Orvis Pro LT Boots & Waders

Orvis lighten up the Pro series

For the last few years, I have been wearing (and loving) the Orvis Pro waders and boots. In February, Orvis released their Pro LT waders and boots. I was keen to give the new lighter weight design a try as I spend so many hours walking and fishing in waders every week.

I have found the Pro LT boots very different to the Pros. The material is much thinner which offers flex when walking, and the cut around the ankle is lower, offering more freedom and comfort. I would liken the cut to more like a hiking-style boot. As someone with a history of ankle injuries from my soccer playing days, I do like a boot with some support and have been pleased to find there is still enough ankle support in LT boots, even in bigger, faster rivers.

I like to stick with the rubber sole and no studs and have found the grip in the rivers to be great, as we’ve come to expect from the Michelin sole. If you are like me and do lots of kilometres in your wading boots, or spend time wearing them in boats, this comfortable lightweight boot is a great option. 

The Pro LT waders are similar to the Orvis Pros as far as the cut and features go. The key difference is the LT have one less layer of Cordura, which doesn’t sound like much but it makes the waders less stiff and far more comfortable. It doesn’t seem to affect the toughness of the waders, which is a huge plus for someone like me, who always manages to find themselves in sticky situations up rivers, requiring a bit of bush bashing to get back up the bank to the car. The Pro LT waders also come with thinner knee pads than the Pros, which I find very handy when releasing fish and taking photos.

For a lightweight wader option, the Orvis Pro LT strikes a nice balance between durability and comfort. They are perfect for an angler who only does a few trips a year, or even for someone like me who practically lives in them!