleep better knowing that you have the backing of a premium wader brand should anything ever
go wrong.