Scott Session 6–weight

Jakub Kanok gets a feel for the new Scott Session

Scott Fly Rods recently launched its new freshwater Session rods, promoting their well known ‘fast with feel’ message. The new Scott Session lineup features eleven different models, which cover a range of weights from 3 to 8 in several length options.

I have always been a big fan of Scott rods, especially the Radian and Centric. That’s where my heart is at when it comes to freshwater fishing in New Zealand. I was excited to get my hands on the new Scott Session in a 6-weight and started to plan a first ‘Session trip’ straightaway. It would be rude to head elsewhere for the first flick other than into one of the South Island’s ‘Designated Water’ fisheries.

It comes with Scott’s classic and stylish hard rod tube. Aesthetically the rod looks very sharp, especially under the first rays of morning light while sitting on a high river bank overlooking the beautiful Otago valley. The blank is in a grey natural finish, with gentle accented green thread wraps, a flash grip design and custom machined aluminium reel seat with dyed box elder wood inserts.

Is this really a 6-weight? The rod felt extremely light in the hand after initial assembly. When I proceeded to cast, the rod loaded with ease, had great line speed and phenomenal loop control. I could feel the promised ‘fast with feel’ immediately. Was I surprised? Absolutely not.

I sight-fished long leaders with big terrestrial flies on that day and was impressed with the precise delivery and minimum false casting required between each cast. The rod was in its element. When it came down to playing fish, the rod was very responsive to the changing of angles and application of pressure.

The Scott Session is a great rod, capable of doing it all. Throw a big juicy cicada on, rig up double tungsten nymphs under an indicator, or chuck around some chunky meat. It also handles delicate presentations very well when it’s crucial to match the hatch.

Go grab yourself a wizard stick. You won’t regret it.