Scott G Series 2017

Being a huge fan of Scott G’s for a long time now, I just had to get my hands on one when I heard the new generation Scott G Series was about to be released. Fortunately I had planned a trip with FlyLife through iconic trout water in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and after a little begging I managed to have an 8’8” 4-weight for me to start the trip with.

The original G series, and updated G2 rods have a strong, almost fanatical following, me included thanks to their best in the business feel in a fly rod at the time. Some models have even attained legend status amongst classic rod fans.

Photo: David Anderson

I tested the G series over a week in a range of water through Yellowstone National Park, from larger rivers like the Madison to small meadow streams such as the Gibbon. A lengthy casting session side by side with an 8’6” 4-weight Radian in a Bozeman park, Montana also gave me a great opportunity to put the G through its paces.

The materials and technology have been updated to the latest available, however, in casting the action is still a very familiar and sweet G series mid-flex feel, only with a better connection between the caster and rod tip. If I had to describe the action in one word, it would be ‘smooth’ due to the excellent recovery and damping unlike most older mid-action fly rods. It’s bloody accurate as well.

There’s more drive and distance available, but it’s not down to a feel sapping faster action or some super high modulus voodoo. It comes more from being able to work the rod harder than was possible with the older G’s because of the excellent damping and recovery in the blank.

I found I could aerialise much more line than could be expected from previous mid-action rods without getting the wobbles. The feel and forgiving nature when mending is superb and will have you double mending or the like with ease.

It’s hard not to compare the 2017 G to the Radian as they’re both similar in model lines and cost. As they’re likely to be directly compared I will offer my opinion that the 2017 G dips lower into the blank and doesn’t like to work quite as hard as the Radian on long casts and the Radian needs more thought fishing in very close. Both offer the same very connected casting experience and accuracy at normal fishing distances and both are top of their class in their respective actions.

Photo: David Anderson

The build of the G series sticks to traditional Scott DNA with an un-sanded, velvet like, mid grey blank, internal ferrules and rich orange, cream and brown wraps. There’s the classic fish length markers at 12 and 20 inches, hand written logo and model designation and a composite cork section at the front end of the reverse half Wells style grip.

The only real change in build style would be the modern up-locking wood insert reel seat from the same gene pool as the Radians. In a word I would call it ‘classy’ and if you only have older Scott rods, you certainly wont be offended.

There’s faster rods and there’s slower, but there are none smoother. In this perfect middle action ground, the new G series offers the shortest path between intent and delivery. It’s unnervingly accurate and connected yet still sweeter than sugar lumps dipped in honey.


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