Scientific Anglers Tropical Clear Tip

Clint Isaac wades into the benefits of the Scientific Anglers tropical clear tip fly line

The Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Tropical Clear Tip is a purpose-built fly line for targeting tropical saltwater species. It has a host of features that make it an ideal line for flats fishing in warmer locations when chasing finicky fish in clear water. It is my number one choice of fly line for clients when I’m guiding, particularly when chasing permit. 

The key feature of this fly line is most certainly the 15-foot clear tip, which, when you add a 10-foot leader, creates a whopping 25 feet of clear section, giving the angler a huge advantage.

As for castability, the Titan’s powerful head, combined with SA’s Advanced Shooting Technology, helps turn over heavy crab patterns with ease in windy conditions and loads the rod quickly. Reducing the number of false casts needed is imperative when permit fishing, and this line taper makes it possible. 

The highly visible floating rear part of the head and running line has two benefits. It gives the angler the ability to pick up and recast instantly without having to strip the line all the way back to the boat as you do with a full intermediate. The other is being able to see the floating line clearly on the water surface so you can quickly mend any slack in the fly line and stay in constant contact, ready to detect the subtlest of eats.

The Tropic Core and hard saltwater coating reduce line twist and tangling in warmer climates. This fly line is made for longevity and can withstand harsh saltwater fishing environments such as hot boat decks and abrasive dried salt build-up.

If you’re heading to the tropical north, this is a fly line you should have spooled and ready to go. It provides the angler with the stealth, confidence and efficiency needed under pressured situations and will connect you to that fish of a lifetime.