Fishpond Quikshot 2.0

Leighton Adem finds a neat way to carry a second rod

What holds your second rod for you, but doesn’t cost the day rate of a fly guide? The Fishpond Quikshot Rod Holder 2.0.

You spot a couple of GTs flying over the drop-off and on to the flats 50 metres in front of you. They’re coming into range fast, but you need that 12-weight you’ve got stuffed in your pack NOW! — not the feeble 8-weight you’ve been chasing bones with all morning.

No stress, you throw your 8-weight aside, reach around one handed, release the FidLock clasp on your hip, and start stripping line from your reel in time to deliver a steaming hot cast right in the path of the oncoming predators.

There are lots of approaches to carrying your spare rod, but very few commercial options that simply work. The original Quikshot was only available if you had a matching Fishpond pack, using its proprietary fastening system. The Quikshot 2.0 can be used by anyone, with the fastener now having been changed to a simple strap system. 

With a little bit of tweaking, the holder sits neatly on the waist strap of your pack. The rod orients itself in an ideal 2 o’clock position with the tip facing backwards out of harm’s way of your casting.

The Quikshot 2.0 also comes with an updated releasing holder to stabilise your rod further up on the side of your pack. Your rod can simply be pulled from the holder without any hassles. 

At $59.95 RRP they aren’t going to break the bank either. So if you’re off to the salt flats soon and you need a holder setup for that second rod, check out the Fishpond Quikshot 2.0.

For your nearest stockist contact Mayfly Tackle on (03) 9738 1569.