Knog Bilby Headlamp

400-lumen headlamp designed specifically for outdoor activities

Knog is a phrase you’d most likely associate with a strange egg drink at Christmas time. Cyclists, however, have been trusting their necks to this innovative Australian lighting specialist for almost 20 years.

So it was with much excitement that I received the new Knog Bilby, a 400-lumen headlamp designed specifically for outdoor activities. It’s IP67 rated, meaning you can drop it in the river and pick it up again without having to get the hairdryer out, and dust is not an issue.

First impressions are dramatic with its integrated silicone headband that adjusts with the quick slide of a toggle. With up to 5 hours runtime at full power, the battery life is impressive with charging as simple as plugging the removable light pod into any standard USB port. 

The ‘reading’ light function is perfect for tying on flies streamside, providing a vertical downlight that means you don’t have to keep tilting your lamp up
and down. The settings are fully programmable using a companion app, allowing you to eliminate all those ‘useless’ settings and reducing the amount of cycling through light options you will never use.

At $99 AUD retail it is competitive with most traditional headlamp brands, and comes in a range of subdued and bragger colours.

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