Primal Mega CCC 808

Thomas Clancy discovers the ideal combo in a short weapon

When I first heard Primal were offering a shorter eight-weight model, I knew I had to get my hands on one. The rod weight and length is a unique combination, ideal for the fishing I have on my doorstep over summer.

In the first few months of using it, I have put the rod through its paces. Casting big, ugly Murray cod flies, to white-knuckling it with the local GT population and everything in between.

First the rod tube! Manic haven’t just thought outside the box, they’ve turned the rod tube into a box. It makes storage an absolute dream. 

The new CCC series is a noticeable step up. While the technology is applied for its performance, it gives a finish to the blank reminiscent of the Scott unsanded blank. In keeping with the blank’s fit and finish, the componentry is refined to a quality normally reserved for rods twice the price. 

The Mega performs above and beyond the previous model. The shorter eight- foot model, while taking a little getting used to, is very intuitive and will have you firing off enviable loops in no time. The swing weight of the eight-footer is also impressive, with a distinct lack of weight towards the top of the rod. This lends itself well to repetitive action, like blind casting from a boat or kayak. Add a weight-forward line like the Airflo Ridge 2.0 Power Flats Taper and you have a serious weapon for hitting the mangrove or weed edges. 

The short stature of the rod also helps in tight situations. I found it particularly useful when kayaking skinny water for mangrove jacks, and rock hopping down gorges for Murray cod. It casts bulky flies well, sending foam poppers into surface frenzies, or waterlogged monstrosities into cod lies with minimum fuss. No matter what I threw with it, the 8-foot 8-weight Mega CCC just got it done.

Another bonus of the shorter rod is the oomph you have when fighting fish. This came in handy breaking the spirit of GTs circling under the boat, or stubborn cod attempting to head back into their bouldery lair. 

The Mega is ideal for those that spend their sessions firing out a lot of short-to-medium casts in tight country. The shorter length reduces casting fatigue and allows easier access into those hard to reach spots, while providing the backbone and leverage to muscle your quarry out of any nasty structure. 

For me, here on the mid-north coast of NSW, this rod is my go-to for all things mangrove jack and Murray cod, especially out of the kayak.

The Mega CCC will blow your expectations of what a rod can do at this price point. Do yourself a favour and hit up your local fly fishing outfitter and have a test cast, you won’t be disappointed.