C&F Design LightWeight Fly Case

Chris Schrueder lightens up on fly boxes

The new C&F Lightweight Cases are constructed from dense foam rather than hard plastic and weigh less than half their waterproof equivalent. They come in two types: one for use with the Universal Foam System and a high-capacity fixed Midge Flip case for smaller flies.

There are four strong magnets to hold everything securely in place. I can easily swap out the two Universal System Foams holding my lake buzzers, streamers and stick caddis, for my river Euro nymphs and emergers with a simple click. The foam inserts come in different slot numbers to accommodate various fly sizes, from small midge to big streamers.

If you are like me and carry a large range of small nymphs and buzzers around size #16 in a variety of bead weights and colours, then the Lightweight Fly Case with Midge Flip is the box for you. It is extremely lightweight but has a fixed flip foam in the middle to hold more flies. The case holds up to an incredible 768 flies!

The Lightweight System Fly Case (SLW), Universal System Foams (SF) and the Lightweight Fly Case with Midge Flip (LW) are available in small, medium and large sizes.