Lamson Liquid-S

Andrew Harding falls in love all over again with the new Liquid-S

The new Lamson Liquid-S is a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and advancement in production processes. At first glance, it looks just like a Speedster, its high-end machined solid aluminium bar cousin. Lamson’s cast construction minimises the overall weight without compromising the structural integrity. 

A bonus of pressure-cast reels is their one-piece cage, lessening the chance of the reel foot ever separating, as on a machined reel where the two separate parts are secured with screws. 

The spool features intricately cast spokes of varying density to counter-balance wobbles, eliminating unnecessary exterior counter-balance weights.

Looks aside, the reel is a complete departure from the old model. A standout feature is the new ‘tractor-tyre’ style drag knob which is easily accessible for fine tuning, allowing anglers to adapt quickly to the changing dynamics of a battle with a spirited fish. It is huge, and that’s a good thing when fumbling for it as a 6lb brown heads down
the rapids.

Lamson’s legendary conical drag system needs no introduction. A hallmark throughout their entire reel range, entry-level to their high-end reels utilise the same system, providing consistent and smooth resistance to varying demands, providing tippet-protection mid-fight. 

One thing I love about fly reels is the sound they make, on wind and under drag. The Liquid-S sure sings a beautiful tune! I know it seems silly, but some reels can sound downright obnoxious. The Liquid-S reminds me of the old Leeda Rimfly reels.

As a long time user of the Lamson Guru, I always maintained that reel was perfect in arbor size, not silly narrow, nor ridiculously tall, and it’s nice to see this sensibility carried over to the 5+ (5/6 weight model) I tested. Retrieval speed was good, and at 130 grams, the weight was balanced on a typical 905-4 or 906-4 rod.

I can see the new Liquid-S becoming a firm favourite with guides, balancing a client’s expectation for premium gear with cost effectiveness. The Liquid-S with its visual appeal, excellent ergonomics and solid construction provides a premium experience at a mid-range price. That’s a good thing if you’re like me and love ‘collecting’ Lamsons!