Orvis Guide Hip Pack

Tom Jarman expands on hip pack possibilities

As an angler who always feels like they need to cover all possible situations on the water, I often find myself wanting to carry multiple reels with different fly lines, a range of tippet and leader options as well as fly boxes and the usual nippers, forceps, floatant etc. I have found it can be hard to fit all of these things into vests, slings or chest packs. This past year I turned to a waist pack for that extra room and versatility.

With the Orvis Guide Hip Pack, I have enjoyed walking and fishing the banks of both lakes and rivers near home as well as the beaches of southeast Queensland. 

The pack sits on your hip and has a neck/shoulder strap to disperse the weight easily across your body. The top of the pack features a fly patch and the built-in tippet holder on top which frees up space inside the pack and makes leader and tippet changes quick and easy with a top mounted tippet dispenser. There is nothing more frustrating than having to rummage inside a pack to find that one spool of tippet that always seems to find a little nook to hide in! The sides have been designed with pockets and a drink bottle and there is also a net holder. Inside the pack, there are pockets along the sides where I keep my spare reels or spools. This leaves heaps of room in the middle of the pack for fly boxes, muesli bars, sunscreen and whatever else you like to carry with you.

If you are looking for a comfortable, simple system for carrying the gear you need for a day on the water, be it fresh or salt, then I’d highly recommend the deceptively roomy and comfortable Orvis Guide Hip Pack.