Scientific Anglers Freshwater Leaders & Tippet

There’s nothing quite like chasing New Zealand browns to bring you down to earth. Leaders and tippets are shown no mercy, so you’d better be able to extend that leader to astronomical lengths. I did it twice, recently. The first trip, a day out with a guide, didn’t go so well. I busted three off and pulled the hooks on another two. Didn’t touch a scale. I felt ashamed…Something was wrong with me.

Fast forward a couple of months and the situation repeated. This time though, I was armed with the new Scientific Anglers Freshwater Tapered Leaders and Tippet. The leaders are available from 7.5′ to 15′ and from 2.3 lb to 20 lb depending on length. I settled on a bunch of 12′ tapered leaders at 6 lb (4X) and some 30 m spools of tippet in various sizes to extend that out. The difference was night and day… Zero bust-offs in four days, fishing to fastwater browns down as light as 4.4 lb. Over 20 fish to hand. My dignity was restored!

You see, these are the strongest and most reliable leader materials that Scientific Anglers has ever developed. With increased wet knot strength (up to 35% stronger than the old material), finer diameters accurately matching the ‘X’ rating system and more precisely labelled breaking strains, not to mention a huge selection of sizes to choose from, what more could you ask for? Oh yes… they offer low memory and higher abrasion resistance too.

Each spool is fitted with a colour coded elastic retainer with details printed on them — you can choose to read the breaking strain, but over time you will become familiar with the breaking strain for each coloured retainer. Each spool also has an inbuilt cutter and they also clip together with independent free spinning hubs, meaning only the spool you are pulling tippet from will spin. Brilliant. 

I have used Scientific Anglers for years, but I’ve often had other brands sneak into my vest. Now there’s no need for that. As they say: you can fish the other stuff, or you can FISH THE TRUTH.

Distributed in Australia by Mayfly Tackle.