Orvis Hy-Flote Liquid Fly Dip

Tom Jarman sinks himself into a new option for fly desiccant

For a long time, I have had a simple process for managing my dry flies. I apply gel floatant before fishing them, then after catching a fish on the dry I would give it a wash in the water, squeeze the moisture out of the fly with a fly-kerchief or amadou patch, then use powder desiccant to completely dry out the fly so it ready to be fished again. That was until my latest World Fly Fishing Championship campaign… 

I was on the river in Slovakia, see p76, practising with fellow team member Stewart Dick. We had just found some rising fish, tight along the bank of the Hron River, and were taking turns catching the grayling on a small CDC Split Wing mayfly. After I had caught the second or third fish and was in the process of drying the fly, Stewart asked why I had been taking so long to dry it. I shrugged and continued before he stopped me and said, ‘You know, after landing the fish you can just take the fly out and dip it in this and start casting again, right?’ 

I was sceptical, but sure enough, after Stewart landed his next fish, he took the fly out, released the fish, popped open the top of his fly dip, fully submerged the fly in the liquid, then took it out and immediately started false casting again. Sure enough, after a couple of false casts the fly was completely dry and sitting up on top of the water beautifully. 

I have never been converted to something new so quickly. I have been loving ‘my’ fly dip. It’s so simple, any time my fly becomes waterlogged or ‘slimed up’ from a fish, I simply dip it in the bottle and blow on the fly to separate the fibres, and start false casting.