Simms Freestone Boots

Brett Clarke is impressed by the latest Freestone wading boots

When I first saw the new Simms Freestone wading boots, I was immediately impressed. Not only by the modern aesthetics and materials, but in the hand they felt very reasonable in weight.  

A few features immediately ticked the quality build boxes – double stitching around the top toe cap, heel support and tongue which then continues around the upper ankle area. Generously sized pull tabs, front and rear to assist in getting the boot on. Fully enclosed boot lace holes spaced correctly to support the mid-foot and U- shaped metal lace hooks in the ankle area where I could gain additional support tightening down on the laces. 

Around the ankle and heel region, the inner boot synthetic material is baby-bum smooth resulting in a boot that does not bite into the ankles after hours of wading and walking. 

Personally, I require a boot with a wide midsole to provide proper support to my feet. Turn this one over and it’s wide right throughout the sole. Something that all pronators really need to consider when researching their next boot purchase. 

Adding cleats and studs is a must for my stability and there are more than enough receptors located throughout the sole unit to ensure a solid grab of river rock. The studs are anchored into the boot by a plate they screw into, meaning that you won’t lose your cleats, nor will the cleat push through into your sole.

After doing some serious Km’s on the streams, I found the new Freestone boots to be the ideal balance of comfort, support and durability.