Hanak Superlight Rod

The Czech company Hanak is not new to fly fishing — I have been a regular user of their barbless hooks and fluorocarbon tippet for a number of years. In more recent times they have branched out into more specialised fly tackle, rods, reels, and lines with design input from their World Champion competition anglers.

As a past and current member of the Australian Fly Fishing Team, I have tried a huge range of fly rods in every weight, length and style over the years. Some are great but many do not meet my harsh critique. So when I received the Hanak Competition Superlight 396 fly rod I was a little suspicious that it may not quite live up to all the hype.

Well, having fished with the rod now for the last 5 months, including at the World Championships in Bosnia where it was really put through its paces, I can tell you that this is the finest dry fly and light nymphing rod I have ever used. If you want a fast action cannon that can belt out an entire fly line with one false cast then this rod is not for you. But as a stream rod for small to medium size fish where the delicate presentation of flies on technically demanding water is required, then this rod is superb. Long leaders, fine tippets, small flies and perfect drifts are what this rod is made for, and it has a cushioning action that seems to improve the striking and playing of fish.

The 396 model is a 9’6″ 3-weight and at 69 grams it is noticeably lighter than any other rod in its class. Small bindings on single foot runners have created an incredibly smooth, powerful rod, yet it has a feel and control like no other rod I have used. My other rods just don’t seem to come out of the tube anymore.

The only problem is that Hanak also make 4 and 5 weight rods in the same model which I have heard are just as good. Looks like my rod collection may continue to grow!

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