Scientific Anglers New Lines On Show


This has led to an extensive new product range, and a big launch to go with it. Andrew and Jeff Pierce, international sales manager, recently toured Australia, providing a great opportunity for tackle shop staff, fly guides and journos to learn about and test the new lines first-hand.

The entire SA range has been revisited, with minor tweaks here and there, and totally new models added. There are 84 different models listed on their website. Thankfully you can filter the list according to your requirements!

SharkSkin technology (a ground-breaking surface texture) was introduced a few years ago, but was perhaps too radical for some, although the benefits were clear and demonstrable. Scientific Anglers listened to their customers, went back to the drawing board and came away with a new surface — Mastery Texture, with dimples like a golf ball. This still achieved a reduction in surface tension and friction, but without the ‘noise’.

Not content to let the benefits of SharkSkin slip away, their top-shelf Sharkwave series lines now have a SharkSkin front taper (which is out of the rod most of the time, and gives better pick-up and floatation) with Mastery Texture in the head (for reduced air-resistance and good floatation), then a smooth section at the back of the taper as a ‘tactile reference point’ (you feel where the head ends as you’re stripping line in) and then back to Mastery Texture on the running line for better shooting ability.

As the lines reduce in price-point the technology becomes simpler, right through to Air-Cel which is a very affordable classic smooth-texture line.

On top of this, the range covers full-floating, sink-tips, full sinkers, cold water, warm water, tropical — all in different tapers… and weights of course.

So, to the casting pond. With a table full of reels loaded with different lines and everyone bringing their favourite rod, it became a huge playtime. Every conceivable combination was available to try if you had the time. It was fascinating to see how the taper diagrams transposed into real-world casting results.

Some of the classic tapers were just as expected, a great thing for those who know and love their current line, but some of the newer tapers were really surprising. Many seemingly ‘specialist’ lines actually felt really good at lots of ranges on several rods.

The SBT (Short Belly Taper) for example was an unexpected perfect match for stiff, fast-action rods, at all ranges, without feeling clunky. Other line/rod combinations were clearly a mis-match. It all served to prove that you really need to follow experienced advice and product descriptions to find the best lines for your particular rods and needs.

After a travelling show like this, you can trust that your local tackle store guy or gal knows which line is the right one for you. If you can’t find a Scientific Anglers line that fits the bill, you need to switch to knitting.