Beulah Platinum Fly Rod

Beulah Fly Rods are not a new company in the fly fishing scene, but their products have not been readily available in Australian stores until now, so I’m sure many people will be trying to place them in the order of rods that they already recognise. Beulahs are what you might consider a ‘mid-range’ rod, probably better described as a mid-priced rod, but I think the tag is misleading.

The rod I was drawn to for a review, a 9′ 5-weight Beulah Platinum, is probably the most popular size in the trout fishers’ kit (I have a few 9′ 5-wts myself).

On first impression, I thought I’d been sent some high-quality custom-build rods, not production rods — flawless finish from tip to butt. These rods are built with some of the best cork grips I’ve seen, with unique embellishment.

As I attached the reel to the beautiful burled Maple reel seat I noticed the nickel silver hardware, usually found only on the highest of high-end cane and custom rods. Double knurled locking rings wind up really nice and smooth.

As I ran my eyes up the deep Olive coloured blank they were drawn to the superb thread work — as I said earlier, these rods look custom built, and need to be seen to really appreciate the work that has gone into them. Black and earthy olive toned thread has been used with silver tipping — pretty classy stuff.

The guides are all high quality too. Although I only got to fish this rod in freshwater during the final throes of the trout season, the hardware is saltwater ready for those looking for some winter salt or estuary action.

While on the water, this rod performed well with both weighted and unweight-ed rigs over short to medium distances. This is a real true line-weight rod, with a smooth medium-fast action. Built on an IM8 blank it has a slightly fuller action and fast recovery (it bends further towards the middle than the tip).

The Platinum is a beautiful rod for fishing small to larger streams, through to fishing lake margins as Aussie trout fishers fanatically do through the year. I prefer this rod for short to medium distances — let’s just say the usual fishing distances, not the competition stuff.

Fly-lines are generally a personal preference, but stick to true line weights. I found the SA Trout Stalker (textured) a perfect match, coupled with a Cheeky Ambush reel, which isn’t the lightest nor the heaviest reel out there but it gave me a balanced outfit that I could fish all day.

Other rods in the Beulah stable include the Opal saltwater range (single and two handed), Platinum two handers (Spey and switch), Onyx Spey, and Guide series. For more information on the Beulah range or to find a stockist email [email protected] or visit their website.