Orvis Gear Keeper Net Retractor

Tom Jarman gets a grip on his net

I was looking for a better system for carrying my net on rivers. For a long time I had used a magnet to attach it, but I always felt I could improve the system. 

When playing a fish we often reach for our net too early. If the trout runs we need to retrieve line but are stuck with a rod and net in our hands. This is where the Orvis Gear Keeper excels. 

Attaching the retractor to the handle, I found that I could easily reach my net. If I had misjudged my netting attempt and wanted to reel in or let out more line I could drop the net and let it zing back into place on my back. 

The retractors can support nets of all weights and are extremely durable. They also have a locking feature, so when you are walking through bush your net won’t catch and be pulled out by trees and shrubs. 

I’ve been using the same retractor for six years, thrashing it day in day out, with no sign of stopping.